Friday, December 28, 2012

HURT...Taking y'all BACK TO SKOOL!!

12/28 marked a big day for HURT nation.  One.....lots of snow and fresh tracks.  The most home snow in two years had all skiers pumped and ready to hit the trails.  Two....opening day for Section 2 high school racers saw the Queensbury Relays roll into town and everyone was ready to get their snow legs and hit the course fast and hard.

It was a perfect, calm blue-sky-fresh-tracks kinda day and HURT high school racers sported their high school unies and battled it for individual and team honors.  Emma Underwood led the charge for the varsity girls and Ben Anderson skied to the top spot in the boys 3K skate loop.  Seth Mares, Matt Forshey, Patrick Brodrick, Sarah Duclos, Amy Duclos, Brian Chrzan and Ethan Katz all had strong laps and a good performance to build on.

Noticeably absent from the first race were HURT tough guys, Brian Halligan (who was TEARING IT UP biathlon-style in Minnesota!...3rd place!!), Austin Huneck (don't ask...something with a chainsaw) and "Always a Director" Huneck (Aaron, our best wishes for a speedy recovery from the HURT family).

The biggest news in HURT nation was the formation of "HURT Winter-Academy-Of-Kicka##iness" with it's first ever showing in a NY high school race.  The sorting hat had spoken and has placed MIKEY HALLIGAN confidently at the helm of this newly formed HS race team.  He shows some serious development potential and flies around on his Madshus skis like H.Potter on his dust mop.   Having enrolled in Spa Catholic (a school with a one person nordic program....mikey) the HURT board of Director's felt like Halligan would be a perfect fit for the new academy.  And he had his brother's  old uniform. And that fit too.  It also works out the due to his top quality and unique education at Spa Catholic he will have a deeper understanding of suffering, sacrifice, pain, begging for mercy and overall hurt than most young skiers.  It should all bode well for young Halligan.

Keep an eye out for all our up-n-comers as the season moves on.

The OPEN/MASTERS Team get their shot on Jan 1st in Old Forge.....stay tuned.

Smiling faces on a perfect nordic day

Wise choice...She is a heck of a lot safer than a chainsaw...I think. 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

The Gun Show

The World Cup race season started today and snow flakes were in the sky today as Director Kozoil checked his morning email correspondence.  Things were all going to plan......Then in a shocking and jarring twist he learned that the greatest threat to HURT's nordic winter 4-peat may not be from the mighty barbaric hordes of skiing-dead from Peru, or from the speedy black suited ninja-skiers from Rochester......but it may just be from the SOUTH!  The island of Manhattan may prove to be breeding ground for the most formidable threat yet.....and I'm not talking about bankers and lawyers.

The following correspondence was deciphered by the crack intel team at HURT nation.....

"another bee in my bonnet ... A five person MNSC crew had a fun day trip to the Kingston rollerski race on Sunday. But here's the thing ... There's a team from near there called HURT Nordic. They all used "doped" rollerskis -- that is to say their hard wheels and fast bearings allowed them to stand up and lolligag in sections where we "undoped" wheels skiers had to hammer the V2s.....were only able to take 5th and 6th, a minute behind the guy in a bike jersey who won the thing. HURT is claiming "domination" of this event ... So, as a club, we must do something about this! I propose the Harry Eldridge races (Jan 5 and 6 at Lake Placid) may serve as the real "Gun Show at Van Ho," where the absurd advantage of doped wheels is eschewed for pure fitness. It's a 7.5k skate on Saturday and a 10k classic on Sunday. I say we get some people together and rent a house. The score must be settled!"

In response, The Director has issued the following statement....

"HURT nation!  It is time to go to the GUN SHOW!  Let's aim to get the biggest and fastest HURT turnout up to Lake Placid for the Harry Eldridge races.  I know many of you won't be able to race on Saturday because of the high school race held in Glens Falls, but let's aim to bring a force at least 25 strong to Sunday's event.  Let's flex our nordic muscle once and for all and show that our "wheel doped" roller skiers and our "undoped" rollerskiers (of which there were quite a few who tore it up at Kingston) are ready to toe the line with anyone from anywhere.  Put it on your calendar today!

Oh...and besides....we know someone who has a lot of experience with gun shows."

See you in Placid!

Oh....Peru and should come too.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

HURT swarms on Kingston

In the largest team showing ever, HURT nordic brought their depth and talent to the Kingston Nordic Rollerski Race and rolled away with the team title for the 4th straight year.  Expectations were high with most of HURT top guns making it down to the race and some of them sporting "technology enhanced" rollerskis.  It was looking especially exciting among the junior men as top guns Austin Huneck and Brian Halligan looked for their first of many opportunities to battle for the top spot this season and a speedy and fit Adam Luban and Seth Mares looking to spoil the party.  In the classic 5K the team was able to feast on the 2-9 spots across the finish line. It was a heartbreaking loss for Austin Huneck as he gave up the inside line on the final turn to allow his much more senior rival, Jospeh Iwan, to spoil the party for the HURT fans.  In the skate race, it was "HURT for a day" dad-extraordinaire who came to bat and snatched the 10K race from the hungry Iwan.  The skate rac was no picnic for the HURT-pack as the Manhattan Nordic trio of Donahue, Love and Herz stole the 5, 6 and 11 spot from the nine HURT skiers who made up the top 15. Director Kozoil was unable to make it down to the race but we caught up with him via satellite after the race.

HRT: Your wheel-doped dynamic duo fell a little short today. Do you take responsibility?  Are you setting yourself, your team and your skiers to be just another big "second-best" team?

Director Kozoil: "I resent this type of "gotcha-journalism". Have a little class like that guy on fasterskier who goes to Colombia. He was even there today....why don't you get him to run this interview...then it might be worth reading. it's not my fault and my team has never been more ready this early in the season.  Yeah we had a couple bobbles here and there today...bad lines, missed attacks etc. but it is the warm up to the race season.  You don't see Petter Northug winning in Mounio do you? Trust me...we are going to be on this year.  We are bigger than ever, added more talent and are fired up for the snow season.  I loved what I saw from our new additions and it is game on.  My team is hungry for wins and this day will do nothing but fire us up."

Enjoy the video:

Friday, November 16, 2012

Odd Makers Odds - Kingston Edition: Gathering Momentum

Welcome to the latest installment of HURT Nordic's race previews! Here we break down what to expect from the HURT Nordic Ski Team’s cross-country athletes on the world-championship-of-kingston-high-school-international-rollerski-stage in 2012.
With the pre-World Cup races in Muonio, Finland kicking off the race season for much of the top talent in the U.S. (and those races being covered by much more capable journalists at we here in the HRT newsroom can comfortably set our eyes on the domestic race scene in Catskill region of NY.  Now is a good time to take stock of what happened last season, what might happen this race season and what most certainly will transpire at the single largest rollerski race held at Kingston High school in the country. When it was time to write this preview a year ago, HURT athletes were gearing up for a very different winter. The most hyperbolic thing I could say was that Kikkan Randall’s two sprint wins from the season prior was evidence that the U.S. was carrying “serious momentum” into the season....and HURT nordic was also doing ski related things as well. ****
Well the same is true now... and nothing kicks off the 2012-13 race season like the annual trip to the "flatest-fastest-roughest,-toughest-5K classic-10K skate combo-swag-fest-race" known lovingly as the "Kingston Rollerski Race" (We had trouble coming up with a more creative moniker). HURT nordiques love this race and have consistently brought large numbers of race hungry skiers down to the event.  This year is no different and HURT is looking to bring it's largest, most talented, most heavily wheel doped team in the history of history.  We caught up with just a few of the local HURT talent to interview them about the upcoming race as they work their way through final preparations. 

HRT: So Austin Huneck, You've had some success at this race in the past as well as some legendary technical issues.  Have you worked out those problems and how do you feel going into the weekend?
AH: "Well I think I finally worked out the kinks in my "invisible-no-friction" bearing system that was only in the testing phase last year.  I hope to finish upright and with wheels at the front of the pack."
Odds: 5:1 that A.Huneck finishes with at least one pole and one wheel
HRT: Brian Halliagan, history has shown that you are willing and able to try different race strategies to ensure your success in this race.  Your plan to draft off the fresh, rookie 7th grade-girl-talent at the back of the pack last year really paid off big for you.  Any plans for this race?
BH: I have been experimenting with a parachute drop onto the starting line....thinking it might confuse the competition and give me a quick jump off the line.  I been really into the whole "bond" thing lately and I think he might be on to something.
Odds: 7:1 Brian finds a way to draft Austin's invisible wheels and he'll be on the podium at least once. 
HRT: MDH and Chris Yarsevich, as veteran, highly skilled top performers how do feel about the HURT young studs are following in the fast-wheel footsteps.  Martin, you've been advocating this for years and now it has become the trend and Chris, as a technologies specialist do you have any new race technologies in the works.  
MDH and Chris:     Robotics.  I won't say what or where....but trust me.  robotics.
Odds: 5:1 MDH and Chris will find a way to a) be on the podium b) or use a robot. 
HRT: Seth Mares, you recently finished in a position at the CRNA tune-up race to win the fall rollerski series.  What will this mean for you and the start of your race season?
SM: It is without a question the BIGGEST ACHIEVEMENT I will ever have in my CAREER for events held on November 18th in Kingston!!!!!!! I could not be more stoked. 
Odds: 18:1 Seth will get hit by a an errant soccer ball.  
HRT: DPK and Adam Luban...seriously guys....what is the deal with not doping your skis? are you asking to lose? 
DPK and AL: We really liked Brian Halligan's strategy last year of drafting off the back of the field.  I think it will pay off big for us.  dope or no dope we are in it to win it. 
Odds: 6:1 Adam still makes it on the podium ... and DPK finishes in the top 300.
HRT: Ed, Sean and Tim, as veterans of this race, and many race seasons, are there aspects of this race that you focus on that perhaps the younger skiers discount? 
E,S,T: It is all about the final turn around the cone.  If you don't know what we're talking aren't a real veteran.
Odds: 4:1 they make it around the least at the start of the race. 
HRT: Duclos Sisters, as the lone representatives of the HURT laydz division how do think this race will go for you?
S.D. and A.D.: Well, you see, we are the two most angry, aggressive, take-no-prisioners skiers on HURT and we have no problem turning this into a rollerski blood-bath.  We plan on taking everybody out and skiing casually and beautifully to the finish.  I expect us to be 1-2 in each race.  or actually 1-1.  
Odds: we have no doubt.


*****Thanks to Audrey M. at fasterskier for the inspirato.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

A full November

November is an exciting time in HURT nation....high school nordic programs are ramping up, cold temps at night, flakes begin to pop up in the weather forcasts and skiers get that dreamy look in their eyes when they think about the possibility of Thanksgiving snow.  Director Kozoil knows it can also be a frustrating time for training....dark comes early, cold rains, and after months of rollerskiing everyone is ready for the real thing. In order to make the month go by fast, the Director wants to encourage you to join the team for some of the upcoming November events.

November 9th, 10th and 11th : the annual Festival of Pain.  See the official FOP flyer posted below. These are non-sanctioned training events and each participant assumes the risk of training, pain, injury, having too much fun.....and bears.

November 17th:  Trail work in Glens Falls.  A lot of work has been started at Crandall Park but there is still a lot to do.  Chips to be spread, cut back stuff and clearing sticks after Sandy. All helpers assume the risks of doing work in the woods....and bears

November 18th: Kingston Rollerski race. One of the best rollerski races around.  Tons of fun, tons of prizes, great expo, come and be part of the HURT domination. Email Chris Y, to let him know you will race for HURT as soon as you can.

That should get you to that Thanksgiving ski!  (fingers crossed)

Watch out for bears.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Battle at the Border

Don't miss this year's fall crown jewel roller-ski race......SUFFERFEST.  It is the once a year, battle-royale that brings Peru Nordic's heavy hitters down to the very edge of HURT country.  The Director is calling all HURT skiers to bring their climbing legs, fast wheels and team colors to Prospect Mountain in Lake George on Sunday, October 28th.  The race starts at 11am.  The race starts at the base of the Prospect highway and ends at the top. Bring a pair of shoes and a pack to carry them up on your back, cause you will be hiking down.  See you there!   Skiers compete at their own risk and this is no-charge fun ski race event. 

For more details and race hype visit the site of the Peru Nordic and their army of advancing huns

See you Sunday. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

HURT Girlz Shirts Are Here!

Get them while you can, first come first serve!  Small and Medium sizes available, $25 each.

Unsigned rookie talent modeling the new gear, this girl needs a sponsor!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


If in October you see a bunch of bleary-eyed, staggering, moaning people making their way down the street one of two things have happened...

A) zombie apocalypse.

B) You have bumped into the Hudson United Racing Team during one of their massive October training weekends.  Fall is the time to amp up the training volume and plan some solid workout sessions and Director Kozoil is reaching back into the workout archives to bring back some fan favorites...

The Cloppet is back (remember the UUSRS?) !....we'll storm the border....and we'll work our way through some of the best USSA threw at us last year!  Mark it on your calendar and come join us!  Details will be posted on our facebook page as each event gets closer.  See you then

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Takin' yall back to skool.

It's that time again!.....sharpen your pencils, get your hello-kitty backpack and find your angry birds lunch pail......HURT is going back to school.

For most, xc running season is getting back into full swing.  But for others, including a large portion of the HURT faithful ..... their eyes on a bigger prize.  Ski season...Filled with white fluffy feet of white stuff.

Hat Nertz joined up with a expert local videographer to spy in on Monday's practice and see just how things are looking as the team enters the fall season....and they filed this report.

August 27, 2012 - Numbers and talent abound at team training here at in Saratoga.  In one of the largest showings ever Chris Y, DPK, Tim H, Andy W, Brian H, Austin H, Aaron H, Brian C, Seth M, Sarah D, Amy D, Becky C, and Matt F met for some DP at the SPAC.  (P. H. E. W.)  They were joined by the largest hiking division turnout who came fresh off their weekend conquering of the Adirondacks.  (Mary D, Gina H, Lisa F, Sue C)  

The goal was double pole, rollerski drills, specific strength....and a dash of classic sprinting to spice things up.  Much of the early part of the session was caught on film with hopes that a little bit of technique analysis will help make big improvements as rollerski sessions become longer and more frequent.  After the workout we caught up with some of the HURT stars to see how things stand. 

HN (to Matt F): So Matt, welcome to HURT.  Your first practice tonight, how'd it go? 

Matt F: I come from Scotia, NY where I am not sure there are any real laws or rules. It is kinda a wild place.... so to see this kind of organization, structure and discipline is really exciting.  I am pumped for the ski season and I plan on crushing it. 

HN (to Becky C): So you are back to college next week.  What's the big thing you take away from your summer of ski training? 

Becky: Summer of what? I thought this was just where people come to have the most fun ever? They just hand me these sticks and I am like, ok! When can I do a flip? and when do I get my awesome shirt? 
upcoming ladies division T-shirt.  Goin' to be one hot item!!

HN (to Brian H): So how was practice tonight Brian?

Brian: "'s more fun than going to California with Nazi's."

HN: hmmmmm......I suppose it is.

Well there you have it.  The team is geared up for the fall.  Keep skiing. Keep getting stronger and join us for as many HURT training sessions as you can!

Watch your technique video and set a goal!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

46, 46, 46

This just came in across the HRT news desk.....

It was a huge week for the HURT peak baggers.  Following a conquering of the Colorado giant peaks, The Queen and Aaron ("once-a-Director-always-a-Director") Huneck finished off their ADK 46 with ease.  Just a few days later, Ed Luban was joined by the celebratory team of Alphonse Mugisha, Adam Luban, DPK, Kate PK and John Paarlberg for his final assent up Esther and Whiteface.  It was a great way to cap off a summer where Ed brought the HURT to more than 20 ADK peaks in a few short months.

Congrats to Ed, Gina and Aaron on their achievement.

Our investigative team looked deeper into the flurry of HURT activity atop the Whiteface summit.  Was this a scouting mission? Is there some larger plan?  With the Climb to the Castle just a few days away this might be a planning mission for some serious team team tactics? 

We'll stay on the story.......

We do know this for sure....
As the hot weather of August comes to a close, HURT team training is just heating up.  Make it out on Monday nights for some quality time on rollerskis and some killer strength circuits.  Keep your eye on the team calendar for some upcoming training weekends around the area.  

Be sure you are ready for the 4-peat! 

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Queen of the Classics: Odd Oddsmaker edition

The Day is Nigh! The Queen of the Classics! The one and only......


If you can't have snow there is no better summer race in New York.  It is a chance to see how your summer fitness is going and test all your favorite cross-training activities against your fellow friends and nordic rivals.  As always the HRT newsroom is pleased to bring you the annual Odd Oddmaker's Odds (London Olympics edition) so that you can make your way to your nearest shady gambling parlor and drop a quid on your favorite pony.....

Race Overview:  The athletes from HURT nation are bringing a formidable squad to this years games.   After intense training, weeks of trials, and continuous athlete testing the Director has his best squad geared up and ready.  For the first time in a long while all three of the HURT three-headed junior monster (Luban, Halligan, Huneck) will suit up and battle it out for the podium spots....only this time.....they are bringing a just as powerful spiked tail.  Seth Mares (another impressive junior talent) has raised eyebrows of talent scouts and when these four lock horns in competition it is going to be fireworks.  And let's not forget the race veteran and reigning champ Dave PK is desperate to keep his iron door stop.  Desperation is a powerful motivator.   The nation of Peru is not to be overlooked.  Home course. Veteran talent.  And after last years lashing by HURT they are desperate to regain former Iron Maiden glory.  Rose, Kobak and the legion of doom look to employ strategy, speed and shredding high pitched guitar at the opening ceremonies to throw their competitors off balance and steal the team title once again.  Here our our race picks....

Adam Luban: Race Rookie.  However, he brings major run speed and REG level talent to the ski up the HOD.  Bike leg is a big IF, but if he can keep it close and slip a few bucks to the Russian judge he may find his way onto the podium.

Odds: 7:2 that he doesn't have enough money to pay off the judge but he sticks to landing on one foot and finds his way onto a step.

Brian Halligan: Knows the course.  Knows the HOD.  Fast runner and formidable on skis.  Based on last year, the bike leg is still a question but he has grown about 6 inches and added some serious sinew.   May be the athlete to beat.  His tactical mind may be at play on the bike leg as well.  Our guess, if he can make his way through the pre-competition human growth testing he should be right there in the end.

Odds: 3:1 that the he takes >2 minutes off his bike leg from last year.

Austin Huneck: Controversial training plan for this young nordic stud. Reports have it that he has spent two weeks living with mountain goats above 9000 feet.  Nothing but long days with little oxygen and sleeping amongst the herd.  The smell alone be enough to decimate the competition.  He is flying to just above sea level 1 day before the IMT to maximize the gains as he destroys the HOD.  If his plan works, the course record may just fall.  If it could be ugly.  You don't get the gold without taking a few gambles.

Odds: 5:2 that he is so used to walking through beautiful mountain landscapes of the high Colorado mountains that he stops by the side of the road to pick some wild flowers.

Seth "Spikes" Mares: Another Race rookie.  But major podium dark horse.  Lots of bike mileage this spring. Trains repeats up Corinth Mountain. Top it off with impressive skiing at the HURT junior camp and winner of the camp sprint race. Shows he has the guts to drive for the line.  Smart, savvy and capable in all disciplines.

Odds: 12:1 take him as a sleeper and make some serious coin.

Visual approximation of the tail now found on the three-headed monster.

Dave "The professor" PK: Defending Champ.  Race vet. Studies the race like no other.  Has had a tumultuous history with the race but has shown he has the goods to conquer it.  In a bike heavy event he may be the wheel to grab onto.  He likes to get out quick and push his TT legs.  If he has enough in his aging legs to hold off the chase pack, the iron may be returning to Round Lake.

Odds: 6:1 that his takes a cow prod and tattoos the course map onto his forearm.

Chris Rose: Once a champ, always a champ.  Wants it. Dreams about it.  The fire that burns in his soul would light 100 Olympic flames.  Smart, tactical, fit.  Always a threat.

Odds: 2:1 that he is thinking about the bike tactics as he is reading this post.

Jim Kobak: Home course.  Smart and Steady.  May not be an outright threat for the victory but never count out a late charge up the HOD and with team tactics in play he could pay a role for a deep Peru squad.

Odds: 1:1 that he will be appropriately precovered.

Deb Nordyke: Multi-Winner. Ex-Olympian.  Rarely challenged in the women's field.  It could be ho-hum as she skis smooth to a women's victory.  Or she could get complacent and find herself in a real duel for the top spot.

Odds: 2:1 A champion always knows how to race.

Katie Christoffel: U-Maine at Presque Isle skier is showing up for her first crack at unseating the Queen of the IMT.  Fit, strong and fierce.  Rookie status may be hard to overcome but it could be real interesting.

Odds: 1:1 That she will have the best and happiest cheering section (Becky)

THE FIELD:  This may be the biggest IMT in competition history.  Anything can happen.  The course may be marked, it may not....the HOD is newly paved (OMG), wheels fall off, tires flat, and shoes come untied.  So many unknowns.

Odds: 1:1 that this will be a race to remember.  Bring your A game.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012



What a week.

The Director threw out all stops this year in an effort to raise the bar for New York junior skiing a bit higher.

OD skis, technique sessions, agility obstacle courses, strength circuits, bounding, ski walking, rollerski drills, double pole sessions, speeds, striding, video analysis, nutrition info, uphill time trials, pipeline talks, sprint was all on the menu for the juniors that came out for the 2nd annual H.U.R.T nordic junior development camp.

Top it off with some swimming, good food, Stewarts Shop treats and a sweet base camp and it was an ideal training week for many of New York's up and coming nordic talent.

The video recap shows it all....

One of the highlights of the week was the assault up West Mountain.  New World records were set and the competition was tight.  Climb results are:

Ben Anderson 14:23 (New world record beating the 14:36 mark from 2011)
Jason H 14:43
Adam L 15:13
Brian H 16:18
Brian C 17:16
Connor 17:55
Seth 17:59
Evan 18:10
Bob U 18:18
Matt 18:30
Megan K 18:49 (New Women's record)
Adam 19:45
Alex 19:50
Chase 20:58
Robbie 21:30
Patrick 21:52
Rob 22:35
Amy 22:55
Sarah 22:55
Becky 24:27
Olivia 24:27
Yana 24:27
Gabby 28:10
Brendan 29:43
Michael 30:52
Steffani 30:52
Shamus 32:23
Jan 34:17
Casey 34:25
Katie 35:01
Gillian 35:01
Colin 36:25

HURT has a many people to thank for their effort for without their support and dedication to the kids and the sport this camp would not have been what it was.

Our camp sponsors.

Our volunteers.

Our coaches.

And thanks to ALL THE ATHLETES for really getting after it!  Here comes Mid-A!

Monday, July 16, 2012

HURT Camp, Are You Ready?

HURT's 2nd Annual Junior Development Camp is set to start tomorrow, July 17th.

Are you ready? 

Friday, July 6, 2012

The HURT Tour rolls on

This past Monday the 2012 Tour de HURT rolled into Warren County and brought with them their large numbers of enthusiastic rollerskiers.   While much of the rollerskiing in past weeks has been confined to the flat and rolling stages of Saratoga County this was a chance to ski in the high mountains of HURT country and test some of the climbing legs of the real contenders.   Alpe de 149 and the Col de la Magique Foret were conquered as the skiers wound their way down to Lake George and back.  The creative signage greeted the skiers as they crested the summits past the screaming and yelling masses*

*by "screaming masses" we mean people running terrified from the creepy Santa claus and Uncle Sam at Magic Forest in Queensbury.  

Joining the HURT stalwarts Tim, Austin, Aaron, DPK, Andy, and Becky C. were northerners Brian "Peter Sagan" Halligan, Sean "Jens Voigt" Halligan, Chris "Horner" Freilinghaus, Seth "Cavendish" Mares and Nick "Fab" Underwood.  Even the HURT hiking squad grew this week as Barb Beall and Kristin Halligan joined Gina Huneck while the team rolled on.

Meet us next week at the tech park in Malta.  Bring your skate skis again and check the team calendar for directions. really is basically the same thing....

Le Tour....

Le Nightmare....

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Records and Rainbows

The Director has heads turning in Clifton Park.  In back to back weeks HURT has seen a record number of junior and master skiers get together in Clifton Park for the Monday night workout.  Normally known as a soccer town, Clifton Park is poised to change the town name (Ski-ville), town logo, town slogan ("Clifton Park - a Great Place to Live, Work and Rollerski on Monday nights") based on the new dedication shown by the HURT skiers.  HURT juniors are amping up for summer camps and HURT masters are gearing up for the IMT, Prospect Climb and an early winter.  

Even the rain couldn't dampen the HURT spirits or keep the masses away.  Not only did Chris Y, Andy W, DPK, Tim H, Austin H, Aaron H, Becky C, Katie C, Brian H, Sara D, Amy D and Chloe B all make it out to ski in the rain but the HURT hikin' division was launched as Ann C, Gina H, and Mary D strapped on their parkas and headed off down the Zim Smith Trail. (It is unknown just how long the trek lasted or if they were waylaid by a trail side coffee shop or martini bar.) But it is speculated that the three brave hikers went "a distance".  

The Clifton Park show is traveling north next week.  We hope to bring these numbers up to the Warren County bikeway and get some of the HURT northerners in on the action.  Come on! Bring out your skis and get your game on!

Big turnout in CP.

Mother Nature responds to HURT enthusiasm by changing her attitude
Visual approximation of the HURT hiking division 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Fun at the SuperFund

This past Monday saw HURT nordic move their team training to a new training facility for the 2012 summer season.  Luther Forest Tech park in Malta, NY.  The move has caught the attention of skeptics and team critics from across the nation.  Luther Forest, an ex-"SUPERFUND" site, had the reputation of producing more three-eyed fish than top caliber nordic skiers for decades. But with new Saudi investment, (don't those Saudi's know a thing or two about top caliber nordic skiing? They at least can afford a team bus, right?), access to top of the line micro-chip technology (it's not's bugging), and brand new running trails,  wide bike paths and rolling hills the new Director has the team  staring down the barrel to greatness......or at the very least, a third eye.

So...those things scoop out ALL the toxic rocket chemicals out right?

Luther Forest Tech Park......trails galore!

Great Bike Paths

Here is the Director breaking away from the peloton.

While the Director has yet to join his club on rollerskis he is providing plenty of motivation as he is flexing his dominance in the world of pee-wee cycling.  Whatever he is doing, it seems to be working because this past training session had a group that nearly rivaled peak 2009 training group numbers when hardmen MDH, J. Tetlow and Andy Farry were regulars on the circuit.  Things are certainly picking up as DPK, Chris Y, Tim H, Austin H, Becky C, Katie C, Andy W all made it out on Monday! Grab your rollerskis and come join us.  Next Monday we will be skiing in Country Knolls at 6:30. That's a new later time now that we have late daylight. Come and get after it!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Huneck's tackle the Patch Sprint

The end of May brings summer-series racing around the state.  Whether it is on a mountain bike, running, road bike or rollerskiing, HURT athletes are improving fitness and jumping in off-season races to keep their engine tuned.  For the first time ever, HURT sent two star athletes to challenge the trail running legions who annually compete in the Patch Sprint Trail race in the Adirondacks.

Typically this is a race that is dominated by Peru faithful.  Situated in the belly of the beast (backyard of Peru Nordic) the race held a number of questions for the rookie racers.  Would their be trail markers? Would their be a trail? Would I get attacked by hawks? Should I wear my gorilla suit? Do I have to carry a foam finger? How many times do I have change costumes?  

The antics of Patch Sprint trekkers and trainers have been well-documented at Windbriefs and the Hunecks had to be prepared for anything.

All these questions were answered on race day.

A. Huneck challenged the race leaders early and competed the three peak summits in 4th place, father Huneck took advantage of some 46 high peak experience and finished in a solid 6th.  They were tripped up at the gorilla suit, tele-tubby suit exchange at the base of Sugarloaf and with a year experience under their belts they should be back to challenge for the title. You can read an in depth race report here.  

Congrats to both racers!  Now get on ya' skis and get ready for the IMT.

HURT charging at the start.

The race leaders at the second costume exchange at the base of sugarloaf (visual approximation)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get Ch'a Train On!

Director Decree....

May 14th.  New Season.  New Goals.  New Director.  Get cha' Train on!

See you on the trails.  Check the team schedule on the website for details.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New HURT Director announces New HURT Camp

Big things are in the air since Aaron Huneck stepped down as Steward of HURT nation.  After winning his third consecutive club championship, the Director set off to anoint his new replacement.  After much deliberation he settled on the accomplished, competitive, ruthless (and most importantly, diminutive) Travis Kozoil to take hold of the HURT reigns and carry the title "Director".  (Despite his relinquished title, A. Huneck only responds when addressed as "Director", as is customary among retired heads-of-state.) When questioned about what he looks forward to now that the responsibility of HURT nation is off his mighty shoulders, Huneck said he "was excited about focusing on developing female talent." When asked to clarify, he indicated that he "was 110% focused on skiing ability, mom"

-Travis has wasted no time in introducing some big summer initiatives into the HURT Summer Program.  His first move was to organize and lead a "Pick-up-your-'trash-cause-I-am-gonna-build-ski-trails-everywhere-campaign" on Earth Day.  Here is the Director leading his army in the effort.      

As his second item of business he has released the information about the upcoming 2012 HURT junior development camp.  The general camp will be held July 20-22 in Queensbury, NY and will be based out of Camp Meadowbrook which is mere minutes away from the Warren County bikeway.  The camp this year will feature furnished cabins (no tents necessary this year!) among other deluxe amenities to keep the campers having fun and working hard.  To see the camp flyer and learn more about the 2012 HURT junior camp visit...

If you are a supporter, fan, family member, team member or "skier-with-no-priors-and-a-lover-of-volunteer-work" (unless you ski for the evil empire) and are interested in helping out please email and let us know if you can volunteer.  The camp will only be successful if we get the type of community support we saw last year.  Please consider volunteering your time that weekend. 

Any juniors interested in participating in the camp should email and the Director will send you the official 2012 camp info packet.  Sign up today!  The camp should fill up and you don't want to be left out!

Monday, March 5, 2012


In a really tough winter for NY skiers to stay motivated, a lot of skiers had a hand in bringing HURT the team championship banner for the third straight year. However, things were certainly in doubt until last weekend in Lake Placid when NYSSRA skiers gathered together to compete for the chance to win the individual state championship and club relay championship. With many of HURT finest skiing at Junior Olympics, touring Europe and on I.R. it was up to a strong a stalwart group to fight of the fast charging Peru Nordic Masters. The HRT newsroom was on hand to cover the weekend.

The Director was all smiles as he watched his team of tough women and men claim medal after medal over the weekend. At least for now, it puts to rest concerns about the Director's Leadership because the squad certainly rallied to his call......and you can't argue with results.


Check out the Newsroom coverage here:

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

HURT Juniors a FORCE at states.

There is no doubt about it, the picture of the junior nordic ski racing scene in New York was painted with clarity this past Monday and Tuesday in Lake Placid. Top skiers from across the state competed in the State Championship Meet at Van Ho and everyone on hand can attest that the HURT nordic/RNR duel for nordic dominance is fought hardest at the junior level. Without a doubt, the depth of talent from Section V (Rochester) skiers was on display but it was the HURT juniors from section 2 and 3 that did the most damage against the Western juggernaut. In the boys individual championship skate race on Monday its was HURT's Adam Luban who was narrowly edged out by RNR/Webster champion, Eric Mallery. teammates Austin Huneck and Brian Halligan were inches behind, as they captured 4 and 5 respectively. It was by a mere 1.3 seconds that Austin misssed joining the speedy Luban on the podium as Section 2 senior leader, Mike Mulshine, skied an impressive race to capture 3rd. The gaps were close at 26 seconds was the margin between 1-5. Seth Mares completed the strong showing by HURT junior boys with a top 20 finish and earned a spot on the Section 2 "A" relay squad.

While Luban was set to anchor the Section 3 relay team, it became a HURT/RNR showdown as the Huneck/Mares/Halligan show went out battle against the Section 5 "A" squad. Despite three strong legs by the HURT trio, Mallery and company proved a bit too much as they skied to the silver medal.

The girls race was a different story. As HFL and Pittsford flexed their "Marit Bjoergen-like" nordic muscles it was 9th graders, Sarah Duclos and Amy Duclos who were able to ski to a 24th and 27th place finish in the skate race and 20th and 21st place in the classic sprint. And Emma Underwood responded from a disappointing top 20 with a great scramble leg on Tuesday for the Section 2 "A" team who finished just off the podium. A big congratulations goes out to all the girls who competed and with the new bar set, they are ready to get after it!
Translation: MARIT BJOERGEN (I train with HFL, don't you see my yellow helmet?)

The Director was on hand to speak with the HRT newsroom after the skate event on Monday. (We tried to get in touch with him on Tuesday after the relays but his mom said he had to go to school, finish his math homework and work on his book report)

HRT: So what do you think of the junior performances today?

D: I liked what I saw. I like seeing 2,4,5.....not as much as 1,2,3..... but they are all coming back next year. A 20th at states isn't bad at all either. I like only having one section 5'er in the top 5 too....just for spite you know.....I mean.....I bleed Section 2....and there are no secrets about the cross-state competitive rivalry.

HRT: And the girls?

D: Emma, Amy and Sara skied tough today. Emma is coming back for one great final run and the Duclos twins have 3 years of preparation ahead of them. I expect to see them finish tied for 1st in a couple years.

HRT: Tied?

D: Of course.....they are twins....duh

HRT: You have taken some criticism in the media from women across the region who feel you aren't doing enough to bring the girls up fast enough. Some women suggest some new female leadership is in order. Any comments?

D: OH.....UH.....WHA?!

HRT: Rumor has it that their may be a vote of "no confidence" based on a petition by the HURT ladies. Is this news to you?

D: UH.....Look......I have a NYSSRA championship title to win next weekend. Yes....that's a THREE-PEAT!! No confidence!?.....pssssh......Just be there when you watch us raise that banner again....with the help of all our great women skiers! Now...I have to go study....or my mom will ground me next weekend....(whispering.....that's the only women I really fear...)

What will happen to the notorious "Director"? Is this the end of his tenure? Will Robin save the Batman from the Joker? Stay tuned to HRT nordic news to answer all these dramatic questions......

Random Picture of Batman.

The HRT newsroom is working on compiling a video report of states. In the meantime.....enjoy some of the story told in pictures.