Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Easter Scramble Update

H.U.R.T is still going to hold the first ever EASTER SCRAMBLE fun ski event on March 30th despite warming weather and snow loss this week.  We will not be having the event at Queensbury School trails as they no longer can provide a good loop for skiing.  We will be moving the race to the Saratoga Biathlon Club in Day, NY.  Curt has generously offered us the use of his trail system and will have it nicely groomed for us on Saturday morning.  The Event is FREE and will be 5K for all participants.  The race will begin at 10am and shortly afterward there will be a biathlon time trial event that interested athletes can participate in (Not part of the Easter Scramble).

A few special notes about the race:

-It will be a 5K freestyle, mass start race.  One loop.

-On the loop there will be four baskets with Easter Eggs.  You can collect up to 3 eggs max. at each basket.  (total eggs....12 max.)

-No egg carrying device (bag, case, box etc.) is allowed EXCEPT an Easter basket.   If you don't have a basket you have to put them in a pocket or in your lycra somehow.

-If you do ski with an Easter basket you get a 4 minute deduction off your final lap time.
-Inside the eggs there will be time deduction (or a few with time additions!) but you are not allowed to open your eggs on course.  You don't have to take eggs, or you can limit your consumption to less than 12.  The more you take, the bigger chance you have of a time addition!

-You will get additional 1 minute time deduction for every piece of "Easter" themed clothing (ie. Easter bonnets, Easter bunny ears, fancy white gloves, pastel colored dresses) you wear during the race.  Dave will serve as judge as to whether your clothing is "Easter themed".  No protests will be accepted after his ruling.....No Brian, your white ski gloves don't count.

-Wear your craziest, most colorful lycra possible.  Interesting and creative garment combinations are encouraged.

After the event we will be attempting to win $4,000.00 worth of Rudy Project Gear by participating in a HURT Harlem Shake video.  Yes.....the world does indeed need more harlem shake videos. :/ Please bring any gear that you have that is from Rudy Project.  Brian Halligan, Seth Mares and Austin Huneck will be directing the video effort and we need as many interesting costumes and gear as we can find. HURT loves Rudy and Rudy loves HURT so lets give them our best SHAKE!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Easter Scramble

What Puxsutawney Phil forgot to say was...."early Spring is gonna have SWEET SKIING"!! We've got snow, so let's have some fun!

HURT will be hosting the first ever Easter Scramble family fun ski day.  This is not a sanctioned race, there is no cost, it is just fun with friends on snow....(ski at your own risk)  Some come on out and have a blast!  Here is how the event will work....

-You will ski the 5K race course at Queensbury elementary school. It will be a mass start freestyle race and as you are skiing you will pass four locations on course that will have a basket full of easter eggs.  You don't have to stop if you don't want to, but if you do, you can pick up some eggs that can give you valuable time deductions at the finish.  You can take up to 3 eggs at each basket, but the more you take, the more you have to carry.  You must carry your eggs around the course in some way.  if you bring your own Easter basket and manage to carry your eggs in the basket around the course you will automatically take 4 minutes off your time.  Here is the twist.....the time deductions in the eggs will vary in length...and a few will be time additions! you won't know until you cross the finish line and open your eggs!

Winner will enjoy a Easter treat!

See you Saturday March 30th!

Monday, March 11, 2013

2013 NYSSRA Champs....the Florida Marlins?

From New York to New Hampshire it was a BIG weekend for the HURT nordic skiers. This past weekend saw HURT beat back a tough, determined and very capable group of blood thirsty skiers from Peru to nab their 4th consecutive NYSSRA club championship title.  The winning combination of age group winners, diversity in ages, and many dedicated racers could not be undone but the surging evil empire.  HURT was able to ski away with 8 titles on the day.  Thanks to everyone who skied for the big green machine this winter and racked up club points.  Every point was needed!

Season winners were in doubt until Saturdays 20K freestyle and HURT managed to win some big uncontested age categories to win the day.  Hats off to Peru for placing a large number of skiers in the top 10 overall.  Once again, haunted by a lack of diversity, they were unable to ski away with the banner.  DPK, Austin H. and Matt T. did just enough to hold back the great black tide. (Watch out  though...they are working on tapping into the 50-70 yr old female metal-head population for next year )

Congrats to all the 2013 NYSSRA Nordic NY State XC Champions:

Overall Men: Tim Donohue (M3M)
Overall Women: Janet Findlay (Peru Nordic - M6F)
Overall Junior Men: Adam Chrzan (HURT Nordic - J2M)
Overall Junior Women: Natalie Howk (J2F)

J1M: Austin Huneck (HURT)
OJM: Brett Schlesier (HURT)
SRM: Jon Santor (Peru Nordic)
SRM: Kirsten Domas (Peru Nordic)
M1M; David Paarlberg-Kvam (HURT)
M2F: Karen Febey
M3M: Matthew Tornianen (HURT)
M4M: Mike Wynn (Peru Nordic)
M5M: Stan Hatch (Peru Nordic)
M5F: Cindy Gretzinger (Syracuse Biathlon)
M6M: Joe Korzenecki (Peru Nordic)
M7M: Ed Luban (HURT)
M8M: Eric Hamilton (HURT)
M9M: Matti Tornianen (HURT)

It was not all champagne and smiles for HURT nation as Director Koziol was informed that big changes could change the landscape of NYSSRA club skiing in 2014.  These rumors have already raised questions about HURT's ability to manage a 5th title.

The HRT TMZ team was on hand to capture, spread and stoke the flames of the swirling rumors....

1.) Rumors are swirling the forming of a new NYSSRA club, "Adirondack Vauhti", will steal 3 major HURT points earners as well as stake claim on geographical territory once seen as a HURT stronghold.  The loss of Matt Tornianen, Brett Schlesier, Matti Tornianen will subtract major points from HURT's M3, SR, and M9 totals.  Eric Brower looks to augment this group and aid in bringing top talent from Mayfield and Johnstown.

2.)  Director Koziol's leadership is coming under attack after this round of defections. Is HURT just another Florida Marlins team that is looking to sell of top talent after winning a championship? Does the Director look to bank a large sum from this deal? Is he stashing carbonlites?

3.) Has the Director's inability to get a team to win the relay crown raised doubts about his competency? Will it be his undoing?

4.) Peru nordic may have found the secret to developing top young talent that would score major points in the youth categories previously DOMINATED by HURT nordic.  They have employed the "Hansel and Gretel" technique to lure the north country youths into their ranks.

Is this the end?

HURT TMZ will be on hand to handle all rumors and off-season deals.  It is only two days after the end of the season and already things are heating up (besides the weather) !

In related news....HURT hopes to stem the tide by working with top developing talent. Already great progress has been made and it was on display in Holderness, NH as HURT sent 5 top J2 skiers to battle against New England's finest.  Top ten finishes were the name of the game as Matt Forshey and Sarah Duclos led the way for NY.   Aaron Huneck, Amy Duclos and Owen Putnam skied really well and gained lots of great experience.  Here are a few of our favorite pics from the weekend. More will be up on our facebook page.  (Thanks Mary!)

Sun and Smiles

Sarah skis to a top 10!

Owen gets out quick!

"I wasn't doing this in Prague"

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Prophecy From The GOAT

In an apparent foretelling of future events, the GOAT has switched it allegiance to HURT Nordic.  As the photo evidence clearly indicates, the GOAT is clearly supporting HURT in their hunt for a fourth straight NYSSRA Championship.  With this vote of confidence, look for HURT to be out in force at NYSSRA Champs this weekend!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

HURT Junior Support Program

As many of you know, NYSSRA nordic typically offers a racer grant program but due to the sequester* they had to suspend that program for this season.  However, HURT nordic has decided to offer a small amount of support to 4 nordic juniors as they seek out more races and travel to bigger competitions.

*(a poor snow year and very few races in 2012)

Brian Halligan received the first ever International/JNQ Award for his trip to Austria as he competed in World Junior Biathlon.

We have three Domestic grants for those juniors looking to ski at Eastern J2's, Eastern High School Championships or travel to a Loppet/Birkie/Gatineau type weekend.  To make things interesting our applicants had to fill out an extensive and arduous 4 question survey on SurveyMonkey which ended with "write a nordic skiing haiku".  The surveys were submitted without names and our jury of 12 has spent the last 24 hours pouring over the 5 entries and have made their decision:

Our winners will receive a $50.00 racer grant to help in their nordic skiing travels:

(If you are the author of a winning haiku....hunt down DPK and claim your prize.)

1st prize: (We have no idea who this is)

My toe hurts a lot 
There's a hole in my Nike 
Chainsawing is fun

2nd prize

The cowbells ring loud 
As the finish line awaits 
I come in first place

3rd prize Congrats

If a head severed 
It is a loss not the end 
Two grow in its place

Congrats to all our entrants.  Now it is time to enjoy some great spring skiing but watch out:
Skiing through the trees I look down between my feet and see only rocks.

High School State Championships

After a tough season of sectional racing one of the premier races in NY is the State Championship Nordic Ski Meet.  At this meet, the top high school skiers in NY get a chance to battle it out for top honors in nordic skiing.  While skiers are in the race representing their section and their school it is also true that all the top HURT talent from section 2 went against a strong, deep and very hard working RNR group of skiers from section 5.  And the results clearly show that those athletes that commit to working when the snow doesn't fly are the ones that rise to the top.

Monday was the classic distance competition and all our HURT juniors performed amazingly well.  The winner of the race (by no small margin!) was our own Austin Huneck who stormed into 1st place and was followed by Ben Anderson in 4th, Brian Halligan in 5th, Seth Mares in 7th and Matt Forshey in 10th.  It is a huge deal to be top 10 at States and all these young men skied very strong. And the results show a split top 10 between HURT and RNR....(does that spell rivalry?).  As a coach it is exciting to see athletes finishing so near the top and still demanding more of themselves.  That desire is what builds champions.  HURT Ladyz, Emma Underwood and Sarah Duclos helped put four section 2 skiers in the top 11 against a juggernaut HFL girls squad.  (That was despite missing Frauline Amy von Duclibrucher in Germany)

Huneck skis to 45 sec win
one pumped coach

The big results Monday set up some exciting drama in Tuesdays skate relay race atop Bristol Mountain.  HURT skiers skied well and were game for a fight and many came within seconds of podium honors.  But as the flakes settled it was evident that sprinting prowess on this day was with section 5 and RNR.  Our hat goes off to the work all the coaches of section 5 have done with their athletes.  Gavin Hess grabbed the overall nordic title and Hannah Cole raised the bar for ladies skiing in NY.

The Director has decided to take this matter into his own hands as he prepares a new off-season program for 2013.  Here you can see him already working out the details of his new "Sprint 'till it HURTS" initiative.

you can't see it...but he's dragging a bus

some of our favorite pics of the day:

Congrats to the Combined Nordic Champions Gavin Hess and Hannah Cole

Halligan goes for a fierce comeback on the final leg for Section 2 A team

Huneck battles on leg 2

Emma scrambles to early lead

Our favorite picture


Great job by all skiers from all sections!  Now it is time to bring it to JN's, Eastern J2 Championships an and Eastern High School Championships.  Lots of racing still to do!