Thursday, April 3, 2014

April 12th! Scramble Time!

Despite the warming temps Saratoga Biathlon Club still reports that they have SNOW! let’s race! Come to the second annual HURT Easter Scramble, on Saturday, April 12th.  Although we will be racing in Day, we want to make this a fundraiser for the Friends of Cole’s Woods.  They are working hard to improve the grooming and trails in the park by purchasing new equipment and fundraising for improved infrastructure. This event will begin at 10am. 
Here are the rules of the game:

  • All skiers will ski the a 4K loop.
  • Along the trail there will be 4 baskets of Easter Eggs. You have the OPTION to collect up to 2 Easter Eggs at each basket. (total 8 eggs per skier* see below)
  • Each egg has either a time bonus OR a time penalty. You must carry your eggs in someway over the whole course. If you bring and use a traditional wicker Easter basket to carry your eggs you will subtract 3 minutes off your 5K time.
  • For every Spring/Easter themed item you wear on your body you will be able to subtract 10 seconds off your race time.
  • The race will be FREE! but you can make an optional donation and ONE HUNDRED percent of your race fee will be donated to the “Friends of Cole’s Woods” and will go to the project fund.
  • For every dollar you donate on top of your race fee you can subtract an equal number of seconds off your race time.
  • This will be a unsanctioned-ski-at-your-own-risk family fun ski. Bring your kids and family!
  • Winner will receive a prize pack and chocolate-bunny-shaped-prize! 
     By request of the Directresses there are some additional Rules that all should be aware of:
    1) *plundering one's eggs directly from there basket is not allowed, however if an egg has been dropped along the trail it can be picked up by a trailing skier and added to their skier total
    If you are a skier attending from the Peru Nordic Masters...
    1) Any animals adorned on your body should not be recently slaughtered and/or at one time alive.
    2) There is a maximum 2 oz of external blood per skier rule....this is a family friendly ski event.
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