Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Suffer Season

Suffering through October and November is a ritual part of the nordic skiers calendar.  Daylight rapidly disappears, roads are often wet and leaf-filled, chill is in the air yet real snowpack seems hopelessly far away.  Meanwhile training volume and intensity gets ramped up and suffering takes on a whole new meaning.

Despite the apparent misery, it is also one of the most exciting times for HURT skiers.  Those in high school are looking forward to the start of their nordic season, new dates are added on the HURT calendar for team training and HURT Laydz sessions,  race dates are being solidified on the NYSSRA calendar , and new team gear and equipment comes rolling in from Mt. Borah and The Sportspage. Not to mention....HURT skiers secretly love all the hard training ;)

October also brings one of our favorite events: SUFFERFEST

It looks a little something like this...

It is the annual attempt by the Barbaric Berserkers of the Nordic Death Brigade to come south and establish nordic dominance.  Each year HURT has to show up in force to beat back the monsters of the north on the highway of hell known as Prospect highway.  Be sure you sharpen your ski tips, put on your fast wheels and prepare for the battle royale!

...only this is actually what they look like.

When: October 27th, 11:00am
Where: Prospect Mountain Highway, Lake George, NY
Details: Race starts at the toll base, ends at the top.  Bring shoes for the hike down and small bag to carry them up. Be there!


The team with the most NYSSRA members by November 1st wins the first "race".  POINTS ARE ON THE LINE!  Make yourself a member today!