Thursday, May 1, 2014

May Day - final day of rest

Perhaps you are a person that fosters a sacred grove of trees, or a Druid who participates in oak worship. Or maybe you are a Scotsman who forms community circles and dances around your fire.

Or perhaps you are an activist in a battle with corporatist society who is continually trying to establish permanent, unbreakable industrial work discipline. And today is your day to revolt.

Either is May now and it is the start of your Spring training.  Sharpen the rollerski tips, break out the training log - April break is over!  The Directress(es) have had a busy month laying out plans for the off-season and there will be lots of opportunities for juniors and masters to get their fill of HURT training.  Doesn't matter if you are a U16, Post-grad or M8; we should have something for everyone.  Team training will start up on Mondays at 6pm for the next few months.  First session will be at SPAC and you should come prepared for rollerskiing, technique work, strength session or trail running (weather depending).  HURT camp is coming back to Queensbury on July 14th-19th and registrations are already being sent in.  This year's camp is sure to be the biggest one yet and you will want to reserve your spot before it closes out.  Coaches from the Saint Lawrence nordic ski team will be joining the coaching staff at this year's camp to take a look at some top talent and you will want to be ready for them.  There will also be some two-day training opportunities with some Olympic level skiers for athletes up in North Creek so you will want to keep your eye open for details on that.

Bottom line....enjoy your dance around the May pole today..... tomorrow, it is game on for WINTER 2014-2015.

Directrix PK has already done more pushups than you today!