Thursday, March 31, 2011

Late Season report from the South

The HRT news team has been put to the test this season as they have scoured the globe for updates and news from HURT skiers who are drawn to compete at the far away nordic hot spots around the globe. They have traveled to the World Masters in Silverstar, BC., Minnesota, remote locations in Vermont, The HIgh Peaks, Western New York, New England, Tug Hill, Pennsylvania and now.....West Virginia?

Thats right.....West Virginia!

The newest nordic hotbed. HURT was on the scene....and so was Hat and the rest of the News Team.

HEY 'YALL The Nordic World has come on down to the Mason-Dixon Line fo' SHo'! HURTS own James South has spent his winter training and donning the HURT colors at the "Coon Farm Whiskey and Grandpappy's Apple Fritter 25K Nordic Hootenanny" *

We caught up with Jim after the race to ask him how it went.

HRT: Well Jim, how was the racing in West Va?

JS: We Hat, It was a big challenge coming down here. First they almost didn't let me race. I had to sweet talk my way in and pay the extra "Yankee Bastard" Head tax. Apparently they felt that I would just come down and exploit the snow for my own profit. Then I had to deal with the local vernacular. It took a little while to understand the "Won, To, Tree, Git-R-done" starting format that the races used.

HRT: Once the race got going how did it go?

JS: It was fine through the first 5K but when I took the first feed and was fed "Granma's slow cooked grits" out of a Dixie Cup it really took me by surprise. Needless to say, the locals had the advantage after that and my stomach never quite got back in the game. But overall, it was a sweet event and I encourage y'all to swing on down and give WVA a real try. Wait....did I just say y'all?..Can you catch Southern? huhdamn!

full results here

Well thats it for now....Congrats to Jim and all the other world travelers. The HRT newsroom looks forward to the Spring exploits! Keep us posted.

*not the actual name of event

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Director Declares It's Still Ski Season

From the Office of the Director:

"While NYSEF is busy canceling this weekend's race, I have taken my team to a top secret training facility, to get in same late season work. As you can see, this secret facility still features tons of snow and great conditions, even with 60 degree days."

Here is a picture of the team still smiling before I cracked the whip.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 NYSSRA Championships

The last few days brought some wild weather to Mt Van Hoevenberg, bringing a lot of question marks to Saturday's Classical Championship race. But don't worry, The Director brought his game face!

Friday night brought cold enough temps to firm up the rain saturated snow pack and the groomers did a great job moving the course to the XC side and putting on a great race. There was a small amount of fresh snow over the glazed tracks and temps just below freezing. Covered klister was the wax of the day.

HURT came up big with many age groups wins and some great overall results.

Two of the four NYSSRA Champions Cups went to HURT skiers, congratulations Heidi Underwood and Brian Halligan to your overall wins!

Heidi won the race even after skiing half a lap with a broken pole and then another full lap with a pole WAY too big for her. This was all after showing up to the race with her husbands skis, that were about 4 sizes too big! Another fabulous result came from Carol Fisher placing 2nd overall! 1-2 for HURT in the women's championships! Kathy Schwenk and Jill Kozial rounded out the massive HURT point extravaganza in the woman's race.

Showing off that Underwood Technique!

In the men's race, HURT's Chris Yarsevich came tantalizing close to the overall win, skiing with the leaders through 3 laps, but could not hold onto John Santor's vicious acceleration "that kid is a double poling machine, maybe I should take up canoe racing too!" Yarsevich ended up 3rd overall (Gold in M1). Dave Kvam had a really strong first lap, then had to pull over to loose his lunch due to some potential poisoning by a rival club (cough, cough, Peru we're looking at you). Matt Torniainen put the hammer down when it counted to best a large pack at the end taking M2 Gold. Tim Huneck and Ed Luban also had good results, taking home Silver in M5 and Gold in M6. Matti Torniainen and Eric Hamilton scored huge points in the M8 division, locking up that division.

In the Junior Race, Brian Halligan walked away with the NYSSRA Championship cup, taking a commanding win. The Director also showed his stuff with a solid 3rd place, taking home the bronze.

Tomorrow are the sprint relays and the inevitable crowing of HURT as the supreme NYSSRA team of the entire universe! The Champions Banner will be coming home for the second consecutive year.

The Start

Chris, Matt, and Dave

Chris and John battling

The Pack

Tim and Eddie Hammering!

The Hamilton's bringing the HURT!

HURT Juniors, the future is here!

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Odd Odd-makers Odds - NYSSRA Champs 2011

With just a few hours away from closing the 2010-2011 registration for the NYSSRA state championship weekend vegas odds makers have been pouring over the confirmed participant list for the upcoming championship events that will be held at Mt. VanHoevenberg. Team HURT plans to send a host of competitors to cement their overall points team title and win the coveted NYSSRA champions relay victory.

Given the current data, the odd oddsmakers have released the following picks for those following the REAL March Madness event.

Saturdays biathlon race: HURT young-gun Brian Halligan looks to face off against father/wily-veteran Sean and a small but highly competitive field. This one is hard to pick...Weather could always be a factor. Race favorites could have a bad shooting day and underdogs could shoot the lights out. (hopefully not, they need those lights in the timing shed)

Odds: Take 4:1 that the all the bullets will be fired out the correct end of the gun.

Saturdays Championship 21K Classic Race

With a field that appears to be missing all three of last years top finishers this race could be wide open. Typical NYS powerhouse skiers from across the state are pulled away coaching in Minnesota or skiing in other races across New England. This does not mean we don't have a large and competitive field of skiers all itching to have their names etched onto the champions wall. (or is that "etching" to have their names "itched"?) anyways....

Chris Yarsevich: distance classic race are this HURT stud's specialty. And the race course plays well into his striding prowess and gritty determination. Big factor: is it his turn to take care of baby Ana's needs? If he has to drag Ana's ski-sled behind him look for him to slip back a spot or two.

Odds: 25:2 He has to stop at least once to change a diaper

Matt Tornianen: This years George Mason. Both names end with a "n". If you are picking a cinderella to go all the way place your peanuts on this fella. He has been skiing amazing lately and proved he has the strength and speed on classic skis in last years NYSSRA Champs relay. Big Factor: coaching could be a liability. Will he stop to correct technique as he passes by on his 2nd and 3rd lap? Or will he put on the blinders and ski to fame and glory?

Odds: Take 5:2 that the slipper fits.

David Kvam: A lot of "ifs" on this pick. Can he handle the starting speed of the Santor, Diehl, Yarsevich and other big double polers in the field? Can he draw on his fitness and other solid classic performances of early in the season? He hasn't seen a lot of classic distance races this season and this could be a problem. Don't count him out though. He has what it takes on skis and is a fierce tactician. Has proven he has the stuff to finish high in the standings.

Odds: Take 2:1 that he has eaten his oatmeal and his socks will match.

Eric Seyse: Always a competitor in a classic race. Coming of a Tourathon win. Big factor: racing the biathlon race in the morning. Has raced 732 times this year. Plans on racing the day before. Is racing right now. Will race after the event. Is he bionic?

Odds: Take 6:1 that he forgets to take his gun off before the start of the race.

Jon Santor, Jim Kobak and Chris Rose: The might of the Peru dynasty lies the hands of this powerhouse triad-of-destruction. look for team tactics, a fast start and calculated attacks that will look to break the strength of the HURT unit. It should be a battle royale on snow.

Odds: take 1:1 that they all toast to "Slayer" before, during and after the race.

Sundays Team relay: With the RNR group sadly missing from this years event it looks to be another wide open race. multiple teams from Peru, HURT, Glenville and other state teams look to mix it up in a format where anything can happen. HURT looks to be odds favorite to take the title but until the teams are official made it is just hard to say.

Odds: take 1:1 that HURT repeats as points champ! see you this weekend!

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

HURT prepares for NYSSRA champs

Calling all HURT-mates.

If you plan on racing in the NYSSRA championship relay competition on Sunday, please post a comment below and let the director know you will be there. Relay teams will be built and posted on Thursday with the official NYSSRA champs "Odd-Oddmakers-NYSSRA-Championship-Preview".

Hope to see you there.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Section 2 and HURT nordic roll at States!

HURT Juniors and section 2 lived up to the hype this week as they posted outstanding results at the High School State Championships held in Lake Placid. While skiers from all across the state posted excellent results, in the end it was a battle of state heavy weights Section V and Section II (Rochester and The Capital Region). Each region showed off their nordic strengths with team depth and impressive individual performances.
The HURT team sent section 2 coach/wax tech Dave Kvam and junior racers Becky Christoffel, Chloe Boutelle, Will Freilinghaus, Brett Schlesier, Austin Huneck, Brian Halligan (all from section 2) and Adam Luban (from section 3) to race in the events on Tuesday and Wednesday. Newsroom rookie, Ida Liku joined junior women Becky and Chloe as they were all on hand to video, pre and post race interview, document and cheer for the HURT racers.

Results for HURT juniors:
Classic Race:
junior women: 13th: Chloe Boutelle, 18th Becky Christoffel.

Classic Race
junior men: 6th WillFrielinghaus, 7th Brian Halligan, 9th Austin Huneck, 15 Brett Schlesier, 20th Adam Luban

(Top 20 for all HURT skiers!)

Skate Relay splits
junior women's: 24th Chloe Boutelle, 32nd Becky Christoffel,

Skate Relay splits
junior men's: 3rd Will Frielinghaus, 15th Brett Schlesier, 18th Brian Halligan, 24th Austin Huneck, and 27th Adam Luban.

(Will joined the Queesnbury school relay team in their convincing victory in the sprint relay and Brett, Brian and Austin skied to a forth place finish in a back and forth battle with the 3rd place HFL team.)

Full results can be found of both the classic distance race and the Sprint relay at the bottom of the Queensbury HIgh School sports page.

The following coverage of the mens classic race on Tuesday