Monday, February 28, 2011

HURT Going to Master World Championships

Good luck to all HURT skiers skiing at the Masters World Championships in British Columbia this week.

Good luck to Rene Clarke, Dave Burt, Alec Davis, and Sherry and Richard Dixon!

Bring the HURT!


Tomorrow is the opening event for the 2011 NYS Nordic High School Championships in Lake Placid. This years competition features some huge talent across the state. While it does appear that each section brings some serious fire power (for example... HURT's Adam Luban from Section III), odds-makers feel that the depth in section II and section V will once again decide the championship. It is no coincidence that it throws the youngest and brightest talent from RNR and HURT against each other in a true battle royale. The rivalries of the future may be born this week. Stay tuned for photos of STATES from Section II assistant coach and HURT team member D. Kvam.

The HRT newsroom (who was already stationed in Lake Placid for this past weekends Empire State Games) sent their youngest junior reporter Miss Ida Liku over to the Mt. VanHovenberg complex to interview the HURT HS boys and girls team as they arrive.

IL: omg omg omg omg it's like really you, Will Freilinghaus!!!! Do you, like, hate it or love it, when they, like, call you HAUS? Are you, like German? Germans ski fast. Will you, like totally win?

WF: Its gonna be fast and furious. I've been pretty "ON" since ripping up sectionals and my win at the Keski has me feeling pretty good. I look forward to battling it out with Kevin Hoose from HFL.

IL: THANKS! btw are you on fb? lol? :) nevermind.

IL: Oh hi! Austin Huneck! does your brother, like, force you to race a billion times a year? and are you, liked pumped for states!?! totally!

AH: I love prepping for big races and the way you do it is by going fast. Its a classic year and this really suits me. Be ready to watch that result board!

IL: Will Do!!!!!! will it have your picture on it?

IL: Hi BRIAN!!!! I love you!

BH: Ugh........ok


IL: oh....Becky! Hi! I love your hair cut! does that make you go faster!?!

BC: No. I am fast because I have been working hard all season long, drilling technique, doing upper body work and dialing in my race pace. I am ready and its on! Chloe and I and gonna OWN this womens race!

IL: Ugh......ok.

(The HRT newsroom apologizes for the previous transcription of the interviews given by Ida. She is still searching for her journalistic voice/talent/use of the English language. None of these quotes should be taken as 100% accurate.)


Submitting Reporter: Ida Liku.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Director Declares ESGs a Triumph!

HURT stormed the ESG's with an uncountable amount of medals. Literally I lost count of them all.

Even the prodigious amounts of new snow could not slow down team HURT. A foot of snow fell Friday with light snow all day Saturday, then another two inches Saturday night and light snow Sunday. This made for soft track conditions.

The Director developing his strategy for the team.

Saturday Recap:

Saturday was the classic race with most racers settling on VR40 for kick. Oddly kick was not bomber even with fresh snow and cold temps. The deep soft snow was probably to blame. As a good strong kick would deform the soft track.

The HURT juniors took off early, showing the depth of the team. Becky Christoffel placed 4th, while Austin Huneck took the Silver and Adam Luban took 5th. The director ski'd his first ESG race and was quoted just before the race "these kids don't scare me, even though they are 2 feet taller than me and outweigh me by 50 lbs. I think I will just double pole the whole race to level the playing field." With this he was off and put in a good showing at his first ESG's.

Next the HURT masters stormed the course with Carol Fisher taking the Bronze and Jill Koziol taking 5th place. In the men's race Yarsevich placed 3rd overall (2nd M1) Matt T. took Gold in M2, Tim Huneck Silver in M5, and Ed Luban Gold in M6 and Dave Burt Silver. Utter domination was the scenario in M8 with a complete podium sweep by Matti T, Rene Clarke, and Eric Hamilton!

Sunday Recap (now with Pictures!):
Sunday was even softer track conditions that made for a tough 2nd day.

Austin Huneck started the day off in a big way, taking gold in the skate and overall pursuit.

The gutsiest ski of the day went to Adam Luban who had a major league battle for 3rd place in the pursuit, taking it in a sprint win!

Becky also took home Silver in the pursuit (she smiled the whole time too!).


In the Master's pursuit race Jill Koziol took silver in M2 and Carol Fisher took gold in M6. Heidi Underwood took gold in the skate portion only, after being stranded in Logan airport and having to ski overnight down the Mass Pike.

Matt T took gold in M2 and Bronze overall, Yarsevich silver in M1, Bob Underwood won the skate portion in M5, but did not ski on Saturday due to the Mass Pike incident (see above). Tim Huneck took silver M5, Ed Luban Gold M6, Dave Burt Silver M6, and the M8 thunder again swept the podium with Matti, Rene, and Eric!


"I would like to thank my sponsor, Atomic Skis!"


Great job to everyone this weekend!

The Director is now eyeing Championships! Look at that power!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

HURT Rocks the Haus

Team HURT brought the hurt to the Section 2 Championship Race Wednesday at Lapland Lake, snagging six spots on the state team. HURT was led by Will "Haus of Pain" Frielinghaus, who captured his second straight Section 2 title. HURT members Austin Huneck (5th), Brian Halligan (7th), and Brett Schlesier (8th) join Will on the state's team.

In the girls' race, HURT's Becky Christoffel (4th) and Chloe Boutelle (8th) threw down excellent races to earn a trip to states.

HURT junior Junior Development skiers Sarah Duclos, Amy Duclos, and Brain Chrzan also had fine races. These 8th and 9th graders experienced their first sectional action. Look for them on a state's team in the future.

On the western front, HURT's Adam Luban has pre-qualified for states from section 3. Expect Adam to come up big in his sectional race Friday.

The Director was so excited by these results he attempted to enter a HURT team in the state relay race. Unfortunately, he was told that would not be possible since HURT is not technically a high school. The Director is looking into this matter and hopes to find a way around this detail by the time he gets to high school.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Sunday Feb. 13th saw the second running of the HURTathon ski event. Previously the event had been cancelled from its January 9th (due to poor snow conditions....and by “poor” we mean green grass and barely frozen ground) but with copious amounts of mid-season snow organizers had high hopes for perfect conditions and an ideal race weekend. Mother nature had other plans. Tree blow down and fluctuating temps had organizers working hard on Saturday to break the hard Queensbury crust and clear trails of debris.
Hat Nerz and the HRT newsroom caught up with the organizing trio of Kvam, Yarsevich and Huneck prior to the event to ask them about the challenges.

HRT: So last year for the Tri-HURT-athon you battled a course that had almost no snow. As your solution you dragged snow on sleds from the woods to fill in the course....Did this year go any smoother?

K,Y,H: You would think with several feet of snow it would have been a breeze. But this year instead of hand-dragging the snow out to be groomed....we had to hand drag the groomer through the snow.

HRT: Wha?!!!!

K,Y,T: excellent question, Hat. Well stated. The snow under the ice crust in our field was so soft that when the sled broke through the whole snowmobile would get sunk in and stuck. Our Great Director’s solution was to have us drag it inch by inch from the end of the field back into the woods where the snow was much firmer. He considered it a good strength workout and solid pre-race workout. And all the hours of raking the trails.....that merely cleared the way for more needles to fall on the trail that night......that was our cool-down. He did however, decide to rest most of the team in order to achieve great results today. But he seems to feel that if we are going to challenge for the NYSSRA relay cup the three of us need to “kick it up a notch”. Even HE, didn’t make it out today because he wanted to watch TBS movie marathon of “Dodgeball”...I think he finds it inspiring.

HRT: Did that backfire?

K,Y,T: Yeah it did. He is out of his mind....(oh gosh, did I say that outloud?....will he read this? shoot....I’m toast!)

HRT: Overall’d everything turn out.

K,Y,T: Overall, the event was a great success! Team HURT has the best race day volunteers, the best baking staff, best T-Shirts and the #1 awards-making team in the WHOLE-ENTIRE-WORLD-around-the-greater-saratoga-warren-county-area. We had a better turnout than last year’s Tri-HURTathon and and had several new skiers join us for our first ever “Pick Your Poison” try it event. You may just see these folks strapping on NYSSRA bibs in future races after the great success they had on our 5k race course. Our Kochers had a great time in the final event of the day and I think all of our 10K competitors enjoyed the challenge of choosing between double-poling on skate skis or striding the two main hills and switching their boards. It made for a unique added wrinkle to a normal ski race.
We really want to thank everyone who came out to support our event and we look forward to hosting another ski event next year. Congratulations to this years Men’s Champion: Tim Donahue from Manhattan Nordic racing and our Women’s Champion: Heidi Underwood from Team HURT.

Congrats to the many many local HURT members who came out to enjoy the race. We love having all the club support and its because of you all that we have one of the most successful local clubs in NYSSRA. HURT is nothing without skiers like you who want to get out an be part of community that just loves ski racing.

Check the results to see how our members did this year.

Please enjoy the few race photos and the short movie clip from the HRT newsroom.

P.S. We are sorry that our website, is not working properly. There has been some difficulty with our hosting and the problem soon should be worked out very soon.

Monday, February 14, 2011

3 Headed Monster Headed To Minnesota and JOs

HURT's 3 Headed Monster of J2 Studs have ALL qualified for JO's in Minnesota. This is an amazing accomplishment when you consider they only take six J2 skiers and three of them are on HURT!

Nice job and good luck at JOs!

Brian Halligan

Austin Huneck

Adam Luban

Thursday, February 10, 2011


Trails conditions are very good at Queensbury schools. There is plenty of snow and the base is firm and fast. We will be raking, grooming, and setting the course on Saturday beginning at 8am. Come join us if you would like!

Sunday registration begins at 8am, should be a fun day!

The Director demands your presence!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Super Bowl Fix

The Director may have sent the largest HURT contingent to the Loppet, but it wasn't the only game in town. The three-headed monster went to Old Forge to take on the final Junior Olympic qualifier of the season. As they have all season, the trio brought the HURT to the J2 field: A Huneck, 1st; B Halligan, 2nd; A Luban, 4th. Huneck was a mere 6 seconds off the fastest time of the day.

Bernadette O'brien also made the trek west for Team HURT and brought home the gold in the M6 class.

Halligan and Huneck hung around Old Forge and competed in biathlon Sunday. Halligan won the junior race, and Huneck, competing in his first biathlon, surprised himself by winning the novice class and by hitting 2 targets.

Sunday the Director himself sprang into action at the Dewey Mountain 5K freestyle. His father went along to try and win Peru Nordic's Super Bowl of Skiing and swipe the coveted foam finger. Since only Peruvians are allowed to enter this event, the elder Huneck went cleverly disguised as a mystery skier.

The two laps of the uphill, downhill course were made challenging by the fact that nearly everyone had done the Loppet the day before and by the 12 inches of soft snow that had fallen overnight. The race developed in slow motion and the "mystery skier" finished in the middle of the Peru Nordiques. Meanwhile the Director used his fresh legs and came away with the J3 win, showing the team how to earn big points.

Later, after the Super Bowl, the mystery skier was certain he would be given the finger. He had correctly picked the winner and the MVP. Only Peru's Keith Kogut had done the same. However, the mystery skier had come closer to predicting the game's final score than Kogut and had placed just ahead of him at Dewey Mt. But, like an election in a third world country, some sort of supercomputer denied the mystery skier the prize. The Director has spent the past two days searching the Internet for one of those supercomputers.

Meanwhile....riots and protests have broken out worldwide....

Lake Placid Loppet: So good it….HURTs

Saturday morning arrived with lots of sunshine, deep fresh snow, and quickly warming temperatures at Mount Van Hoevenberg. This played havoc with the HURT Classical team.

Yarsevich was heard saying “I have 10 layers of 3 different types of wax, to try and get some kick on the varying hard cold tracks, sunny hills, and torn up powder. In the end all 3 waxes let me down, I might as well had skate skis on going up Harry’s Hill the first lap in full sunshine. Don’t even get me started with the Toko Wax Tip, HF Blue, give me a break it was like 20 degrees by 9am!”

Huneck just went with “lots of layers of VR40” and it “kind of worked, sometimes, if I really was careful and patient.” Not what you want for the non-stop climbing of the Loppet.

But the fun, pain, and misery was not only limited to the classic racers. Matt and Dave braved the 50K skate and after the first lap it looked like a bomb had gone off in the skate lane. The hills were literally 6” deep in some spots. Legs have never hurt so badly! After the race Kvam stated “all those soft track skate sessions at QHS really paid off, I mean who knew skating in 6” of powder was good Loppet training!” Matt was more to the point “It felt like someone was charley horsing my legs for the last 20k or so, ouch!”

All in all it was a good day and we could still smile at the end of it. It was also nice to ski a marathon event in temperatures above single digits. Tim Huneck was so delirious he was planning on racing the next day at Dewey Mt, this guy is nuts!

HURT Loppet Results:

25K Freestyle

Alec Davis, 1st M8
Carol Fisher, 1st M6
Heidi Underwood, 2nd M3
Sherry Dixon, 2nd M7
Richard Dixon, 10th M7
Chris Kvam, 10th M1

25K Classic

Roger Henry, 1st M8
Rene Clark, 3rd M8
Dave Burt, 4th M6
Roy Keats, 4th M7

50K Freestyle

Matt Torniainen, 2nd M2
Dave Kvam, 3rd Sr

50K Classic

Tim Huneck, 1st M5
Chris Yarsevich, 2nd M1
Matti Torniainen, 2nd M8
Tom Wolski, 4th M7

Next is the HURTATHON, Sunday February 13th, 10am Queensbury Schools.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Glenville Hills Report

The HRT news team followed the race team to the newest and hottest nordic venue this past weekend nestled in Glenville, NY. While the trail system typically functions as the training grounds for Section 2's Scotia/Glenville Nordic team, this week it tested itself as the host of the Glenville Nordic Freestyle Race. The private trail system makes its way around in a mostly flat but still technical loop that offered racers very little time to ease off the pedal.

For HURT nordic is was a chance to lay claim to the NYSSRA team championship once and for all for this season. With upcoming off-season changes to the points system it appeared this would be the best chance for the team to take advantage of having a huge number racers spread over so many age groups. Additionally the location this past weekend was as big a home court advantage. Almost as big as the upcoming HURTATHON.

We caught up with the Director (who set the bar for the team and dominated the J3M race) after the race and asked him about the team's performance.

HRT: So what did you think of the race course, Director?

D: I was fully prepared for this race. And so was my team. I have spent hours and hours studying my "Ford-vs.-Chevy-Cyclone-Canyon-Racecar-and-Track-Set" and it helped us prepare for the twists and turns on this course. I may have paid a little too much attention to my full 360 loop-de-loop but it only cost me a few seconds in the race.

HRT: Any big performances in your perspective?

D: The race was highlighted by performances of new HURT members Chloe Boutelle and Becky Christoffel who skied to a 2nd and 4th place finish in the Scholastic Female race. We are really excited about the way these two ladies are skiing and they add
some big talent to our growing women's team. Having the Hamilton family, the Torniainen family and the "Queen" get out here and race was just awesome too. We had a big day!

HRT: Any disappointments?

D: Well. I don't how many more times Kvam is gonna be able to suit up and get beat down by M. Wynn. Race after race he just can't make the leap. I can't find a way to get that slacker in gear. He seems to be operating under a "first is the worst, second's the best" mantra that is just killing me. Torniainen and Kvam had a chance to team up to chase down the Peru powerhouse and they just couldn't pull it together. However, I am pretty pumped that Halligan and A.Huneck are getting their speed on. I guess the biggest positive is that after Wynn, the next five fastest times went to HURT skiers. That is real team power.

HRT: What's next?

D: Get ready for the LOPPET!!!!! WOOOOOHHOOOOO

Enjoy the video recap


The HURTATHON is back!

Plus the new Pick-Your-Poison Intro Race.

Sunday February 13, 2011

10am start time for Open/Masters skiers. 10:15am scholastic

Queensbury School Campus (Elementary School)

a 2K BKYSL race will follow the Try-it event.

10 km Continuous Pursuit Race: 5km mass start classic race, then skiers quickly switch skis in transition area and ski a 5km skate loop.

New this year will be the "Pick Your Poison Intro Race". This race is designed for new racers or recreational skiers who want to give racing a try. You can pick either classic or skate technique and ski one 5 km loop. The race will be a mass start and take place after the HURTATHON is over (around 11:15). This will allow minimal lap traffic, and no really fast guys wearing spandex passing the new skiers.

T-Shirts (with HURTathon logo) to the age group winners.

$20 for the HURTATHON or $10 for the "Pick-Your-Poison" race.

Bib Pickup at the Queensbury Elementary School Cafeteria 8-9:30am (bathrooms and indoor facilities available).


From The North: Exit 19 off I-87 Take left off exit, see below for further directions.

From The South: Exit 19 off I-87 Take left off exit, see below for further directions.

Travel 200 yards, to traffic light. Queensbury Middle School will be on your right. Take a right at this light, enter the Queensbury School Campus. Follow this winding road, passing over a few speed humps and passing the elementary school on the right. Park in the far right corner behind the elementary school.