Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not Dry Heat

In 2012, HURT nordic hosted a junior ski camp that ended up being during one of the hottest weeks of the calendar year.  So for the last twelve months HURT organizers have been poring over meteorological charts, weather maps, doppler radar and farmers almanacs that would help them pick a nice summer week of good weather, modest temperatures and low humidity.

Needless to say, HURT organizers really stink at being meteorologists.

The 2013 HURT camp was a humid, brutal sweat-fest with temps nearing the triple digits with air so thick you could chew it.  It did not keep skiers from thinking about the upcoming winter and the nordic race season.  The athletes beat the heat and took major steps toward reaching their individual goals of top finishes in JN Qualifers, Junior Nationals, Eastern High School Champs, J2 (U16) championships and club and school races.  It was a week that brought together skiers from RNR, NYSEF, HURT, and unattached skiers from all across the state.

The week was filled with strength sessions, OD skis, technique work, classic intervals, skate sprints, agility on dryland and skis, uphill time trials, mountain hike, and bounding sessions.....all that balanced out with plenty of swimming, splash pads, ping pong, napping, eating and recovering.  We would like to thank again STEWARTS SHOPS who donated ice cream sundaes for our kids and PRICE CHOPPER who donated a nice gift card for food.  We also want to thank THE SPORTS PAGE who continues to support the HURT nordic team and our nordic events.

It was a great week for NY skiing and youth skiing.  Visit our facebook page to view a video recap of the weeks happenings.  Here are a few pics:

summit of Buck Mtn

Our Camp Champions

West Mtn TT

Here are the final results for our camp competitions:

Dryland Speed and Agility:
Tommy Ernst  1:46
Sarah Duclos  1:47
Adam Luban  1:58
Matt Forshey  2:02
Amy Duclos  2:08
Adam Marino  2:10
Brian Chrzan  2:11
John Ferrone  2:12
Adam Chrzan  2:12
Maddi Schriefer  2:17
Owen Putnam  2:24
Megan Kellogg  2:25
Aaron Huneck  2:26
Gabbi Rodbell  2:29
Emily Cromie  2:29
Connor Hyrnuk  2:31
Eric Houk  2:33
Ethan Katz  2:39
Everett Sapp  2:39
Ryan Young  2:57
Maile Sapp  3:01
Ben Francisco  3:08
Eliza Blood  3:13

Uphill Time Trial Run
Ben Anderson - guest  14:44
Adam Luban  15:15
Jason Hettenbaugh - coach  15:19
Matt Forshey  16:44
Connor Hyrnuk  17:07
Aaron Huneck  18:32
Ryan Young  18:33
Tommy Ernst  18:35
Brian Chrzan  18:41
Eric Houk  18:42
Seth Mares - guest  18:57
Jon Ferrone  19:22
Adam Marino  19:41
Megan Kellogg  20:03
Sarah Duclos  21:07
Amy Duclos  21:31
Ethan Katz  22:38
Owen Putnam  22:51
Maddie Schreifer  25:50
Adam Chrzan  27:15
Ben Francisco  28:09
Gabbi Rodbell  29:55
Eliza Blood  32:07
Emily A.  33:38
Maggie Borgos  33:51

Ski Agility Course
Matt Forshey 1:00
Everett Sapp 1:00.13
Adam Luban 1:02
Austin Huneck - guest 1:08
Adam Marino 1:09
Eric Houk 1:10
Connor Hyrnuk 1:10
Ryan Young 1:12
Aaron Huneck 1:13
Maile Sapp 1:14
Sarah Duclos 1:19
Amy Duclos 1:20
Adam Chrzan 1:23
Ben Francisco 1:23
Maddi Schreifer 1:25
Ethan Katz 1:26
Megan Kellogg 1:26
John Ferrone 1:27
Brian Chrzan 1:29
Gabbi Rodbell 1:34
Eliza Blood 1:37
Emily Cromie 1:47