Thursday, October 4, 2018

A Decade and A Nation

 Over the last 10 years HURT has grown from a quartet of semi-delusional wannabe nordies to a hundred-strong community with skiers of all ages from under-2 to over-70.  Each year that we have been around has been a little different. Friend groups come and go. Events come and go. (how many of you remember the Cloppet?...or the West Mountain uphill ski race?) Races change and grow.  But through it all has been our mission to bring people together who love nordic skiing.

Even if you don't live in HURT-country anymore, or your life has a little less ski racing than it used to, we consider you part of HURT-nation and now we finally have a way to show it show you off.

And 'yall can get PAY-YED!

This fall we are unveiling a new Training Leader Incentive Program.  It is all outlined here:  but basically it goes like are active with a small group, you share, you tag, you collect. USSA, Mt. Borah and Stewarts Shops are our first three companies featured in this program and are providing some sweet swag. (**update 10/24....we have more! Barkeater Chocolates, Rudy Project!)

Too bad we didn't have this program back then....good points here for sure. 

So you might wonder who is this program for?

-Perhaps you have moved to train with a group of buds in another region but still yearn for the Green and Gray buff of HURT nation?...Train, Tag, Win.  You are HURT-nation.

 -Let's say you are a matriculated college student with little-to-no spending cash since last weekend's "study hour" and you really need some Stewarts gas for your 1992 Toyota Corolla.... Grab your housemates and go for a "run"....Train, Tag, Win. You are HURT-nation.

-Perhaps you are pushing a double baby stroller these days and you really could use a new pair of USSA mid-weight training pants.  Grab your parent-group and.....Train, Tag, Win.  You are HURT-nation.

-You're retired and you and your bridge club have plans to crush the M10 competition at the Sapporo International Ski Marathon.  You might as well get our free stuff too....Train, Tag, Win. You are HURT-nation.

-Maybe you are studying abroad in some Denmarkian location and you and your new commrades decide to take a set of communal bikes instead of the government subsidized solar-powered-silent-speed-train....That's training. tag it. Win it.  We will even pay for shipping. And send you a jar of our jealousy and sadness. 

-Perhaps you are a freshman in northern NY and you thought it was gonna be awesome being so close to the Adirondacks but then you realize all too late that all Potsdam really has is potatoes and apple trees.  Live the nordic dream and Train. Tag. Win.

-Perhaps you just live and breathe to get that 45 minute head-lamp rollerski, in the cold November rain after work.  Blackmail some friends and Train. Tag. Win. get the point.  This program is for everyone with a HURT connection.  We want to show how our club skis-like-an-American. We do it many ways.  Fast. Slow. Young. Old. Early. Late. Often. Seldom. 

Skiing like an American is more than just pre-Olympic dreamers thrashing the pavement.  It is our families, friends and community getting out to enjoy the outside, vitality and the nordic lifestyle.  We hope you have fun with it!

See you on the medias.