Monday, April 1, 2013

Skiers are silly in the Spring

What do you get when you mix March 30th, sunshine, crust skiing, small furry animals and a few rolls of duct tape?  Why the EASTER SCRAMBLE of course!

In what hopefully will become a annual event, HURT nordic unveiled (or would that be "unbonneted") its first ever free, fun family costumed ski event at Saratoga Biathlon Club.  It was the first race in a series of Saturday spring time events at the Saratoga Biathlon club that included a biathlon TT, a "Learn to Biathlon" session and a BBQ picnic.  What a day it was!

The racing was fun and fierce and some huge deductions were made as skiers racers showed up in some great Easter themed outfits.  It was a learning experience for some as it was quickly realized that skiing with a basket is hard, but keeping eggs in your basket was even harder!  Some great engineering was seen on the trail!  When all the math was done and the deductions were tabulated the results showed some surprising upsets!

1) Austin Huneck - 6:11
2) Eric Seyse - 8:21
3) Dave PK - 8:31
4) Aaron Huneck - 8:55
5) Ben Anderson - 8:59
6) Seth Mares - 9:17
7) Matt Tornianen - 9:19
8) Brian Halligan - 9:22
9 Tim Huneck - 9:54
10) Owen Putnam - 11:06
11) Patrick Broderick - 11:17
12 Jan Mares - 11:26
13) Brian Chrzan - 12:15
14) Matt Forshey - 13:01
15) Chris and Ana Y - tandem - 14:22
16) Darryl - 14:27
17) Mikey Halligan 16:19
18) Curt Schreiner 16:49
19) John Schreiner 17:56
20) Eric Schreiner 19:54
21) Deb Nordyke 23:46
22) Katrin 23:55
23) Fraz Haas - 24:24
24) Gabriella and Felicity - 33:20
25) Rachel Yarsevich - 35:57
26) Gina Huneck - 36:07
27) Eric Hamilton - 42:03
28) Jackson Koziol - 44:45
29) Travis Koziol - 46:55

The pictures from the day tell the story so much better than any words on this blog.  This was a ton of fun and you will want to plan to join us next year for this end of season party!
They took away his chainsaw and gave him a gun....with a safety on it. 

Mikey Halligan protecting those eggs!

look at those massive biceps

Tandem winners Chris and Ana!

Great Learn to Biathlon fun!

Fun for Everyone!

Drafting off the cotton tails

He may have caught that rabbit in the woods

By far the best costume of the day by JAN MARES!