Monday, July 25, 2016

The Road

In July, the road to success for a skier can feel a lot like this.

No one wants to be on it.

The weather is hot. Continually pounding the pavement on rollerskis can be a real drag. And there are plenty of warm-weather distractions that can pull focus from skiing fast in March. 

We believe that there is no better time to have HURT camp.  With team sites set on Junior Nationals in Lake Placid and EHSC in Chittenden, VT it was the biathletes that came out to make the 2016 HURT Camp the best one ever.  New HURT development coach and former-world-junior-biathlete-and-original-part-of-the-three-headed-monster*, Brian Halligan, was added to a coaching roster and with him came a guest appearance by friend and Olympian Sean Doherty.  The skiers at camp spent the day with Sean learning about his path to success and some great technique cues that will help on skis.  The week featured bounding, classic OD's, technique drills, on-ski agility, skate OD's, hiking*, trail running**, uphill-time-trial-running, dryland agility, 2.7K freestyle time trial and plenty of swimming, cooking, eating, mini-golfing, ice-creaming***, and rapping****(?!)

*HURT historians will know all about that
*"hiking" may include "getting lost for a bit in the forest"
**"trail running" may include "running back to the correct trail"
*** Thanks to Stewart's Shops for supporting our ice cream intake at camp!
****HURT nordic may be partially responsible for the launch of several will-be-famous rappers who dropped some serious rhymes in our camp's impromptu "rap battle" (Sponsored by Rudy Project sunglasses)

The pictures tell the tale best.  We know it is what the people want....

Sean Doherty spent the day with HURT campers on a gorgeous SPAC day.

Coach Halligan opens camp with thoughts on building the whole athlete.

Buck Summit (finally!!) photo.  Now quick.....back to the vans!  (and don't forget Caron!)

Those that were there, know what happened....

minds were blown.

Skate TT podium

Skate TT podium

Here are the full results:
Brian B - 8:15
Owen P - 8:23
Nino M - 8:48
Dan M - 8:59
Aaron H - 9:07
Seamus - 9:07
Tony - 9:15
Alex - 9:27
Bryce 9:46
Justin 9:57
Mikey - 10:13
Casey - 10:42
Joe - 10:43
James C - 11:26
Brendan - 11:27
Tyler - 11:54
Colby - 11:58
Gabe - 12:23
Harry - 12:36
Paul 13:07
James - 14:13

Anna W - 9:47
Emily G - 10:15
Eliza B - 10:30
Julianne - 10:36
Emily A - 10:42
Laura L - 11:12
Sohyun - 11:24
Maggie B - 11:25
Baleigh - 11:34
Briana - 12:22
Abby - 12:56
Meghana - 13:02
Emily D - 14:12

Coach Callie rocked everyone's Buck Mountain hike.  

It was that kind of week....

The group photo

Bounding and technique drills with Coach PK

West Mountain TT photo.  

Thanks to the kids from Mansfield Nordic who came out to run the TT with us and do our dryland agility course.  Results for both the uphill run and agility course are currently MIA....they will be added to our archive if eventually found...Some of us are still weeding through the bags of dirty laundry....

The HURT truck to LP is filling up fast....we hope you are on board!!

And we will finish off with a movie....Thanks for the edit coach Terko!

I want to thanks everyone who had a hand in helping make our week so great.  Special thanks to our great camp sponsors...Stewart's Shops (who gave us a special grant this year to invite Sean Doherty) and supported our ice cream addiction!  Rudy Project (who donated sun glasses, hats, coupons and stickers), SWIX SPORT (who donated jackets and gave us a great deal on drink belts) and The Sportspage Ski and Patio Shop (who do a great job of helping our local skiers and give ski ties and poles to our camp.) and Price Chopper who generously donates to our massive food budget. 

And thanks to all the coaches who pitched in large and small ways....Bob Underwood, Bill Parks, Paul Allison, Jeff Crotty, Sean Doherty

And the great coaching staff I get to work with all week.....Steve Tomb, Brian Halligan, Callie Douglass and Adam Terko. 

You all certainly make the July road feel like this