Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Team Director fires back

It was reported through an (unreliable) news source that nemesis Peru Nordic Ski Club MAY have made a fool-hearty attempt to nab two of HURT's finest while isolating them in the hinterlands of Vermont. It was a tactic modeled after the tactics used by preying wolves and African big cats...isolate, and pounce. However, it has been recently confirmed that strength and loyalty has been exercised by A. Farry and J. South and they will fly HURT colors this upcoming season.

However, the Director, in response to the attempt made by Peru, went right out and added two additional signings that will further bolster team points, send a message to Peru, and add a pipeline of recruits coming through the Lapland Lake feeder system. HURT just signed Sherry and Richard Dixon of Mayfield, NY to the Masters roster and they look to secure massive points in the Master categories.

All of HURT welcomes the new addition and are looking forward to seeing all the Green and White out there!

Happy Training.

Join us for the HURT "Festival of Pain"!!

HURT Festival of Pain Nov 5-7th

The HURT Festival of Pain returns for 2010, with more distance, more climbing, and generally more pain.

Friday Night 5pm
12 Miles of Pain (Run)


Sunday Morning 9am

"Feeling it 40K Rollerski" Now with more climbing!
The below link shows last year's route, we will be throwing in a few extra surprises.

See you there!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Training to Suffer

Today saw Matt Tornianen, Dave Kvam, Austin Huneck and Tim Huneck make the first of two HURT sponsored training skis up the Prospect highway in preparation for the upcoming "Sufferfest" Hill climb in two weeks. The boys strapped on the speed reducers, slow wheels and worked with controlled pacing to acclimate themsleves to the road. The pictures tell the story...

The ski of the day goes to Matt Tornianen who skied with wheels that
a) barely exist
b) hardly turn
c) probably work better moving backwards
d) are so old and worn that "round" is not a good word to describe them.

However, he slugged it out and is SO MUCH stronger for the effort. watch out.

By the way....thats not to mention the boots he used....which are now collectors items and worth as much as a pair of carbonlites....only if they were in mint condish, in the originally packaging. Neither of which is the case so basically they are worthless.....However, do remain undoubtably cool.

In other news...On the way down the prospect Highway it was discovered that someone or something found and stole Tim Huneck's Championship HURT race suit top. The highly prized item was unwrapped, unfolded and taken from behind the rock where it lay. Initially it was assumed that this was an evil deed carried out by rival Peru Nordic but then it was deemed that this act was indeed to heinous for even Peru. Needless to say, if some unknown hiker or biker is seen wearing said jersey the rath and power of the Director, A. Huneck, will be unleashed. Have mercy on this persons soul.

Either that...or there is one really good looking bear wandering around Lake Geroge.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Under a Watchful Eye

The HRT Newsroom caught up with a number of the HURT faithful this past weekend in Clifton Park as "Team Director and Supreme Noric Overlord", A. Huneck, demanded to see a few of his athletes in race action at the Clifton Park Duathlon.

For those of you that have been following the summers HURT news and keeping tabs on their plan world conquest/domination/infestation you will know that the reaches of Team HURT are now approaching the Ohio River Valley. With late summer signings of the Schwenks and the big local signings of Koziol/Hamilton family, HURT has themselves poised to enter the ski season flying high. Like any dictator, the Director has been stretched thin managing the state wide nordic fronts and keeping tabs on his athletes improvements has become nearly a full-time job. Fortunately, his schedule now allows for a study hall 6th period on MWF and two study halls on TTH. He had to drop French but...eh....

He spent this past Sunday overlooking the race course in Clifton Park as D. Kvam, T. Huneck, J. Koziol and "The Queen" G. Huneck competed in a field of 140 in the Run, Bike, Run format. He pulled his brother, last minute, from the race feeling that his cross-country running schedule was keeping him primed enough for early season snow.


We caught up with the Director to ask him about the race...

HRT: So, what are thoughts about todays showing?

TD: "I am very pleased with the strengthening of our women's division. Jill brings power, drive and positive attitude to the race scene that is infectious and I am excited to see the women's division move onto rollerskis. They will be formidable. The Kingston Team competition may be already in the bag."

HRT: is that a guarantee?

TD: Well...I can guarantee this....we will finish in at least 4th place. We have a MONOPOLY on 4th place finishes. Just look at the results. G. Huneck (4th place age group) J. Kozoil (4th place age group) D. Kvam (4th place overall) BOOM! NOBODY FINISHES IN 4th PLACE in October and November like TEAM HURT!!!!

Oh...I have to leave...sorry I can't talk......I just placed a quick bet at OTB in the 4th race for "Foremans Fortune" to finish 4th by 4 lengths. I think I have some major coin to pick up.....adios

HRT: (shouting after a running TD) what are your predictions for SUFFERFEST in the pick'em competition???

TD: (shouting back) idunno....but either a Kvam, Yarsevich, Farry, or a Huneck will be fourth.....

See you this Saturday at 10:00am as TEAM HURT plans its first of two training day in preparation for the annual SUFFERFEST hill climb. With extra preparation we will sweep 1 THROUGH 4!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

HURT Beats US Ski Team to Snow

Director Aaron Huneck:

"Those suckers on the US Ski Team were training in Lake Placid all last week. If only they knew this week was going to be the real deal, 2 feet of snow at the top of Whiteface!"

Tim Has Lost His Legs

Sweet Ski Track

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slow As......

The team's first uphill skate intervals of the season were last night and boy were they hard. Then again, that is why we do them!

The Director reviewed average speed, heart rate, and took blood samples after each run to monitor lactic build up. He was most unhappy with older brother Austin's performance.

"I mean come on now, he is not even allowed to think of skiing right now because of "cross country" so his performance numbers are really suffering, like he was totally absent from these runs."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Train to Suffer

HURT nordic announces training days up Prospect Mtn. Highway in Lake George. Plan to be there. For more info visit http://www.hurtnordicskiing.com/trainingdays.html