Thursday, March 24, 2016

Strong finish and stronger beginning

Mid-A team March-es on.*
*cheesy springtime pun intended.

While most of us were looking at mud and patches of greening grass during the first few weeks of March, for HURT juniors it was full of racing; the culmination of a season's worth of hard work.**  The Midwest played host to this year's Junior National Ski Championship and the team from Mid-A featured some strong HURT talent.  Aaron Huneck, Owen Putman, Nino Manzella, Maggie Borgos, Brian Beyerbach, Eliza Blood, Seamus Tomb and Dan Manzella all suited up for Mid-A and had some great results over the course of the week.  Next to NYSEF, HURT qualified the most athletes from NY and enjoyed a week of sun and snow out in Wisconsin.  Folks at home neglected their professional requirements and risked gainful employment to watch the live coverage provided by the race organizers.  Our Pics tell the story best. Race results are here.

**many HURT athletes were ALSO looking at mud.  It just happened to be next to a ribbon of snow miraculously used to ski on.  

Snow stuck around in Ripton, VT, despite rain and high temps, and the Eastern High School Championships at Rikert saw a host of HURT nordies out for one last hurrah.  Anna Manzella, Eliza Blood, Aaron Huneck, Julianne Burns, Meghana Caron, Brendan Tomb, Seamus Tomb, Alex Fragomeni, Eve Schoen and Soyhun Pak all tackled the 4 races in 3 days at Rikert.  It was amazing to see so many of our younger juniors jump in races against the top U18 racers in New England.  With no U16 team from NY this year it was awesome to see our kids willing to seek out this tougher competition.  It was inspiring for them, extremely motivating, and will pay huge dividends as they develop into top level juniors.    

Overall it was a strong finish to the season for all our kids....the type of finish that leads to a bright and productive off-season.  As you are busy cleaning the klister spots out of the inside of your ski bag and storage waxing your boards, it is a good time to think about new goals and new paths to success. We are working to do our part...

HURT is excited to bring HURT-alum and USA junior biathlete Brian Halligan to our summer coaching staff.  Brian and DPK will be expanding the summer training opportunities for the whole team and offering new levels of coaching and membership for athletes seeking an edge. With Junior Nationals slated for Lake Placid next year, now if a great time to invest in your development.  See our new membership  options and learn more about our new coach.

Oh yeah.....and HURT CAMP!  Get cha' some...

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Better Late than Never

Since the beginning, the HRT news team has always been on the very cutting edge of journalism and reporting.  In an age of 24 hour news cycles, live-timing, insta-photos and live feeds the HRT team is working tirelessly to pioneer the "week late" recap.  We try our best to report on happenings just as you are about to forget about them...

It was a big week to say the least.  the NYSSRA season wrapped up at Gore Mountain with a spectacular weekend at the Ski Bowl.  Expectations were low with a week of rain leading up to races but the team at Gore once again proved up to the challenge.  The course was amazing and both days had top caliber conditions.

Here is a quick recap of the races in CHAMPS BY THE NUMBERS:

18 - there were 18 more skiers in this year's NYSSRA champs than last year
366 - The number laps completed in the distance race
18 - Also the number of HURT athletes who ripped through the course in the distance race
61 - total number of athletes who started the distance race
2 - the place of the top finisher from HURT nordic.....nice to have B. Halligan back in GREEN!
6 - the number of HURT athletes in the top 12
18 - the number of natural snow flakes found on the champs course
2132 - the approximate number of flags and cones Sam Allison set up (...and then replaced after the wind) over the course of the weekend 
1 - number of U6 Champions from HURT.....WHOOHOO ANNA!!
7 - approximate number of gallons of blue liquid Steve sprayed on the course
7 - also the number of NYSSRA championship banners won by HURT!!
1 - number of times HURT has captured the Relay Championship Title! "Better Late than Never!"
18 - the number of hours that Halligan and Putman are going to spend working on their flag handoff.
1,000,000 - the number of thank you's owed to Gore Mountain

Thanks to everyone who made it a great weekend.  It was nice to have a good end to a challenging season.   Looking forward to our summer offerings.  There will be "big doin's" for HURT nation this stay tuned!

 And if you haven't shared it...#ActOnClimateNY.