Wednesday, October 26, 2016

The One Post To Bookmark

So, I saw snow this week.  You may have even gone skiing at the 'Ho ..... or on the toll road.

This means it is winter.

Bikes away. Scrape your skis. Change back to your poll baskets. and be prepared to be a little depressed each and every morning until the cold temps stick around and the world is coated in white. 

While you are waiting for the racing season to kick off you can begin to plan your racing schedule.  We here at the HRT newsroom want to help you plan for a great a winter and will help you by highlighting the CAN'T MISS  races of 2016-17.

In keeping with the grand tradition of all the major cable news networks and other non-major-wannabe-upstart-news-media-facebook-thingys.....we are going to present you with a "100%-guaranteed-non-biased-non-partisan-non-corporateinfluenced-non-sexist-non-racist-non-agenda-filled" breakdown of all the Nordic ski races (that HURT is hosting) that you should plan on attending.

Here are our editors Top 5 Race Events for 2016-17 (that HURT is order by date)

1) HURT Nordic NYS Rollerski Championship:  November 19th.  You ever ski the Kingston Rollerski race? If so, it is the same deal....just moved north.  Same great format. Same great prizes.  Same great organizer....thanks, Greg.  You can swing by the Saratoga Winter Expo after the race for some great gear deals.
visual approximation of the awesomeness of ski races that will be at SPAC.

2) North Creek Nordic Festival: December 16th, 17th, 18th.  Welcome to the Gore Mountain Ski Bowl. If you don't know what's been cooking up there....welcome back from your spelunking trip.  Friday night is a Family Night fun ski with ski-cross under the lights, Saturday will be a Classic race, Sunday is a full Freestyle Sprint event.  That's right...sprint. Yes.  Skate Sprint.  Register now.
that's right kitty-cat.....a Sprint race. In NY. 

3) JNQ Weekend: January 7th and 8th.  Two of the biggest days in racing in NY.  Saturday's classic 5K is a Wilkinson Cup Series race, JNQ, high school race weekend and it will be a PARTY!  If you want come enjoy a mass of nordic humanity, great crowds spectating, big race fields, great prizes then Saturday will be your day.  Sunday's freestyle 5K/10K looks to keep that party going.

4) The Mega-Relay: January 14th.  If you never have done this event, you really should try it out. It is like no other. Come to Garnet Hill for a full 6 hour relay event that continues to be one the most hotly contested and highly anticipated events of the NY calendar.  In the women's race....will the WINOS continue their undefeated streak?

5) The HURTathon.  February 12th.  Are you craving a nordic throwback? I mean kicking it OLD-SCHOOL?  How about an individual start 15K classic? Who knows, maybe Juha Mieto and Thomas Wassberg will be there.
yeah....that old school (check his pole that legal?)

For full details about all these events visit the HURT Nordic website. All HURT events can be found on Ski-reg.  We look forward to seeing you throughout the season!

As always....if you haven't signed up for your 2016-17 NYSSRA racing license you should do so now!

If you want to ski for HURT this winter...we'd love to have you join us!  Team info is here: