Saturday, June 11, 2016

Team Testing

It is testing season for those in school and those in HURT country.  But unlike the chap pictured above, HURT skiers are enthusiastically crushing it on the slopes of West Mountain and roads in Saratoga.

Coach Halligan and the HURT uphill TT'ers ready to roll up West. 

The sessions this week are focused on gathering baseline times that can be used to track progress throughout the training season.  HURT's three tests: West Mountain uphill TT run, Canadian Strength Test, and a 2.97 K skate TT at SPAC.  We hope to see big gains in all areas as athletes prepare for the new season and JN's in Lake Placid.  Great job by the athletes who ripped through the rainy TT.  Success doesn't wait for sunny days!

Oh Canada!

West Results:
1.Brian Beyerbach--  16:01
2. Seamus Tomb--    17:26
3. Casey Tomb--       19:43
4.Harry Helinski--       20:35
5. Eliza Blood -       22:00
6. Brian Halligan--      23:00 **with back pack full of water bottles**
7. Brendan Tomb--     23:52
8. Steve Tomb--        27:57
9. Suzzane Tomb--    28:26

Canadian Strength Results
1) Brian Halligan*   306    *coach
2) Brian Beyerbach  270
3) Seamus Tomb   234
4) Harry Helinski   175
5) Casey Tomb   163
6) Brendan Tomb   145

Skate TT results
1) Brian Beyerbach   7:36
2) Brian Halligan*   8:04  
3) Dan Manzella  8:24
4) Seamus Tomb   8:56
5) Dave Paarlberg-Kvam*   9:02
6) Casey Tomb    9:51
7) Harry Helinski    11:59
8) Brendan Tomb     12:03

All HURT athletes will be rolling Tuesdays and the Silver Team rolls again on Fridays.  Keep your eye on the team schedule for times and locations.  If you miss us, we would love to see your best pics from Spring training.  Share with us on your tweet-o-gram and #RoadtoLP