Thursday, October 26, 2017

Adding Additions

The planning for the winter season sure is in full steam and things are getting bigger and more exciting thanks to the great folks involved with all parts of HURT-nation.  We have so many folk working hard to make opportunities for young and old in our ski community.  So thank you all for that!  To keep you all up to date, please take note of all of ALL OF THIS:

1) Brookhaven trail run: You can still show up and run on Saturday up at the Brookhaven Golf course and help raise money for nordic ski grooming in Greenfield.  Thanks to Rachel and Chris Yarsevich for making this race and this dream happen. Registration opens at 8:30am.

2) Nov. 12th Rollerski Race - The US Ski and Snowboard association is pumped about what HURT is doing in New York and they are interested in supporting what we do.  They will be sending us some giveaways and prizes for our event!  Come and be part of the scene.

3)  Thanksgiving Camp - Even though we are unable to run an junior overnight camp like we did last year, Coach Underwood and Coach Allison are stepping up to run an awesome Thanksgiving weekend at Gore Ski Bowl! Be on snow on November 25 and 26th!  The $110.00 includes a season pass to the Ski Bowl.  Registration and full mini-camp schedule can be found here:  Thanks Bob and Paul!  

5) For the kids - We will be adding a SECOND Bill Koch Youth Ski race to our schedule this year.  We will be having a BKYSL race on January 7th after our JNQ and now also at the HURTATHON in Glens Falls on February 11th.  So bring the kiddos!! Register here:

6) Nordic-cross - The World Cup is moving ahead with adding Nordic Cross to the world cup schedule and by next year it will part of the Junior National week for our kids.  Not sure what nordic-cross is? Check it out.  Anyway.....we are going to lead the way on this for New York and for our club ski scene!  On January 7th, after the conclusion of our 5/10K freestyle and our BKYSL race, we will be running a nordic-cross 1.5K event.  Details on the course and the technical components will be released as the event draws near.  Thanks to Paul Allison and the Gore crew for their enthusiasm for trying this out!  

We are also looking to add another club race to our schedule as the great folks at Garnet Hill are looking to get us all back up there for another event!  Details will be added...and added...and added...

Stay tuned. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Not your grammy's race season...

So...You know those whap-sticks that you have been using in order to shock your neighbors, cause traffic disruptions, and fantasize about coming winter glory?

NYSSRA and NENSA clubs are embracing these tools of destruction like never before.  In past seasons, the avid/insane could jump in a Climb to a Castle or dodge soccer balls in Kingston...but generally, when people in our area went road-skiing it looked more like this...
HURT training 2011*

than this....
HURT training 2017*
* visual approximations

But NOW.....look at what is being offered 

1) had the Climb to the Castle (you missed this....sorry)
2) And before had this gem resurrected  (you missed that too!)
3) And just recently you had this dynamo event  (come on! stop the xc running and ski already!)

it's alright....You have a chance to get back on track with these upcoming awesome rollerski opportunities..

4) Our frienimies at GHN-ADK Vauhti are holding a roller ski race! October 29th It is the first annual GHN-ADK rollerski race. They have secured the car-free bike path between Rotterdam and Schenectady for 3 nice safe race distances. Check out the details here:

5) Then on November 4th, you should make your way up to Stowe, VT for the NENSA kickoff party.  I know, it isn't a race...but they are having an elite rollerski invitational race up to Trapps featuring all your favorite Olympians and many domestic idols.  It is as close to the Blink Festival as you are gonna see in the States.  So....unless you are headed to Norway should go.  Drive up, peep some leaves and watch the best!

6) A week later we are busting out the HURT NORDIC NYS Rollerski Championship.  Yep.  Gonna be awesome. SPAC.  November 12th (note the earlier week from last year) Register now:

So.....we got your rollerskiing covered.  By the anyone else thinking what I am thinking?.....this looks a lot like a series?!?***....hmmmmm....the future?!?

***I mean if people in low-lying coastal communities (and just about every other type of community) are having to recreate their existence due to extreme climate volatility it makes sense that NYSSRA re-thinks itself and considers a legit rollerski series...right? I mean these two things are in no real way equivalent....but all the same...

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Camping With Purpose

HURT camp this year was all about PURPOSE. Why are we doing this?  Skiing in the summer? runs?...strength sessions?....time trials?...drills?...

Some of our juniors living the nordic lifestyle were given a chance confront themselves and ask these questions.  Why are we here? What goals are we after?  Why are we committed to this? Why do set our sights on a moving target of "personal betterment"?

And less-existentially, we focused on how can this session, and this activity, and how this moment can improve us as a skier.  It is a way to create purpose in the coming dog-days of summer.

(Truthfully, what we really were speaking about were ways to love every mile of the journey) 

It was an amazing week as HURT camp stormed into its 7th rendition.  The largest skier attendance at camp was greeted with the largest guest attendance from our homies up at Mansfield Nordic Club.  and the weather didn't disappoint...HURT=hot. And the depth of junior talent, grit, competitiveness, and drive dwarfed all previous years.  The words of Coach Tomb never rang more true..."it was awesome." Our few pics fall short of describing it all, but here is your internet glimpse of the week that was:
"Ma Man" getting after the "boot slide grind".

Quincy and Nino.  The West Mountain champs. ummm....What does Nino DO with all his uphill TT poles?  

"Wanna know how I got these scars?"  - Jason "Joker" Cork

Q and A with US Ski's J.C.

Coach Kate rips the agility course

oh right.....body position.

and activate those hips!

As couldn't be done without the great support from Stewart's Shops,  Price Chopper, Rudy Project, The Sportspage Ski Shop, and the great nordic coaches in Section 2 who are willing to contribute their time, energy and passion to help make the week great. 

Results from the 2017 West Mountain TT (at bottom):

Freestyle TT results

Brian Beyerbach 7:42
Paul Allison*  7:54
Adam Terko* 8:02
Ian Thompson 8:32
Nino Manzella 8:48
Dan Manzella 8:59
Aaron Huneck 9:07
Seamus Tomb 9:07
Dave PK* 9:19
Frago 9:27
Andrew Warfle 9:42
Bryce Beyerbach 9:46
Alex W. 9:49
Simon 9:55
Justin Caron 9:57
Emily A 10:04
Rylan 10:08
Erik S. 10:13
Eve 10:24
Julianne 10:36
Casey 10:42
Joe 10:43
Emily G. 10:52
Kate 11:07
Amelia 11:08
Soyhun 11:24
Brendan 11:27
Aidan 11:41
Zach 12:02
Analise 12:05
Jack 12:16
Ethan 12:19
Liam 12:23
Gabe 12:23
Paul 13:07
John 13:59
Mikeeli 13:59
Emily P 14:27

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ready, Set, Go!

June is upon HURT summer season is underway...

Here is all the news you need to know...

1) HURT CAMP:  Our signature junior ski camp is slated for July 15-20th at Camp Meadowbrook in Queensbury.  Spots are filling up so if you are junior...sign up!  You can find our registration packet here:

2) NYSSRA Membership for 2017-18 is now available. If you plan on joining us for any of our training opportunities you should renew your membership now.  Here is the link to registration:

3) HURT Membership packages:  You can purchase annual membership online. No more slipping $5 bills to me at winter races.  You can also purchase one of our three training packages.  Bronze level, Silver level and Gold Level membership all can provide you with a host of training opportunities to improve your fitness and skiing.  You can also make a donation to support our junior programming.  Package details are found here:

4) New Suits:  We will be upgrading from Mt. Borah for 2018 and the quality and fit are superb.  If you are interested in a suit, we will be placing the order on August 1st.   Send an email to if you want to order.
Newest version of the threads

5) Team Training: Coach Brian Halligan will be leading team training over the summer.  Tuesday nights will be "open" practices for any HURT skier.  Thursdays will be rollerski practice for those athletes who are seeking technique coaching at the "Silver" or "Gold" level.  Practice will be held at 6:00pm at SPAC.  Please see the team schedule for all details:

6) SAVE THE DATE: The newest venue in Saratoga County...Brookhaven Golf working hard to be a nordic destination in our area.  They get snow and keep snow when others don't...and is a really fun place to ski.  Chris Y is hosting the Brookhaven OKTOBERFEST TRAIL RUN. You should come and bring a friend.  If we all show up and bring someone we know then Brookhaven will be able to buy the grooming equipment they need!  Register here today and plan on a great time!

Happy Training 'Yall!  Go and getcha some. 

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Ain't over 'till it's over

The post-Stella skiing has been the some of the sweetest of the whole year.  The combination of fresh snow, comfortable temps, blue skis and longer days has everyone remembering why we love this sport so much.

So......let's have a event!

We are bringing back the famed Easter Scramble!  It is our signature Spring event and the weather hasn't giving us a chance to hold it since 2013.  And this year we are partnering with the great folks at BARKEATER CHOCOLATES and VERMONT PEANUT BUTTER to make this a near perfect combination for a day of nordic skiing.  Skiing. Chocolate. Peanut Butter.  You can't beat that combo with a stick.

The Event will begin Saturday, March 25th 11:00am. It will start with a 2.5K scramble for kids on an easy loop at the Ski Bowl.  At 11:30 we will hold a 5K mass start FISHSCALE ONLY race and finally at 12:30 we will hold a 10K mass start freestyle race for the skate skiers.  This is the most fun event you'll have on skis and is guaranteed to have the most interesting results sheet you've ever seen.  Time deductions abound and this could be your day to stand atop the podium..

Some deductions are:

-Deductions will be made for every Spring/Easter themed clothing item (ie. bonnets, "Sunday best", white gloves, Easter-bunny-themed-garb, you wear on your body subtract 10 seconds off your race time. “Easter themed items” will be determined by the event officials.   

-For every "Easter themed" stuff animal (accepted items are bunnies, ducklings, and lambs)  you ski with duct taped (or attached in some other way) to your body you will receive 10 seconds off your race time

-Anyone who competes in a full-body bunny suit (including head) will receive a 2 minute time deduction.

-For every dollar you donate to the HURT nordic junior race development fun you can subtract an equal number of seconds off your race time.  Donations must be made at registration prior to the start of the race.   

Online registration is open now which has more event details.  Please sign up online so we are prepared with enough prizes and eggs.  As we mentioned before, BARKEATER CHOCOLATES is partnering with us and they are offering a chocolate egg decorating activity for kids 6-12 and there wonderful shop is located only 1 mile from the Ski Bowl.  This is the perfect activity for you and the kids after skiing!  AND they are giving our ski community a great discount on attending!!!  Simply register here with Barkeater chocolates to attend and use the coupon code Easternordic2017.  Each session is for 6 kids but they will add more sessions if interest demands it.

Big prize packages await the winner of HOPPER'S CHALLENGE.  To win Hopper's Challenge you have to sign up for both the 5K fishscale race and the 10K skate.  Your combined time will be added together to get the fastest bunny of the day.  The mens and womens podium winners will get a big prize pack from Barkeater Chocolate and Vermont Peanut Butter Company as well as some other ski related prizes.  

This truly is the best event of Spring skiing in New York and you will leave smiling, full and tired from laughing.  Hope to see you there.

Photos from 2013 Easter Scramble...

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

What's an MVP?

The 2017 NYSSRA Club Championship Series wrapped this past weekend.  After a full season of club racing, once again the pressure was on for the championship relay on Sunday.  At first look it seemed HURT would run away with the points series... however, the clouds of doubt came quickly rolling in before the weekend when it looked like HURT might struggle in a big way to fill the race ranks.

Most of HURT juniors were making final preparations for their week of racing at Junior Nationals and important and reliable sections of the HURT masters men team found the weekend incompatible The HURT directresses were truly wondering if a HURT victory was in the cards.  And even the talking heads at HRT newsroom were wondering would HURT have an MVP for the weekend? Would someone unexpected glide in to save the day?

It made us all at the news desk ask...what truly is an MVP?

Would team Sweden call Stina Nilsson their MVP? She is currently the most reliable Swedish podium winner and shows up week in and week out of the world cup season.  

Or would the Swedish MVP be "big show" Kalla who shows up at World Championships just to grab the big hardware? hmmmmm.....

It is often not cut and dry.  It is very debatable.  A lot goes into being the most valuable player for a team.  (Unless of course you are Leigh Kentiswho was clearly winner of this season’s Intersport De Grandi MVP Award. I mean, he smashed 828 runs which was a mere 72 off Jack Sing’s legendary record for the most runs in a home-and-away season in 1948-49! duh!)  So yeah. yeah.  Not always cut and dry.

In 2017 the MVP for HURT was as special and awesome as Jessie, Kikkan and Sofie in a world championship sprint final. And they looked just as good.  Thanks to Jan and Bernadette and Julie (who came rolling in style) on Sunday morning to race...what was temporarily in doubt was sewn up quickly.  Boom.  TEAM Championship. They may not have raced every weekend, but for sure these ladies were the MVP's all the way! 
Them's some relay socks!!

Obviously great work was done by everyone in HURT nation this season and we would be remiss to not mention the baller performance by young-guns Bryce Beyerbach and Aidan Rowley who rocked to the Men's win on Sunday. But without our ladies in the women's relay and in the mixed relay the door would have been open to let a season of work slip.  

The lesson up to be an MVP. Show up a lot.  Show up a little.  But show up and look good doing it....

P.S. stay tuned in for the new Mt. Borah 2018 HURT Nordic suit and uniform redesign unveiled in'll wanna getcha some for next season.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

HURTathon ushers in the POW

Sunday February 12 will go down as an epic day of 15K's of good-ol' fashioned-kick-a$%-nordic-winter magic!

 While the science is a bit sketchy, the HURT Nordic Directress has official tweetogrammed* that the old-school interval start, 15K, classic technique, HURTathon is directly responsible for bringing this region a week of the type of consistent cold weather and deep snowfalls associated with winters of yesteryears.  According to her spokesperson, any denial of correlation should be viewed as a use of alternative science.
*tweetogramming is now the official mode of communicating for any and all nordic despots.

Our fiercest leader

On Sunday, organizers set aside the modern trend for nordic-mass-start-sprint-race-freestyle-fast-and-furious-made-for-TV-racing in favor of a solo start 15K classic race.  It was glide-and-stride on mountainous terrain in dense fat-falling snowflakes...the kind of skiing that got Sven Utterstrom up the morning.
Sven. Just Sven.

And the people loved it.

The snows came, kick wax was perfect and 36 mighty nordies braved the tough climbs and the winter weather travel advisory to race for glory, guts and.....mountains of prizes.

Thanks to Polar, Vermont Peanut Butter Co, The Sportspage, Mt. Borah, Downhill Threads, The Barking Spider Pub, Basil and Wicks, The Lodge at Gore Mountain, Garnet Hill Ski Center, Kick Zone Media, Izzy's Deli, and Swix, racers were treated to great prize packages and raffle items.  It made for a fun day of skiing and winning for everyone on course.  Conditions were marvelous and the Gore staff made sure the place was primed for a great nordic skiing.

The only modern addition was color photography....Thanks to Kristin Halligan...

S. Tomb conquers her fears and tackles the Ski Bowl challenge! woot woo! Great job!

The nation

Other S. Tomb conquers his battle with elevation and distance


squad 2

H. Underwood shows how you....

make it to the top step.

....oh yeah...and piston bully grooming, corporate support, modern amenities, waxing facilities, indoor lodge.....but still. Sven would've been pumped. 

HURT hopes to build and improve this event in future winters and we really want to hear from YOU.  If you participated this year, please fill out this short survey.  

If you didn't come ski with us, we REALLY want to hear from you.  Let us know what we can do to make this event one you don't want to miss.  Please fill out this short survey. 

If you give us a few moments of your time, you will be entered into a drawing for one of 3 SWIX VIP cards that will give you massive discounts on Swix products.  The drawing will be on March 15th.  Thanks for your help.

Keep an eye on our EVENTS page for any additional Spring offerings.  With all this snow there is a real good chance that we will be putting together an infamous EASTER SCRAMBLE!  Stay tuned.