Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome October...and HURT (far) West.

As the October and the ski season officially starts and rollerskis spin on the pavement across NY, the Director continues to push the definition of "Hudson United". Citing a early 1900's survey report and map file, A. Huneck has deemed the great city of Rochester, NY part of the Hudson region. The Erie Canal unites the Hudson with the far west regions of the state has opened the door for two MAJOR HURT signings this past week.

In testimony before FIS and Congress, the Director made his plee to sign Dan and Kathy Schwenk to team HURT who for years have been languishing under team KNEWHCS. Having been looked over by RNR and Rochester XC Foundation it was easy to see why the Director was driven to sign the Masters Women Champ in Kathy and long time Masters star, Dan. It was doubtful for a long time if the signing could be made legal, but the testimony of S. Colbert, (who spent one day in a field standing on a nordic ski) swayed Congress to decide in favor of the young Nordic Czar.

RNR and Peru thought it insulting that Colbert was even brought in to comment on the disputed signing. "It is just plain rude and not funny" they told the crazy blond lady from Fox News in a post conference interview.

"I thought it was demeaning when he said...."This is Rochester!, I don’t want my tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean is giving me a Brazilian....after I go nordic skiing in a HURT uniform."

Dan and Kathy join Jill hamilton Kozoil, Gina Huneck and Eric Hamilton as the big off season signings for team HURT. They should help fill the gap left by the departure of Tetlow and others who have moved on from the team.

Following the signing, the Director released a" State of the Nation" report to all team skiers about uniforms, sanctioning and our upcoming race. If you are currently on the team and have not received a copy of this release, please post your email below or email it to I don't seem to have an email address for all of you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Farry ups the ante

On the third installment of HURT over distance Sunday sessions it was mild mannered Andy Farry that inspired the team to action leading into the ever-important fall training block. A day after figuratively crushing himself and dueling up the famed "Hill Of Death" with teammate Doug Diehl and a swarm of Peru Nordies, Andy showed up bright and early in Queensbury for a over distance ski. He was joined by Kvam, Yarsevich, T. Huneck, A. Huneck, B. Halligan and Saratoga's Sean Halligan.

Only he skied TO the workout.


When asked about his massive rollerski effort Farry answered: "With tabloid reports that Tetlow's future may be doubtful for the winter, I wanted to make sure someone was ready to step up. Besides....the acronym "HOD" was put into my Ical on the whole weekend and I guess I thought it was all one event....Hill Of Death....HURT O.D.

The team were treated to a rolling ski up the Glens Falls/ Lake George bike path, through the village and up the big climb up toward Warrensburg. The elder Halligan was dismayed at times given his unfortunate misunderstanding of the course profile. It appears that when The Director sent Halligan the course profile he sent him this:

However, in reality the course was more like:

It is currently being investigated whether this was an early season prank to rattle the Saratoga skier.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To the Border

This weekend saw a 400% improvement in OD participation as HURT skiers clipped in and headed for a OD bike ride through Washington County to Vermont. The regulars (Yarsevich, Kvam and Huneck) were joined by HURT west's Ed Luban on a cool, cloudy, and sometimes spitting Sunday for a 91 mile ride from Round Lake through Cambridge to the border and back.

We asked why the boys did not ride the 9 miles needed to make it a perfect century, here is what they said.

Ed: Using a complicated system of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus I determined that the energy output needed to drive my vehicle from Syracuse equalled 9.12003 miles of biking and quite frankly I was worried about overtraining.

Yarsevich: WHAT?! I bike from Saratoga TO the start of the ride. I think I was at least 113!!!

Huneck: Don't you round up?

Kvam: Uh Uh Uh...I just wanted to honor the death of famed rocker Freddie Mercury who died in 1991. '91....get it.....91 miles.....1991! Really that was the only reason.

Needless to say.....The Director was not pleased......well.....pleased with Chris.

Enjoy the pics.

Complimentary profile shot

At the Border.

See you next week for a OD distance skate ski in Glens Falls. See for details. Map is posted on that page. See you there!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OVER the distance

HURT skiers are in the midst of a training block focused on making the transition from summer base training into a period of increased volume, ski specific strength and increased intensity. The Director has carefully timed out the teams plan to focus on peak performances right around the time the Super Tour rolls into Lake Placid in January. The First of team events was an OD run, last Sunday. And will continue with a long OD bike ride this upcoming Sunday.

This run event was poorly attended. The Director was not pleased.

But that's not to say the team was not hard at work.

The bike OD has a number of confirmed participants. The Director is very pleased.

-Reports from fasterskier show the MDH (after no news for an long time) is working hard both rollerskiing and communicating with fellow rollerskiers via fasterskier. The Director is very pleased.

-Ed and Kay visited Gatineau Park, incognito. They did not want to risk tipping off the powerful X-C Ottawa team on their home turf, being guests in a foreign country (a country even more foreign than Peru, NY). Greg Christie's Ski & Cycle Works appeared closed for the Labour Day holiday, but we noticed an open door. They tried to sneak in to see if we could uncover some top secret wax concoctions, only to be met by Greg himself at the door. It appears Team C-A-N-A-D-E-H is full of pedaling "hard-men" biking through the pouring rain. There's more, much more, but the balance of our report is for the Director's eyes (ears?) only.

-Dave has taking the philosophy of "over-distance" and moved his whole base of operation to the MIDDLE OF FREAKIN' NOWHERE. His new living situation has made it so he has to run, bike, fan-boat, hang-glide, roller-ski, bush-plane, bike, drive and crabwalk MANY MANY miles just to go to grocery store. Lots of OD training in beautiful country for him. His proximity to the Vermont boarder leads the director to believe that he will get faster just by breathing their air. The Director is very pleased.

Please note.....The bike time has been changed to 10:00 am on Sunday to allow for HURT west to arrive without red eyes.

Also....Team rollerski has been moved to Thursday again. 5:00pm SPAC.