Thursday, February 16, 2017

HURTathon ushers in the POW

Sunday February 12 will go down as an epic day of 15K's of good-ol' fashioned-kick-a$%-nordic-winter magic!

 While the science is a bit sketchy, the HURT Nordic Directress has official tweetogrammed* that the old-school interval start, 15K, classic technique, HURTathon is directly responsible for bringing this region a week of the type of consistent cold weather and deep snowfalls associated with winters of yesteryears.  According to her spokesperson, any denial of correlation should be viewed as a use of alternative science.
*tweetogramming is now the official mode of communicating for any and all nordic despots.

Our fiercest leader

On Sunday, organizers set aside the modern trend for nordic-mass-start-sprint-race-freestyle-fast-and-furious-made-for-TV-racing in favor of a solo start 15K classic race.  It was glide-and-stride on mountainous terrain in dense fat-falling snowflakes...the kind of skiing that got Sven Utterstrom up the morning.
Sven. Just Sven.

And the people loved it.

The snows came, kick wax was perfect and 36 mighty nordies braved the tough climbs and the winter weather travel advisory to race for glory, guts and.....mountains of prizes.

Thanks to Polar, Vermont Peanut Butter Co, The Sportspage, Mt. Borah, Downhill Threads, The Barking Spider Pub, Basil and Wicks, The Lodge at Gore Mountain, Garnet Hill Ski Center, Kick Zone Media, Izzy's Deli, and Swix, racers were treated to great prize packages and raffle items.  It made for a fun day of skiing and winning for everyone on course.  Conditions were marvelous and the Gore staff made sure the place was primed for a great nordic skiing.

The only modern addition was color photography....Thanks to Kristin Halligan...

S. Tomb conquers her fears and tackles the Ski Bowl challenge! woot woo! Great job!

The nation

Other S. Tomb conquers his battle with elevation and distance


squad 2

H. Underwood shows how you....

make it to the top step.

....oh yeah...and piston bully grooming, corporate support, modern amenities, waxing facilities, indoor lodge.....but still. Sven would've been pumped. 

HURT hopes to build and improve this event in future winters and we really want to hear from YOU.  If you participated this year, please fill out this short survey.  

If you didn't come ski with us, we REALLY want to hear from you.  Let us know what we can do to make this event one you don't want to miss.  Please fill out this short survey. 

If you give us a few moments of your time, you will be entered into a drawing for one of 3 SWIX VIP cards that will give you massive discounts on Swix products.  The drawing will be on March 15th.  Thanks for your help.

Keep an eye on our EVENTS page for any additional Spring offerings.  With all this snow there is a real good chance that we will be putting together an infamous EASTER SCRAMBLE!  Stay tuned.