Sunday, September 14, 2014

Fall Time!

Fall time is a great time of year...temps get cooler, cider donuts are back and rollerski sessions get more frequent and more intense.  Winter is coming and you can feel it in your bones (along side the exhaustion, soreness and general fatigue that comes from sharing a bedroom with an infant....oh sorry....that's just me).  Fall training days are in full swing and the Directress(es) are encouraging (demanding...they are very demanding...) everyone to come out and get some good team skiing in.  Tuesday night training is still rolling with Chris, Owen, Tim and co. leading the way at SPAC and the interval sessions are starting to ramp up fitness.  We have been planning some wicked weekend training departing from the Yarsevich-Center-of-Excellence in Greenfield, NY.  The first session saw Patrick, Owen, Chris, DPK, Brian and Sean joined by HURT new-comer Eric Rogers for a 30+K roll on some of the best training roads NY has to offer. The next weekend training day will be Saturday, Spetember 27th and following it will be a fall-time-potluck-HURT-celebration for  all team friends and family.  Email Chris for potluck details and directions.  We really hope to see you there! (you don't have to wear a bright yellow shirt was purely coincidence.....I swear it).  We are working out the details for our October dates so stay tuned for details.

On Sunday, please consider coming down to Siena College to join in the NYSSRA Nordic planning meeting.  NYSSRA is looking for fresh faces and new ideas as we plan for the winter race season.  The general meeting is scheduled for 12:30 and should last only a couple hours.  HURT will again place a bid to host the NYSSRA Championship Weekend up in Lake Placid (which was a HUGE success last year) and will be looking to find ways to implement Jan Mares' great idea of adding 5K race options for adult skiers at some NYSSRA races.  (which the mothers of HURT LAYDZ have already committed to DOMINATING).  Remember....what happens in the fall pays off in the winter....just like training and racing.  When great planning happens in the fall, great events happen in the winter.  We would love for you to be part of the process so please check out the info at and try to make it if you can.  

Thursday, September 11, 2014

September Training Update

The OD Rollerski originally scheduled for Sunday Sept 28th conflicts with the annual NYSSRA meeting!

Therefore, we will be holding the ski and potluck the day before, 9am Saturday September 27th.  We will start our ski at 9am from Chris' house and return around 11:45ish for a BBQ.

Please RSVP, so we can organize the lunch.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

October Training Days

HURT Nordic will be holding another in our series of Over Distance (OD) Training on Saturday October 11th at 9am.  We will be doing some easy L1-L2 skate skiing, covering 40 KM (about 3 hrs), starting from Chris' house.

Join us and please RSVP.