Sunday, May 29, 2011

Countdown to the "Rumpus Amongst US!"

The Director has stated....

"There has been one great World Championship that has eluded me since taking over the supreme directorship of HURT. This year, THIS SHALL CHANGE! It will be HURT's #1 off season goal to win the elusive Iron Maiden Trophy. Under my guidance, the teams and athletes I have been associated with have dominated the NYSSRA series points events (twice), The Prospect Mountain Hill Climb (Sufferfest), Overall NYSSRA points champion, Multiple NYSSRA age group champions, the World Ping Pong Championships (WCPP) and the World Elk Calling Championships. However, The IMT has always found a way to slip from my grasp. As your supreme nordic overlord it is my wish, nay....demand, that you work each day on the befuddling bike-to-rollerski transition in preparation for this year's IMT. It is a mere two months away and look for HURT to bring a deep contingent to battle with the deep Peru legion in the heart of their kingdom of doom."

This is about HURT vs. Peru

about Good vs. Evil

about man against man

and woman against woman.

The Countdown is on to a July to remember. Make your calendar for the upcoming HURT junior training camp at West Mountain followed by the Peru Nordic Iron Maiden Triathlon.

It's the "Rumpus amongst US"!

The Director at the World Elk Calling Championships

Friday, May 13, 2011

HURT camp announcement

BIG NEWS for Junior Skiers.

HURT announces the West Mountain Nordic Challenge Ski Camp. This three day nordic ski camp is open to Junior level racers interested in taking their training and racing to the next level. Email if you are interested in learning more about the camps details and an information packet will be sent to you very shortly.