Saturday, February 3, 2018

From the desk of Captain Obvious

Caption Obvious filed the following report with the HRT Newsroom....

"This Junior Team from HURT Nordic is super awesome and we are crazy proud of how hard they have worked." - C.O.

HURT Nordic is sending a host of talent to the Mid-A team for this year's Junior Nationals in SoHo.  Many others will be skiing for the NY team at the Eastern High School Championships and U16 Championships.  A shout out of all the names include: Brian Beyerbach, Michael Halligan, Dan Manzella, Seamus Tomb, Alex Fragomeni, Ava Anderson, Emily Atamanchuk, Anna Wiedmann, Annalise Beyerbach, Lucas Jenkin, Sam Bordeau, Bryce Beyerbach. 

Many Thanks go out to the great group of parents that support the goals and dreams of these kids and for shlepping them to-and-fro with ample nourishment and moral support.

And a special shout out to Coach Brian Halligan who has managed the lions-share of the Junior effort.  And to the crack wax team both in Lake Placid and Rochester.   

Extra special thanks to Suzanne Tomb who ushered Directesses 2 around the course after she finished testing top coats and tongue-testing the Rochester start line gatorade....which allowed DPK a chance to focus for a few minutes on making some fast boards. 

Race teams nominations, links to final points standings and trip registration info can be found here:

Monday, January 22, 2018

And the winner is....

...we can't decide.

HURT nordic had some serious contenders for MVP this past weekend and the HRTnews room and group of social media posting elves need your help in picking the winner.  A case can be made for the following contenders...

1) "Brangelina" was taken so I guess we are going to have to call them "Brattamanchukbach"? Anyway....they are HURT nordic's powerhouse-couple and a couple of powerhouses.  These two tore up Lake Placid on Saturday and Sunday's JNQ's and netted top podium spots...forever having their names etched in Harry Eldridge lore.

2) For those of you that weren't there and missed it...with 45 minutes left in the Mega-Relay, Rachel Yarsevich rolled into Garnet Hill with two kids under 7 needing to get dressed for winter, bearing homemade baked goods, amidst a chorus of "are you gonna ski?" queries cool and calm as Yankee's stud Ardolis Chapman...she got two kids winter-ready, skied a lap, (with time to spare) and turned certain defeat into stunning comeback in the Mixed Relay division of the Mega Relay.  The late arrival snatched a full sweep from the bloody jaws of Peru Nordic who dominated the Men's and Women's division races.  If that isn't MVP worthy, I don't know what is. 

3) She has brought loads of championship gene contributions to the HURT team and now she snaps killer photos.  Her photography jumps off the screen and....I am just gonna say it....damn, she just makes us look good!!! Kristin Halligan and her growing photo business are now on hand to show you the best of our team in true MVP style.  Check out her stuff and use her for all you snazzy photo needs!

So there are our top three nominations for weekend MVP.  What's your vote? Do you have another nominee?  How about those coaches stuck in the trenches battling changing conditions and icing kick wax on Saturday?  Should they get the nod?  How about an MVP for "resilience" in our athletes who battled it out for precious JN points when the going got tough?  How about a vote for coaches Huneck and Halligan for getting the waxing done, and using "coaches training" to post strong results on Sunday? How about Chris Y and DPK who removed toppled trees and blow-down from Garnet Hill early on Saturday? How about the US postal service for getting top quality waxes from far flung locations to HURT coaches on a short notice?

A lot of work goes into making the wheels of the HURT machine run smooth.  From organizing and running the events, supporting athletes, driving, feeding, cheering, and making the photo memories look so good.  

A big thanks from the S.M.E.T (social media elves team) goes out to all those who had a hand in making this weekend great in HURT country.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

A Rikert "warm-up" with JNQ's coming

59 degrees at 10pm Friday...8 degrees Saturday morning...1 on Sunday

Pouring rain Friday...sleet Friday night...snow skis Sunday

This past weekend had it ALL for the intrepid crew who went out to Rikert for the tune-up races before the next two weekends of JN qualifying. Coach Halligan and PK battled 25 mph wind gusts, ice rain and tricky snow to give the crew slick and kickable boards during the classic sprints on Saturday and inhaled enough cold flouro powder on Sunday to last them at least a couple days. 

The pics from Kristen Halligan on Sunday show the scene.  Side note - Does any nordic skier's mom make them look as good as Kristen makes Mikey look? She takes some seriously good pictures.  #putthatinyourmothersdaycardmikey

Bryce in action

Frago gettin' after it

Brian Beyerbach skiing to 21st on Sunday

Other swaths of HURT nation spent Sunday at Saratoga Biathon Club for a skiathlon on firm fast conditions.  Chris Y, Tim H, Greg S, Eric H and Tyler K laid it down for the HURT squad and kept pace in the NYSSRA points series.  With home-race advantage at the Mega-Relay next Saturday and big junior weekends in Lake Placid and Rochester coming up, HURT looks poised to once again stamp their dominance in the NYSSRA points competition. 

A great week of weather is coming with snow in the forecast and real nice skiing temps on the weekend.  We hope you get in some of the action this weekend!

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Out of the deep freeze, into the heat.

The race season is heating up just as the temps get a major bump.  Now that you have crawled out of fetal position after skiing in the -36F temps of the weekend, take a look at the upcoming events (and event changes) that January has in store for you.

This weekend you've got three great options for racing. Rikert is hosting two days of NENSA Eastern Cup action with a classic sprint on Satuday and freestyle 5K/10K on Sunday.  HURT coaches will be on hand to wax world class boards. 

The weekend also features two great NYSSRA events at Saratoga Biathlon club: The Shenendehowa Classic race and the GHN-ADK skiathlon.  Both should be stellar races and details and registration can be found on skireg. 

So....either book a place in Middlebury, VT or head over to Day, NY this weekend.  The racing will be stellar. 

And plan on spending the evening on your ical....

Here is what's comin'

JNQ, JNQ, JNQ, JNQ.....and Mega racing at Garnet Hill.

Lake Placid and Rochester are hosting back-to-back JNQ weekends for juniors looking to make their way to Soho for JN's, Maine for EHSC, or Gore for U16's.  The race will be fast and furious as Mid-A has never looked so deep and stacked with podium potential.  With the Gore cancellations the JN qualification route has changed. Be sure you read here to know what is going on. Again, HURT coaches will have your back for fast boards so if you are a junior looking for support, reach out to us. 

For those less JN inclined.....we have you covered too. 

Saturday, January 20th we are hosting the fan-favorite MEGA-RELAY at Garnet Hill.  Garnet Hill has never been better and new ownership has the place vying for the top destination in the region for great skiing.  If you haven't been there recently, shame. on. you. Make up for it by spending a day at the Mega-Relay.  It is also the race with the race with killer prize packs that will feature Barkeater Chocolate and Nut butters from Vermont Peanut Butter Co. As well as adult-gatorades, snacks, desserts, ski items and gift certificates. 

The HURT Laydz have yet to lose, or be challenged in the Women's division.  Will this be the year?

Saturday, January 27th come on back to Garnet Hill.  Barkeater Chocolates and HURT Nordic are bringing you the Garnet Hill Pursuit Race. Join us on January 27th for a continuous pursuit nordic ski race. The race will be a mass start race beginning with a 4.5K Classic loop followed by a 4.5K freestyle loop. The race will begin at 9:30 from the Ski Lodge. Following the conclusion of the race we there will be a 2.5K Bill Koch Youth Ski League Race. Plan to stay all afternoon for some great skiing and fine refreshments in the Garnet Hill Lodge. Garnet Hill Lodge will provide a host of prizes for race participants and great food items as well.
A 3k Try-it citizens open race is FREE with purchase of a day pass or your season pass. Competitors will Walk away with great prizes from Barkeater Chocolates in North Creek as well as other great prizes from the companies that sponsor and support HURT.

And that takes you to February.

So you will be busy.

See you there!

Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Waxing Day

Now that you have finished your Thursday Thanksgiving feast, your 9pm "just one more plate of stuffing" snack, and your 2am cry-in-shame-piece-of-pumpkin-pie it is time to welcome in the start of the season. No, not the holiday season....the ski season.

The all-mighty powers-that-be at HURT Nation would like to formally dictate the day after Thanksgiving to be Waxing Day and thanks to some great developments in the New York Racing Scene the last few years your traditional waxing day festivities won't go unrewarded.  Here is your official guide to Waxing Day...

1) Gore is Ready.  They have got 1.5K of groomed corduroy and the Nordic Center is open.  Coach Underwood and Coach Allison are hosting a Saturday/Sunday Thanksgiving camp for junior skiers looking to make that transition from rollerski to snow.  And pass-holders and Masters skiers are welcome to ditch the bike trainer and running shoes in favor of their winter boards.  So come on out!
2) Lake Placid is Ready. Thanks to the magic of the Van Ho garden hose there is now a majestic pile of white ready to be spread on a 1.5K loop at Van Ho.  And you've got a waffle cabin.  What's not to love? Take the drive and enjoy the start of winter.

3) Ready for the Racing Season. Maybe you have decided that tangling up at the Craftsbury Season opener on Nov. 25th isn't you thing...that is okay.  December 8th, 9th and 10th is the start of our local race season and there is some great racing and spectating is to be had at the North Creek Nordic Fest.  Saturday the 9th will feature a Classic 5K/10K and Sunday the 10th will have some citizen sprints.  A fun way to kick off the racing season! Read more about it and find registration links here:

4) YOU CAN BE READY TOO!'s #waxingday.  
First, turn on the Ruka Triple.  Then, dig out your favorite pair of training skis. Find the scraper stuck at the bottom of your bike tool kit. Clean off last year's klister from it.  Scrape off the storage wax.  Iron on a combination of CH and turkey grease.  And snap a photo.  Make it of the ski prep.  Or of your first ski.  Gore, LP or whereever the heck in Canada you are.....doesn't matter. 

Post your best #waxingday photo and tag @hurtnordic from Nov. 24th-26th and Directress JJPK will select her favorite photo and send you a prize-of-something.  Not sure what yet....but the thing about HURT Nordic is that.....we give good prizes.

Happy Waxing Day.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Adding Additions

The planning for the winter season sure is in full steam and things are getting bigger and more exciting thanks to the great folks involved with all parts of HURT-nation.  We have so many folk working hard to make opportunities for young and old in our ski community.  So thank you all for that!  To keep you all up to date, please take note of all of ALL OF THIS:

1) Brookhaven trail run: You can still show up and run on Saturday up at the Brookhaven Golf course and help raise money for nordic ski grooming in Greenfield.  Thanks to Rachel and Chris Yarsevich for making this race and this dream happen. Registration opens at 8:30am.

2) Nov. 12th Rollerski Race - The US Ski and Snowboard association is pumped about what HURT is doing in New York and they are interested in supporting what we do.  They will be sending us some giveaways and prizes for our event!  Come and be part of the scene.

3)  Thanksgiving Camp - Even though we are unable to run an junior overnight camp like we did last year, Coach Underwood and Coach Allison are stepping up to run an awesome Thanksgiving weekend at Gore Ski Bowl! Be on snow on November 25 and 26th!  The $110.00 includes a season pass to the Ski Bowl.  Registration and full mini-camp schedule can be found here:  Thanks Bob and Paul!  

5) For the kids - We will be adding a SECOND Bill Koch Youth Ski race to our schedule this year.  We will be having a BKYSL race on January 7th after our JNQ and now also at the HURTATHON in Glens Falls on February 11th.  So bring the kiddos!! Register here:

6) Nordic-cross - The World Cup is moving ahead with adding Nordic Cross to the world cup schedule and by next year it will part of the Junior National week for our kids.  Not sure what nordic-cross is? Check it out.  Anyway.....we are going to lead the way on this for New York and for our club ski scene!  On January 7th, after the conclusion of our 5/10K freestyle and our BKYSL race, we will be running a nordic-cross 1.5K event.  Details on the course and the technical components will be released as the event draws near.  Thanks to Paul Allison and the Gore crew for their enthusiasm for trying this out!  

We are also looking to add another club race to our schedule as the great folks at Garnet Hill are looking to get us all back up there for another event!  Details will be added...and added...and added...

Stay tuned. 

Sunday, October 8, 2017

Not your grammy's race season...

So...You know those whap-sticks that you have been using in order to shock your neighbors, cause traffic disruptions, and fantasize about coming winter glory?

NYSSRA and NENSA clubs are embracing these tools of destruction like never before.  In past seasons, the avid/insane could jump in a Climb to a Castle or dodge soccer balls in Kingston...but generally, when people in our area went road-skiing it looked more like this...
HURT training 2011*

than this....
HURT training 2017*
* visual approximations

But NOW.....look at what is being offered 

1) had the Climb to the Castle (you missed this....sorry)
2) And before had this gem resurrected  (you missed that too!)
3) And just recently you had this dynamo event  (come on! stop the xc running and ski already!)

it's alright....You have a chance to get back on track with these upcoming awesome rollerski opportunities..

4) Our frienimies at GHN-ADK Vauhti are holding a roller ski race! October 29th It is the first annual GHN-ADK rollerski race. They have secured the car-free bike path between Rotterdam and Schenectady for 3 nice safe race distances. Check out the details here:

5) Then on November 4th, you should make your way up to Stowe, VT for the NENSA kickoff party.  I know, it isn't a race...but they are having an elite rollerski invitational race up to Trapps featuring all your favorite Olympians and many domestic idols.  It is as close to the Blink Festival as you are gonna see in the States.  So....unless you are headed to Norway should go.  Drive up, peep some leaves and watch the best!

6) A week later we are busting out the HURT NORDIC NYS Rollerski Championship.  Yep.  Gonna be awesome. SPAC.  November 12th (note the earlier week from last year) Register now:

So.....we got your rollerskiing covered.  By the anyone else thinking what I am thinking?.....this looks a lot like a series?!?***....hmmmmm....the future?!?

***I mean if people in low-lying coastal communities (and just about every other type of community) are having to recreate their existence due to extreme climate volatility it makes sense that NYSSRA re-thinks itself and considers a legit rollerski series...right? I mean these two things are in no real way equivalent....but all the same...