Friday, November 29, 2013

Not a typical start

We here at the HRT newsroom have grown accustom to the following late November scene...

a) HURT nordic is fit, healthy and ready for the ski season to begin.
b) droves of HURT skiers descend on Kingston High School on a balmy November Sunday to ski away with the team title and enjoy a fun day of hammering away on rollerskis.
c) Return home to wait a month for snow to come. Athletes develop anxiety and frustration each day until the weather finally brings the desired white stuff.

Whelp...2013 has flipped this script right on its head and it has the HRT Newsroom anxiously awaiting the twists and turns of the season to be...

Here is what it looked like...

a) The planned contingent of HURT nordic skiers was decimated in the 11th hour by sickness as one by one HURT veterans pulled out of their Kingston commitment....leaving a small, stalwart shell of a team hoping to stave off challenging clubs from the area.
b) Frigid temps and high winds met the racers made the normal 'shorts-an-a-t-shirt' attire go right out the window.  Athletes were bundled like January in Finland.
c) Cold temps and wet weather means that many HURT skiers have been able to find local snow BEFORE thanksgiving...a rare treat for all.

What will this mean for the season to come?  With the early season sickness out of the way and lots of snow time on the horizon...does this have the Director smiling and licking his chops for a fifth team title?  Or does messing with the system mean all bets are off and its anyones game?

Stay tuned to find out....there is snow at VanHo and things are looking good for that season opener in a couple weeks.  Hope you are ready!!

Father Huneck was one of only a couple HURT master skiers to avoid the plague.

A. Duclos bests her sister by a hair on this day.

HURT squeaks out a team title thanks to some fast skiing and speedy wheels.  

Owen looks to win the "best hair" competition.  (didn't go to well for him)

The Duclos train skiing strong

HURT juniors carry the day.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ready for Kingston?


November.....turkeys are scared, pumpkins are ripe, and the annual Kingston Nordic Ski race is on the horizon.

Come join HURT nordic for the annual pilgrim-age...(sweeeeet pun, huh!) down to Kingston high school for the annual tour-de-neighborhood hosted by our southern friends.  Put on your fast race wheels and get ready to race!

See this link for registration information:

Email us at hurtnordic (at) if you are interested in carpooling or caravanning.

(visual approximation of a HURT carpool)