Saturday, December 17, 2011


As the sun rose on the morn of HURT's great snow sacrifice it was learned that their leader, coach, wax guru, and good luck charm had fallen on his sword in order to bring the desperate HURT team a few flakes of December snow. Stanley, summer training extraordinaire, laid his own life down so that HURT faithful could focus on bringing some major speed to their killer Hills Rd. interval session.

We caught up with HURT skiers for some final thoughts about their fallen coach.

Brian H: Stanley: "You are the fatest bunny anyone had ever seen. but i loved you and will never forget the way you basicly owned our house and did what you want. I will never forget the softness of your coat and I will never feel anything so smooth or fast as that pair of Fischer carbonlites you waxed for me at nationals. i'll miss you little guy' :')"
Stanley The Bunny 2008-12/16/11 Rest In Peace

Sean H (saratoga biathlon): "When you were not eating the furniture, peeing on the couch & pooping anywhere you felt like were mildly amusing. I wish you could have coached Saratoga Biathlon, then we might of had a short at beating HURT."

The Director: This is a big blow going into the season. My feet just are not as lucky as his.

A. Luban: black armbands shall be worn in tribute!

DPK: I never met the guy. But I heard he was one hell of a guinea pig...and that's saying something.

Chris Y: So is it snowing yet?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sacrifice to the SNOW GODS! Saturday!

45 degrees and raining?!? on December 15th?!? Ground that isn't even frozen?!?

The Director is taking things into his own hands. Another weekend in December will go by without a NYS ski race and things aren't looking good in the extended forecast. Time to change the winds. This Saturday at 9am meet with your skate rollerskis in Burning Bush for a killer set of intervals. 10 x Hills Rd at L4. Let's get the whole team out to show winter that the time has come to end this non-sense. Park at the Burning Bush public park in the Country Knolls neighborhood in Ballston Lake, NY and we will ski down to the start of the interval loop. See you there. If you ordered a team suit, you can come and pick it up then.

See you there.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Like Kingston like Sjusjoen

The following report was filed by the new HRT team news room reporter Maudry Angen on Monday after chasing HURT across the state as they skied in their annual "Festival of Pain" and Kingston Rollerski race.

(Article originally posted at

Monday morning saw headlines across the country read "HURT SKIS LIKE A BUNCH OF WOMEN" and as the Director flips through the pages of his morning post a big grin slides across his face. There is no bigger compliment. This past weekend saw HURT nordic take a page out of the Norwegian women's team playbook and dominate the annual rollerski race and "nordic free-swag-and-nordic-emporium-extravaganza" known to most as the Kingston Nordic Ski Race. It was done the same way that the Norwegian women made the world cup opener in Sjusjoen look like child's play. With pure dominance and disregard for other mere mortals on skis.

Two time defending champion HURT rendezvoused in Albany with members from as far away as Syracuse in order to drive down en-mass to stake their claim to their FIRST three-peat of the season. The Director (who made his own rollerski race debut) was joined by Chris Yarsevich, David Paarlberg-Kvam, Austin Huneck, Tim Huneck, Martin Donnelly-Heg, Jan Mares, Seth Mares, Adam Luban, Ed Luban, Brian Halligan, (Sean Halligan - HURT for a day), Alec Davis, Matt Tornianen, and Roger and Joan Henry .

HURT ran away with championships in both the 5K classic and 5K skate race and MDH was able to shave even more time off his 5K double pole record.

In the skate race, usually uncontested champion, Sean Halligan was pushed to the limit by Sufferfest champion Austin Huneck until in the last few 100 meters the back wheel of young Huneck's rollerski goes flying off. After a dramatic crash and subsequent shedding of poles Huneck was able to skate-board in on one ski to ensure a 1-2 finish in the skate race. When asked to comment after the race, young Huneck shrugged his shoulders and said "I guess that is where they get the expression 'the wheels came off the bus' from"

We caught up with the Director after the race and he offered the following statement.

"It was a huge effort by everyone today. We had fast skiers with fast wheels, fast skiers with slow wheels, slow skiers with fast wheels, slow skiers with slow wheels, fast skiers with loose wheels, and even a couple loose skiers with well....nice legs. We covered every competition category and are truly ready to three-peat in the NYSSRA points series as well. We will see you on SNOW!!"

Check out the coverage from the weekend.

HURT MEMBERS: PLEASE PLAN ON A TRAIL WORK PARTY on 11-27-11 at 2:00pm. Bring rakes and clippers and hand saws so we can keep our training ground free of pine needles. More details will be found in your email. Hope to see you there.



Friday, November 18, 2011

Kingston Rollerski Races Highlight Festival of Pain

The Kingston Rollerski Races are Sunday, capping a fun weekend of training. The HURT Festival of Pain kicks off tonight, with a loosely organized (i.e. doing it alone), 90 minute over distance run. Tomorrow, will feature the famous Feeling It 40K skate rollerski, and Sunday the fun Kingston Races. Bring on the training volume!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Director to Coach: Where Is the Mental Strength Test?

High School Ski teams have started practice. That means performing baseline strength tests for all the young skiers.

The Director was disappointed by merely being tested physically. After putting on a clinic during the physical strength tests (pushups, situps, box jumps, etc) he was ready to really set the standard with his mental sharpness (contract negotiations, owner/manager/player labor negotiations, signing bonus deals, etc).

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Drive for 25!

Not only is November 15th HURT's youngest athlete's first birthday (Anna), but it is also the day of the Drive for 25. Help the National Nordic Foundation raise money to develop our nation's nordic ski talent.

Drive for 25 info:

Donate Here:

Monday, November 7, 2011

The Director Not Happy Over Attempted Sabotage

Sufferfest morning dawned cold and clear, but dark workings were on the horizon. During warm up, the first attempt at sabotage took place. Star HURT skier Austin Huneck’s front rollerski wheel suddenly became loose. A legion of Peru skiers looked on with guilty faces, keeping oddly quiet during the whole affair. After sprinting back to the cars, and a quick repair by father Huneck, they made it back to the start just as the gun fired.

With the race on, Peru quickly went to option two, and viscously started hacking away at Austin’s legs. Here is an official Associated Press picture showing the carnage and near crash.

Austin managed to pull it together and then made quick work of the field, dropping everyone after the first rise. Austin Huneck claimed his second Sufferfest win in record time. HURT did not field a large squad this year, with some of the team traveling to secret training locations and some others not wanting to drive so freakin’ far. But both Yarsevich (non-wheel doped) and Tim Huneck (recovering from pneumonia) put in strong showings for 5 and 6th place. Dave Burt also put in a solid pre-season effort. Gabriella Frittelli won the women’s division and the one pole division, nice work!

The team now looks forward to the Festival of Pain and the Kingston Rollerski Races.

Monday, October 31, 2011

We 'yam what we 'yam

HURT nordic is gearing up for the oncoming winter. As the northeast enjoys the last couple days of a midwinter treat, the team is making some final preparations for the upcoming season. The command center has been a buzz lately as 11th hour signings, gear orders and interval sessions have taken center stage for the HURT leadership.

Sadly, HURT was unable to sign the dynamite duo of Dan and Kathy Schwenk to another year under the team colors. Sighting "too long a commute" to the Capital region and "Irreconcilable Differences in ski wax choice" the Schwenks backed away from a three-year 4.3 million dollar* deal that would have all but sealed HURT's dominance in the Masters Women categories.

*not actually dollars. snowflakes.

As the Director struggled with options, he decided to build for the future and sign Shenendehowa Varsity up-and-coming star Brian Chrzan to a probationary deal at the league minimum. This deal opened up some cap space to offer league veteran Andy Farry some perks for the upcoming season. The Director sent the following press release:

"It is no secret that there are certain death obsessed clubs around the state that are making some bigtime signings right before the season. They want the title and want it bad. In a dastardly move, they are also heavily recruiting one of our founding members. Their plan seems to be to take some of the deep HURT talent and break our spirits right before the snow flies. We want our team to be as strong as ever....and we want Andy to don one of our special ordered Mt. Borah neck wraps that shows off our new updated HURT 2.0 logos. They go amazingly well with our new championship suits. And seriously....boot carriers?

The new colors for 2011.

HURT is also excited to announce that they have just received some top secret team ski gear that will make it all but impossible for clubs to contend for this year's title.

The Director was unwilling to share what exactly had been received but lets just say that the following pictures were left as clues to the contents of the package.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So much training....So much pressure from the Director to deliver.....The pictures and the movie should tell the tale.

Congrats to all HURT athletes who got out this week and logged some quality time training. Special thanks to Andy Wei, Tim Huneck, Chris Yarsevich and Dave Paarlberg-Kvam who shot and submitted the video to the USSA team with hopes of S.W.A.G.

Monday, September 26, 2011

USSA Challenge Team Schedule

Please plan to join the team for the USSA Challenge next Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm at SPAC.

Meet in the parking lot next to the big field, adjacent to the Gideon Putnam lot. We will be doing Skate Intervals Tuesday and Speeds Thursday. Come to do intervals, cheer, heckle, etc. Just be there!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blockbuster in the Making

Things have been quiet the last few weeks in HURT news land and our crack team of correspondents have heard very little from the mouth of the team Director. But as September draws to a close, there a rumblings that things are really getting heated up for the fall. As intensity in training starts to build, HURT is preparing to roll out some big team events.

HRT news Director Sopher Tabot caught up with the Director, who has been stationed out in L.A., via a Skype conference and later filed this report:

HRT: So why are you in L.A. when the HURT team is amping up their fall training in NY and preparing for a three-peat NYSSRA championship? Don't they need your leadership? Besides, aren't you missing third period English?

D: Well Sopher, as a matter of fact, I am here trying to drum up support for our skiers. Haven't you heard about the USSA MEN'S NORDIC TEAM CHALLENGE? If you haven't check it out. The boys of the USSA team are looking to challenge teams to train as hard as they do from Oct.3 - Oct. 10. There is some major gear offered to the team that has the most enthusiastic participation and creates the best video documentation. This challenge has HURT written all over it!

HRT: So why L.A.?

D: Do I have to really spell it out? Big names. Big names. I am looking to sign to big time actors/actresses to ski for HURT so I can feature them in our film. I am trying to make a film that will have a little something for everyone. You know.....Brad Pitt and George Clooney for the ladies, Miley Cyrus for the teeny-bopper crowd (you have to have the teeny-bopper crowd), Halle Berry and Jessica Alba for the men-folk and Zack Galifanakis for some comedic relief. It really should be a HURT dream team. My only hope is that Mr. Galafanakis can ship his ferns across the country.

HRT: WOW!!!!! SO have they signed on to ski for HURT!!!!

D: No

HRT: Oh.

D: Yeah.

HRT: Bummer.

(silent, awkward pause)

HRT: Is there a plan B?

D: Hopefully I can get all of our skiers to get out, ski hard and really get after it. My hope is that they will shoot some awesome ski video and send it to us so that we can compile the clips together to show the real team working hard. With the largest team in NY we should have a real good shot.

HRT: Well, we look forward to seeing the results.

D: Thanks, Sopher....By the way.... do you know where I can get a good Vente-Chi-Mocha-Grande-Latte-Sans-Velle Coffee around Albany? I had one out here and am now like, like, totally addicted, you know like, crazy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Has The Director Cracked?

With all the off season contract work, signings, and talk of mergers (Radio Shack and Leopard Trek have been talking with him non-stop), all the pressure might be finally getting to the Director.

Below is a rare shot of the Director drinking his worries away as he tries to finalize the roster for the 2011/2012 season. With Rollerskiing season in full swing, he is running out of time.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Signin's, Wheelin's and Dealin's

It has been a big summer for HURT nordic and as September falls into view the Director and the HRT news team is proud to announce a number of important team developments. First THREE HUGE team signings....


HURT adds to it's already impressive roster, Vermont born and bred skier, Chris Lamothe. A veteran of both the New England racing scene and Clarkson University, Chris brings his fearless and powerfully competitive style to the Senior age group. Now a resident of Syracuse and staple of HURT West training session Chris is ready to grab the 2011-12 Senior title. We caught up with the Director to ask him about their newest acquisition.

D: "HURT had a big SR spot open this year as Kvam moves to the M1 ranks. This left a hole we needed to fill. After entertaining several hundred applicants we settled on the Chris. He brings an intensity that is unmatched in the nordic world. I mean look at this picture. This is Chris practicing classic sprint starts. I mean, if his skis move through that muck imagine what they will do on snow. It's a new era in NYS skiing.....the Lamothe era."

In addition, coach Stanley was able to finally work out a deal that signs Saratoga stud Seth Mares to team HURT. Mares joins an already intimidating force of J1 skiers on team HURT and looks like the "fearsome threesome" may have just added a 4th head. Stanley has convinced the Director that the addition of Mares to the Junior team will ensure that even with a massive turnout from the other Junior development teams in NY, HURT can still win the day.

D: "We are pumped to have Mares on the squad this year. He is like a loose canon. Unexpected. Daring. A speed demon on the snow with a competitive fire and a wild head of hair. This is just the edge HURT needs. I mean seriously....has anyone ever looked that good skiing in a cowboy hat? The competition won't even know what's coming!

In looking toward the future, HURT also signs Glens Falls young gun, Ethan Katz. After attending the HURT junior training camp and participating under the strict scrutiny of HURT coaches, it seems Katz is a perfect fit for future HURT dynasties. In just his first year on skis he posted numerous top 5 finishes and a win. He is big, strong, and fit and has proven he can make improvements in leaps and bounds. He plans on working hard in the HS development system and racing in HURT colors when available. He will bring some much needed junior points against the powerful RNR development program. The Director:

D: "Ethan is the future and the now of our franchise. We are looking to build from the bottom up and that starts with a strong development program. If we can bring in young skiers to learn under talent of our "Fearsome Threesome" (Luban, Huneck, Halligan) and older juniors W. Frielinghaus, B. Christoffel and C. Boutelle we are in for a bright future. Watch his results on the big board this season and you will see him climb!"

In other team news......HURT has formed a partnership with Rick Randall of Solobreak Sports. As the regional representative for Komperdell Nordic poles and Halti training apparel, HURT team members are being offered some wonderful ordering opportunities. In order to equip you with the best in nordic racing ski poles HURT members will be offered PRO-PRICING on race poles when ordered as a team. If you are looking for the best in FINNISH NORDIC APPAREL we will be able to purchase gear at WHOLESALE. (This is over 20% off!) We are still in the process of working out the specifics of our team order but we will be working hard to bring you the best deal possible. A big thank you goes out to Rick, the Solobreak team and the two new official sponsors of HURT NORDIC.



Have you ever wanted to look as good as Hannu Manninen? Stay tuned for more information!

D: "Can we sign this nordic combined superstar?".....stay tuned

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HRT News Report: The Iron Maiden

As promised, the Director delivered on Iron Maiden day. His powerhouse trio of D.Kvam, A. Huneck and B. Halligan took off from the gun and kept the hard hitting attacks coming all morning against the largest and one of the toughest IMT fields in history. Motivated by enhanced team scoring and point premiums littered around the course, the HURT top guns went out hard with hopes of amassing enough points to win the Fernando Pizzaro Conquest of Peru Iron Maiden Team Championship Trophy. Even though HURT was outnumbered (with the trio joined by T. Huneck) they were able to collect the points, win the preems and sweep the IMT podium.

The full race report can be found by the IMT hosts here: Windbriefs

The HRT newsroom was on hand to photograph the day and catch up with athletes after their massive race effort:

T.Huneck Interview:

HRT: You seemed noticeably absent from the chase pack this year Tim? What happened?

TH: I was under strict orders from the Director to do two things...a) finish the race as fast as possible and b) not do any work for the multi-time champion Chris Rose. My execution of this plan may have been flawed....because it involved rolling right over my ski pole tip at the base of the HOD. This added some significant distance and time. However, the Director was pleased with my additional training volume and it should bode well on the slopes of Prospect Mtn.

HRT: So Kvam, big day for you! Odds makers had you just cracking the top 5. With some top juniors to race against, and some savvy race veterans in the field you really were up against it. Yet you really seemed to shed the voices of the critics and the ghosts of IMT pasts....tell us about your do you feel?

Kvam's post-race interview

Check out the rest of the photos of the day.

The Director leads the team to championship

The HURT sweep

Huneck up the HOD

The race field at the start of the race

Friday, July 29, 2011

Iron Maiden Eve

The fatted calf has been slaughtered and the race socks have been hung by the chimney with care. IT's IMT EVE BOYS AND GIRLS!!!!!

The media buildup has been hitting a fever pitch this past week as teams prepare for the "Queen of the Classics", the "Summertime Showdown", The "Beast of the East", The "War up North"....( get the point.) HURT Nordic has long pegged the IMT as the most important race of the summer and it has been through continuous focus, "Stanley camps", rollerski sessions and secret HURT training that this year's squad feels more fit, more powerful and more geared up for the win.

With hopes of repeating as IMT team champions, HURT will field a tough team of Austin Huneck, Brian Halligan, Dave Kvam and Tim Huneck. (plus...perhaps one or two secret competitors that the Director is keeping close to the chest). With new IMT team scoring and valuable points preems littered around the course this year's IMT looks to be one of the most intriguing competitions of the season.

We sat down with the fearsome foursome to talk about their thoughts on the race and some team strategy.

HRT: So what do you think of the new team scoring this year?

Tim Huneck: I think this bodes well for our team score. If we can get a group coming fast off the run there is a real potential to group up and fly through the bike course gobbling up the preems. HURT has done a nice job off the run in the past and it may play to our advantage.

HRT: So Kvam....where's your head at? Are you prepared to finish this time or are you yet again channelling your inner Andy Schleck?

Kvam: wow.....ouch.....Where's my brother?

Halligan: HEY NOW! Look....I know what your getting at....He hasn't been able to put together a complete race. But remember....we are team! and a really fit one at that. If Dave collects preems and is able to work together with Austin and I on the bike perhaps he sets us up perfectly for a 1-2-3 podium? If we all go out fighting each other it may leave gaps for Rose and some of the other Peru powerful. I think the team win is way more important to Dave.

HRT: it?

Kvam: ummm....Where's my brother?

HRT: uhhhhh.....ok.

Austin: Bottom line.....we want the team win, we all want the individual win, we want the 1-2-3. It's gonna be a war and you don't want to miss this. We'll see you there!!!!

HRT: heard it hear folks. That's the report from the HRT news room. We are packing the van and heading up north. Tune in for full reports and team interviews post race. Don't forget to tune in to our new post race segment "Ask HUR-BKE" where we answer your questions about the Iron Maiden and the Hill Of Death.

Can Schleck....I mean Kvam....wait, I mean Schleck....NO KVAM! Can Kvam finish off the race and sit atop the podium?

Monday, July 25, 2011

HURT nordic ski camp: HURT in the HEAT

90 degrees! psssh... 95! whatevs.......100?!? Its gonna take more than that to keep the up and coming NYS skiers from getting after at West Mountain.

It was a bench mark weekend for HURT nordic in their quest to dominate the nordic skiing world. This weekend was the first ever HURT nordic ski camp. With help of numerous team members, volunteers, local nordic families and talented coaches from around the region, 31 juniors were treated to a weekend of bounding, running, hiking, rollerskiing, swimming and full on nordic immersion. The HRT newsroom was on hand to see the Director lead the legions.

The focus of this camp was bringing skiers together from all across NY, along with skiers from New England, so that they can train together, challenge each other and create bonds in the nordic community.

The weekend featured an uphill Time Trial from the East Slope Lodge up to the top chair lift. The kids put down some huge efforts and the first running of this race saw some new records set. Check them out....set your goals and we'll see you running next year!

Jason H: 14:36 (World Record Holder)
Ben A: 15:03 (Top Junior Boy)
Adam L: 15:34
Reed L: 15:37
Will F: 15:55
Marco: 17:16
Peter: 17:23
Austin H: 18:16
Brian: 18:45
Eric: 19:05
John: 19:20
Matt: 20:23
Aaron: 20:36
Alex: 21:07
Seth: 21:08
Chase: 21:17
Margot: 21:18 (Top Junior Girl)
Alex Jospe: 21:43
Robbie: 22:04
Ethan: 22:36
Becky: 23:52
Meg: 24:01
Karina: 24:33
Dylan: 24:55
Clara: 27:17
Emily 28:58
Sarah D: 28:59
Amy 28:59
Sarah 30:06
Emily 36:35

Check out the video recap of the weekend:

The Director vs. the pavement (you should fee bad for the pavement!)

Friday, July 15, 2011

West Mountain Preview

The Director is deep in final preparations for the upcoming HURT junior development camp at West Mountain. Both the Huneck boys plan to flex their summer training muscles at this years camp and in order to pump up the 20+ athletes who plan to attend the camp (and in order to set a little fear in his greatest rivals) the Director sent out his scouts Dave Kvam and Tim Huneck to run the course that will be used for the uphill Time Trial. Bring your mountain goat legs people....You'll ride the pain train up this one.

Enjoy the video.

And if you don't have Mountain Goat Legs.....try shopping for them at one of our four camp sponsors

Inside Edge Ski and Bike

The Sportspage Ski and Patio

Stewarts Shops (I think they have them right behind the beef jerky)


Price Chopper (also near the beef jerky)

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Where Is The Director?

Has this new mysterious Stanley overthrown The Director?

The Director has been missing in action lately, as his team ramps it up for the upcoming West Mountain Training Camp.

Where are you fearless leader?

Friday, July 1, 2011

Stewart and Stanley

It has been a busy week at the HRT news room as summer has officially kicked off and HURT skiers are in full-on summer training mode. Reporters here have been spread thin keeping up with all things HURT. Running and bike miles have been logged, rollerski workouts completed and this week even saw HURT sages Roger Henry, Alec Davis and Joan Henry give intro lessons in canoe racing to M1 skier, David Kvam. When asked about his dabbling in a new endurance sport, Kvam replied "I thought after 30 minutes of canoeing I'd be able to double pole like Santor. It turns out, I was mistaken, damn....does this mean I have to buy a boat?...what are 5 bucks?"

As we begin the countdown to the West Mountain Challenge: Junior Nordic Ski Camp on July 22nd we are happy to report that INSIDE EDGE SKI AND BIKE SHOP and THE SPORTSPAGE have been joined by STEWARTS SHOPS as official sponsors of this years camp. STEWARTS has graciously donated a number of pre and post training beverages to our skiers. The bevy of beverages will be available for our athletes who want some morning refreshment, an afternoon vitamin C kick, or post-run protein/calcium jolt. So if you like juices or milk....and free juices or milk....sign up today for the HURT junior nordic ski camp. Please be sure to have your registration form in to Dave by July 17th. Thanks to Stewarts for placing its name on this soon-to-be memorable weekend.

STEWARTS RULES!!! By the way.....join the milk club.....the Director does it.*

*There has been no conformation of the Director's involvement in the Stewart's milk club.

This week has also seen the HRT newsroom uncover a top secret operation developed in the deep bellows of the Director's elite underground training compound. We have little evidence of what actually happened this past week but we have uncovered a top-secret dossier simply entitled "Stanley Camp". Again, we know little about this operation and we sent a number of our best men and women reporters/paparazzi into the field to dig up answers. We were able procure a few fuzzy photographs from our HURT news blimp and after a great deal of research and several thousand ruples in bribes paid off we are able to release the following information.

"It appears, after months of negotiations, the Director has hired a Russian expatriate to serve as "Grand-Zcar-of-Junior-Development-and-Alternative-Training-Methods". The Director simply refers to his new head coach as "STANLEY". There is speculation that this is simply an acronym for the Russian Phrase "Sloyvokiv Tif Anukk Nief Loshoiuniv Ei Youarif" which means "Ski Fast or I will cattle-prod your a$&" It is guessed that this no-nonsense coach is in fact Youri Vouseliv who is the brother, of the cousin's husband of Yelena Vyalbe the Russian FIS official who has been dealing with allegations of a doping scandal on the Russian ski team. It is unclear whether this is of any significance at all. Whatever the case may be, "Stanley" held a multi-day development camp this past week. From the grainy photographs we received it appears that the camp may have included lessons in "levitation", "disk ballet" and "raising your arms in victory". All this seems to be aimed toward preparing HURT young guns for the ability to levitate over the Hill of Death and act victorious at the upcoming Iron Maiden Triathlon in Peru. We were fortunate to get one grainy photo of the new development coach as he watches disapprovingly as his new athletes go through the learning curve. Needless to say, the dynamic and fearsome Director has added a very powerful and intimidating wing-man. Skiers be warned."

"Who is STANLEY?"

Keep your eye on the HURT blog as we get closer to our HURT Junior Development ski camp. COUNTDOWN IS ON!

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Summer Training and Sponsorship News

The past few weeks have seen a big spike in temperature and big spike in motivation for HURT skiers around the state. With the coming of June comes the begin of official rollerski sessions and strength workouts for the HURT faithful. The Director is firing up his troops for the summer training season and has been marching about spouting the great inspirational quotes from 1968 Norwegian Champion Odd Martinsen "Ver Fernde din ende tykk du lat er yukki vuhfr dasearkk"* which loosely translates to "Great skiers need to put on their sneeks, stop tweeting, find their ski poles and go run up a mountain so that they are big and strong like the great black bull and fast on the snow like the white bunny rabbit escaping the jaws of the tundra wolf. Now move your butt." **

Needless to say, the Director's delivery has been enough to get the guys moving. HURT West has had an explosion of success in the last few weeks as their training efforts in the Syracuse area have been rewarded with growing attendance and high level of fitness. Exploits of of HURT west can be found here, in a blog updated regularly by HURT's Adam Luban. If you are in the 'Cuse area and want to join in the action be sure to contact them!

Eastern HURT boys have been joining in the preseason rollerski action as well. Amped up for the upcoming IRON MADIEN Triathlon hosted by the mighty Peru Nordic Masters have the guys training hard and building the high level of fitness needed to conquer the mighty Hill Of Death. Confidence is running high as young gun and rising nordic stud Austin Huneck looks to stamp his name on the Hill Of Death record book. Check out the HRT Newsroom coverage of last Monday's training session at SPAC.


THE BIGGEST NEWS for HURT skiers is the official partnership for the upcoming Junior Development camp at West Mountain with two local nordic giants, The SPORTSPAGE SKI SHOP in Queensbury and INSIDE EDGE SKI AND BIKE SHOP in Glens Falls. Our campers will be treated to giveaways from these nordic ski shops, discounts on gear and prizes for the winners of the uphill West Mountain Time Trial. This event just keeps getting better and better. Make sure you sign up now and reserve your spot. Space is limited. All registrations must be received by July 10th.

*After extensive research, this is not Norwegian, or a quote of Odd Martinsen, it's just odd.

**Nor is it translatable to this quote