Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Directrix(s) Deliver 2014 Championship

With a mid-season change in leadership there was some doubt as to whether HURT nordic would have  the cohesion necessary to bring their fifth straight club championship title.  With two weeks to go and team registration low for the NYSSRA Championship weekend, organizers were struggling to find answers.  However, nothing gets peoples attention like a wailing baby, so up stepped Joey Jane PK to rally the group.  Co-Director, Anna Y stepped up from there (giving hugs to anyone wearing green and white since they all kinda look like "daddy") and the team showed up in a big way.
The Directrix brings out a great group of HURT LAYDZ

Not only did the HURT faithful show up to ski, but they showed up to work, bake, cook, organize, set up, run the biathlon range and basically put on a truly championship weekend in Lake Placid.  Special thanks to everyone who helped out to make the weekend such a big success.  On orders of the Directrix(s), Chris Y took the lead on running registration and being chief of race while being sidelined for a few weeks.  He was missed on course, but the event could not have happened without him.

Saturday's club relay was exciting to say the least!  DPK lead the way with the fastest classic split of the day although he and Cameron struggled on the range in the final leg and fell out of medal contention. The team of Ed L. and Tim H. faired well on the day following the sharp shooting of Tim who is second guessing many of his life choices and wondering what could have been if he had trained more with a rifle.  He noted that Norwegian biathlete O.E. Bjorndahlen is something like 78 years old and still winning medals.  Bob and Heidi mixed it up in the mix relay and posted some fast times in both the skate and classic legs. The big thrill of the day was the emergence of Gina H and Bernadette O. as a true force to be reckoned with.  They teamed up with Ethan Katz and Eric Hamilton and had a great time!  Basically...the classic, classic, skate, biathlon format made for some interested strategic decisions and ultimately the race was totally in doubt until the shots were fired and penalty loops were skied
....And everyone had a lot of fun.

Sunday brought perfect blue kickwax conditions, falling snow over a firm and fast track.  The field of 60+ racers was competitive and geared up for 3 loops of the Inner Loop and East Mountain.  The finish was on a dramatic climb out of the stadium up main street. The racing was fierce and near the front a chase group of DPK, Eric Seyse and Liam Mulshine (and ultimately Jan Wellford) formed which brought on many sharp attacks, lead changes and quality racing.  The four were unsuccessful in bringing in the very talented Nick Underwood and Paul Allison but the race for the third podium spot was an exciting one.  Bob Underwood skied to a top 10, followed by HURT skiers Owen Putnam, Cameron Lewis, Tim Huneck, Patrick Broderick, Ed Luban, Heidi Underwood, Roger Henry, Eric Hamilton, Richard Dixon and Sherry Dixon. Great results were posted by all athletes and full results can be seen here: 

At the end of the racing HURT nordic once again solidified the coveted CHAMPIONSHIP BANNER!  5 in row!  Next year, proposed changes to the system will make things a bit tighter, so be prepared for a tough title defense!

Rounding out the weekend were races in Biathlon, Ski-O and a Try-It for charity race.  HURT skiers were entered in all events and it goes to show just how dedicated our skiers are to this sport, their team and ski racing in NY.
(HURT organizes their first ever biathlon race....championship caliber!) 
We interviewed one of the Directrix(s) after the events on Sunday during her first family ski about the succcess of HURT nordic and all the amazing people who make up this team.

HRT: Do you have any thoughts on your teams success and the dedication they have to nordic racing?

D(x): blurrbubrbubuu  blurgg wahf wahf glug blrlub blurbl blurb (spew)

HRT: (We believe this to mean she is proud of everyone)

We want to thank Tom Williams and Sisu Racing for doing such an amazing job on timing all the races.  There professionalism and expertise was wonderful and we look forward to working with them in the future.

Stay tuned for a possible Spring race and information about our Summer offerings, information from the NYSSRA Nordic Spring Meeting and upcoming developments for the team.