Monday, October 26, 2015

Fear Not

The end of October can be a tough time.  It is filled with cold-rain, early darkness, and to make matters worse snow seems tantalizingly close. Not to mention there are the hosts of walking dead...
Zombie hoard? or nordic team returning from an OD?

Here at the HRT newsroom, we have compiled a "Fear Not" list to get you excited for start of the season.  

1) Watch out for Wildcats - Over the past few seasons HURT has been able to run away with the first 20 points of the club championship points series.  Our membership has consistently carried the "first race" of the NYSSRA season for many seasons but this year we have a new challenger from the south. The Wilderness Wildcats are currently swarming the NYSSRA membership registration board and even a second place finish could spell the end for HURT Nordic's championship run. Remember how close it was last year?  So...HURT nation! start asking/cajoling/bribing/forcing/ your friends and family to signup and race for HURT. Fear not....we will be racing in force.

Pennsylvania Wildcats have joined NYSSRA - a game changer?

2) Scary-good Racing - In case you missed it, the NYSSRA race calendar has started to take shape.  While full race details has yet to fully be received from individual promoters, the race season is starting to take shape.  You can check out all the proposed races and start making your travel plans. Perhaps a highlight this year is that NYSSRA Championships will be held before our top juniors leave for Junior Nationals and after the close of their high school racing season.  For the first time in many years top juniors will be able to take the snow along side New York's top open/masters racers.  This should make for an especially dramatic Wilkinson Cup Series and Club Championship relay (our CCR drought is still the one monkey we can't get off our back...with top junior talent, will this be the year?)  Be sure you highlight the HURT mega-relay and the HURT-athon

3) Scared of Suffering? - We know you aren't.  So come on out to the annual rollerski race up Prospect Mtn. Highway.  It is the annual November invasion by our nemesis-from-the-north,  Peru Nordic and they will be down on November 1st at 11am for a rollerski race up the 5 mile highway.  Bring a bag with your shoes for a fun hike down and enjoy the great pre-season test.  

pretty scary looking logo....although don't they say visual symmetry is calming?  hmmm?

Have a great Halloween and Fear not.....winter is coming....and HURT ain't scared!