Monday, November 25, 2019

A New Start

Whelp...We've been a little "blog-silent" these days.

It turns out that Saturday afternoons playing with wooden trains, riding a scooter in the driveway, and doing myriad toddler/5year old parenting tasks doesn't make for as epic blog posts as rollerski adventures, mountain-bike odysseys, or 5 hour ridge runs.

Either that or there was already such a glut of parenting blogs
that when I tried to post something, the internet broke.

Anyway...we haven't had much from the HRT Newsroom lately. BUT!! NOW!!! WE!! ARE!!! BACK!!!

And just in time for ski season.

Here is the quick and dirty...(I think I hear one of my kids crying...or on fire...or maybe wants a snack)

1) Thanksgiving camp is at Gore this weekend for juniors. But that also means you can ski at the Ski Bowl. You should. Check it out.

2) The NYSSRA season opens on December 7th and 8th.  Gore Ski Bowl (does not include the A climb). Check out details here and register on Ski Reg.

3) HURT now offers three options for youth instruction. Glens Falls, NY, Greenfield, NY and now DORSET, VT.  Yup....crossed the border and invaded New England. Check it out here. The Dorset program starts up on December 18th. Check out the registration forms linked on the website and sign your kiddos up for one of the two sessions.

My kids will be there....assuming they aren't on fire.

I will be there....assuming that I get them a snack before they gut me.