Sunday, July 20, 2014

HURT in July - Camp review and team goings-on

Despite being the farthest month from reliable snow in NY, July is one of the best months of the year for HURT skiers.  Things were kicked off with a summer get-together featuring good food, good people and a pre-party bike ride for the roadies on the team. Thanks to the Halligans for hosting the party and everyone for coming…we missed those people that couldn't make it!

The Best Team around! 

The original Director does his best to honor one-half of the new Directress duo...

Hoping to mimic this…..
was actually more like this….

The real highlight for the month was the annual HURT nordic junior ski camp held at Camp Meadowbrook in Queensbury.  This year we had the largest group ever and the most skiers from Eastern NY.  The word is starting to get out to Section 2 skiers….if you want to ski fast in the winter, make sure you are at HURT camp in the summer!  Past years had seen temperatures frequently approach the 100 degree mark with humidity that would make you sweat just thinking about it.  This year, bright sun, comfortable temps and cool nights kept skiers feeling good and training hard.   

So much work was done over the week…..bounding intervals, strength training, agility (both on land and on skis), classic rollerskiing, skate OD's, double pole intervals, skate sprints, Uphill TT running, flexibility, video analysis… really had everything you need to be a better skier.  And everything was followed up with great food (a lot of food….wow….like so much food!!), trips out for Stewarts Ice Cream, Mini-golf and fun times around camp.   Our sponsors (Stewarts, The Sportspage and Rudy Project) did a lot to make sure our kids walked away with some great items and camp deals.  Special thanks to Coaches Adam Terko and Ethan Townsend who came down from St. Lawrence University to spend some time with our juniors.  HURT juniors were very well represented as Brian Chrzan, Adam Chrzan, Aaron Huneck, Owen Putman, Sarah Duclos, Amy Duclos, Patrick Broderick, Adam Marino, Connor Hyrnuk, Eliza Blood, Justin Caron and newest member Nathaniel Kinkaid all spent the week training at camp.  

Here are some photos from the week...
Buck Mountain Hike

Balance! Balance! Balance!

Striding it out

Back to the vans

Coach Underwood demos body position

DPK one-arm striding

Double Polin'
Coach Adam leads some easy skating

2014 West Mountain uphill TT
Connor H: 15:31
Coach Adam: 16:46
Brian C: 17:00
Eric H: 17:03
Aaron H: 17:20
Bryce: 18:15
Dave B: 18:55
Adam M: 19:14
Patrick B: 19:15
Austin: 19:48
Seamus: 19:37
Sarah D: 20:04
Owen P: 20:22
Justin C: 20:24
Adam C: 20:33
Amy D: 20:52
Nathaniel: 21:11
Val: 21:24
Dowon: 21:37
Casey: 21:41
Eliza: 21:58
Pablo: 22:25
Nico: 22:26
Emily A: 23:55
Brendan: 24:54
Amanda: 26:14
Maggie: 30:31
Claire: 30:52
Sophie: 30:53
Anna: 30:54

Team training will be continuing so keep tabs on the calendar….be sure to keep up the great summer training!  A camp video can be seen here: that shows some of the great skiing done by all the kids.  Enjoy!