Monday, June 29, 2015

Big Dayz Series

The HRT newsroom is excited to report on the newest brain-child of the HURT sadistic-over-distance-training-committee.... also known as the H.U.R.T.S.O.D.T.C.

Despite being investigated for crimes against humanity and overuse of letters in an acronym, the HURTSODTC team has unveiled a new "Big Dayz" series designed to inspire big off-season training sessions and an overall "hardening" of the HURT race team.

You too can play along at home....You do not need to be a HURT member to play here is how it works.  Visit our facebook page and post a picture from an epic day of training. In your post you should include time, distance and any other details that make your training day the most amazing.

On September 1st the "Big Dayz" training session with the most "likes" will win a HURT nordic prize pack*

*prize pack is valued at slightly more than "meh" but slightly under "AWESOME-SAUCE!"

-Your training day should be more than 4 hours
-It should include more than 1 feat of athleticism (multi-sport)
-It should include more than 1 person. (race events are included in training sessions and multi-person activities)

There have already been two opening shots fired in the "Big Dayz" competition.

1) Heidi Underwood rocks Ironman Quebec.   'Nuff said....she is badass and she rocks her guns on the podium.  Boom.

2) SMS invasion.   The O.P. and DPK get together with Peru's newest recruit for 5,000+ ft of road bike climbing and a foot assault on Stratton VT and Stratton Peak. The bike/climb/bike combo was a big day for all.  Operating with the attitude of "There is still good in him" the two HURT speedsters felt that a full day with Chris might turn away from the "Cystic Fibrosis fighting menace from the north".  Alas the connection with CF is strong in that one.
necessary summit selfie

great day for a big day
post-ride bro pic

Chris preparing for the morning bike ride (Manchester-Londonerry-Stratton loop)

So get after it!  Share your big dayz. If you want to plan one and get some company just let the H.U.R.T.S.O.D.T.C know.  We will help spread the word!