Friday, August 26, 2011

Signin's, Wheelin's and Dealin's

It has been a big summer for HURT nordic and as September falls into view the Director and the HRT news team is proud to announce a number of important team developments. First THREE HUGE team signings....


HURT adds to it's already impressive roster, Vermont born and bred skier, Chris Lamothe. A veteran of both the New England racing scene and Clarkson University, Chris brings his fearless and powerfully competitive style to the Senior age group. Now a resident of Syracuse and staple of HURT West training session Chris is ready to grab the 2011-12 Senior title. We caught up with the Director to ask him about their newest acquisition.

D: "HURT had a big SR spot open this year as Kvam moves to the M1 ranks. This left a hole we needed to fill. After entertaining several hundred applicants we settled on the Chris. He brings an intensity that is unmatched in the nordic world. I mean look at this picture. This is Chris practicing classic sprint starts. I mean, if his skis move through that muck imagine what they will do on snow. It's a new era in NYS skiing.....the Lamothe era."

In addition, coach Stanley was able to finally work out a deal that signs Saratoga stud Seth Mares to team HURT. Mares joins an already intimidating force of J1 skiers on team HURT and looks like the "fearsome threesome" may have just added a 4th head. Stanley has convinced the Director that the addition of Mares to the Junior team will ensure that even with a massive turnout from the other Junior development teams in NY, HURT can still win the day.

D: "We are pumped to have Mares on the squad this year. He is like a loose canon. Unexpected. Daring. A speed demon on the snow with a competitive fire and a wild head of hair. This is just the edge HURT needs. I mean seriously....has anyone ever looked that good skiing in a cowboy hat? The competition won't even know what's coming!

In looking toward the future, HURT also signs Glens Falls young gun, Ethan Katz. After attending the HURT junior training camp and participating under the strict scrutiny of HURT coaches, it seems Katz is a perfect fit for future HURT dynasties. In just his first year on skis he posted numerous top 5 finishes and a win. He is big, strong, and fit and has proven he can make improvements in leaps and bounds. He plans on working hard in the HS development system and racing in HURT colors when available. He will bring some much needed junior points against the powerful RNR development program. The Director:

D: "Ethan is the future and the now of our franchise. We are looking to build from the bottom up and that starts with a strong development program. If we can bring in young skiers to learn under talent of our "Fearsome Threesome" (Luban, Huneck, Halligan) and older juniors W. Frielinghaus, B. Christoffel and C. Boutelle we are in for a bright future. Watch his results on the big board this season and you will see him climb!"

In other team news......HURT has formed a partnership with Rick Randall of Solobreak Sports. As the regional representative for Komperdell Nordic poles and Halti training apparel, HURT team members are being offered some wonderful ordering opportunities. In order to equip you with the best in nordic racing ski poles HURT members will be offered PRO-PRICING on race poles when ordered as a team. If you are looking for the best in FINNISH NORDIC APPAREL we will be able to purchase gear at WHOLESALE. (This is over 20% off!) We are still in the process of working out the specifics of our team order but we will be working hard to bring you the best deal possible. A big thank you goes out to Rick, the Solobreak team and the two new official sponsors of HURT NORDIC.



Have you ever wanted to look as good as Hannu Manninen? Stay tuned for more information!

D: "Can we sign this nordic combined superstar?".....stay tuned

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

HRT News Report: The Iron Maiden

As promised, the Director delivered on Iron Maiden day. His powerhouse trio of D.Kvam, A. Huneck and B. Halligan took off from the gun and kept the hard hitting attacks coming all morning against the largest and one of the toughest IMT fields in history. Motivated by enhanced team scoring and point premiums littered around the course, the HURT top guns went out hard with hopes of amassing enough points to win the Fernando Pizzaro Conquest of Peru Iron Maiden Team Championship Trophy. Even though HURT was outnumbered (with the trio joined by T. Huneck) they were able to collect the points, win the preems and sweep the IMT podium.

The full race report can be found by the IMT hosts here: Windbriefs

The HRT newsroom was on hand to photograph the day and catch up with athletes after their massive race effort:

T.Huneck Interview:

HRT: You seemed noticeably absent from the chase pack this year Tim? What happened?

TH: I was under strict orders from the Director to do two things...a) finish the race as fast as possible and b) not do any work for the multi-time champion Chris Rose. My execution of this plan may have been flawed....because it involved rolling right over my ski pole tip at the base of the HOD. This added some significant distance and time. However, the Director was pleased with my additional training volume and it should bode well on the slopes of Prospect Mtn.

HRT: So Kvam, big day for you! Odds makers had you just cracking the top 5. With some top juniors to race against, and some savvy race veterans in the field you really were up against it. Yet you really seemed to shed the voices of the critics and the ghosts of IMT pasts....tell us about your do you feel?

Kvam's post-race interview

Check out the rest of the photos of the day.

The Director leads the team to championship

The HURT sweep

Huneck up the HOD

The race field at the start of the race