Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Keep on Rollin

This past Monday, HURT faithful did some L1 rolling skiing and technique work. Thanks to the help of Laydz skier/den mother Jan Mares and some well placed Go-Pro action they were able to shoot some early season technique video for double poling, kick-double poling and striding.  Now is the time of year when the directresses want to take a look at those bad habits and make the small changes that are going to pay of big as the training season heats up.  Take a look at the footage and if you are in the video figure out what you need to do to.....get your hips forward/keep your hips high/look up the trail/hit your end points/flex your ankles/have your arms high and at the proper arm angle....or whatever technique cues you come up with to have your classic skiing dialed in.

The directress(es) liked what they were looking at and the videos and pics were meant with ample amounts of child-like glee.  But more work needs to be done by all.  

Here is a picture that shows some key points of double poling/striding technique.  Some have 2, others got 3 shots going by.  Keep working at it!