Saturday, January 17, 2015


Sunday's HURTathon (1/18/15) had been moved to the Queensbury School Trails. Park behind the Elementary school, 1/4 mile West of Exit 19 of the Northway. Race starts at 9am, registration 7:45-8:45.

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Sunday January 18th HURTathon at Crandall Park

Crandall Park has great conditions right now, just in time for a full weekend of racing.  Come out both days to race the Glens Falls Freestyle on Saturday and the HURTathon Classic race on Sunday. 

Register for the Glens Falls Freestyle here!

Register for the HURTathon here!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Certainly MEGA

The HRT newsroom filed this report:

This past Saturday HURT-nation held their 6 hour MEGA-Relay event at Garnet Hill Ski Lodge. Despite the single digit temps, cold wind and slow snow more than 50 racers came out to pack the 4K relay loop looking to tally laps for their respective teams.  It was the largest Mega-Relay to date and the pot-luck table was stacked with tasty chili, soups, dips, snacks, drinks and energy-packed food.

The relay teams were filled with skiers from U14 all the way up to M9 and great time was had by all* (editors note...skiers surveyed were only those sufficiently thawed).  In the hotly contested "Mixed Relay" event the HURT powerhouse team of Bob Underwood, Heidi Underwood and Tim Huneck took advantage of superior ski speed, veteran strategy, age bonuses and good-looks to grab the top spot and most importantly....Sunday's breakfast.

In the Men's relay the powerhouse-quartet from Peru Nordic stole the honors, beer, pretzels and pie. But the might of the HURT Laydz could not be outdone! (and you should have seen their socks!)  Full results and total lap counts can be found here:

visual approximation of the Peru Nordic powerhouse quartet.
We, at the HRT newsroom would like to be able to show our readership all the dynamic video, action stills, racer profiles and in-depth interviews from the day of racing.  However, we are sad to report that our camera was nabbed during our camera-persons 3rd bowl of taco soup and the memory was erased and filled with following selfies from this HURT band of misfits.  Little did they know that not only would they implicate themselves but their actions would be posted all over internet.  Looks like we won't be seeing "President Duclos" or "Senator Putman" anytime soon...people might start asking questions...