Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Kingston Follow-up

After the great success at the Kingston races, team director Aaron has setup a Wednesday night scrimmage against another tough opponent. Watch out, they mean business!

Monday, November 23, 2009

With Diehl or no Diehl H.U.R.T rolls in Kingston

Ever a student of history, team director Aaron sent the majority of his army of skiers into the suburban jungle of Kingston this past weekend in a way that was modeled after the British failed attempt to separate the colonies in 1777 . The precise organization, timing, carpooling and transportation of gear was eerily similar to the way the British troops hauled their canons over the foothills of the Adirondacks those many years ago. Aaron, however was hoping to avoid the pitfalls that befell those redcoats at Saratoga and Fort Stanwix....

So he had his team wear green instead. Failure averted.

While most nordic skiers either found their way to West Yellowstone or Beitostoelen, Norway this past weekend, Aaron decided that a good early season test for his band of skiers was to race against a hearty and enthusiastic mob of middle school girls and some local talented junior boys. Aaron said after the race "I wanted to simulate some of the race conditions that my guys will see throughout the season. The agility, body awareness and mental focus needed to negotiate through these types of crowds is something that can't be simulated in a workout. Not to mention the crowd noise! The high pitched screaming and cheering is something we need to get accustomed to."

He followed that statement shortly there after by saying..."Besides, I am not 100% sure they have been training hard enough to race against competition that is stiffer than what they saw today....It may have been good that they go into the season with a little bit of winners confidence."

He was visibly pleased with the effort he saw from Martin Donnelly-Heg who finished 1st in the classic and 2nd in the skate. "I think the girls put it best when they said "he's a beast" and "he's hot". He gave the MVP for the day to Jim South who planned a short vacation around the rollerski races to show his true dedication to the team and the team director. Aaron said "Everyone should model there behavior after Jim...do what I say, when I say it and be willing to go anywhere to ski for HURT!" The only big disappointment was that rollerski speed-ster Doug Diehl has been sidelined with a early season injury. Aaron assures he'll be back soon.

Other strong performances were put down by Chris Yarsevich, Tim Huneck, Justin Tetlow, Dave Kvam, Andy Farry, Sean (Hurt-for-a-day) Halligan, Chris and Will Freilinghaus, Brian Halligan and Carol Fischer (thanks to Carol for filling the women's requirement and earning Team HURT the championship.)

Aaron was asked about the individual performances and he credits Justin Tetlow with the performance of the day with a monster 5K classic race (3rd place on undoped wheels) that finished in a dramatic sprint with Bob Underwood. In fact Aaron credits Tetlow with doing just enough to impress Underwood and convince him to throw his family support behind Team HURT for the 2009-10 season.

When asked about Kvam's performance he said "If that guy gets one more 7th place finish he and I are going to win in Vegas and buy the team a ski tunnel."

Special Thanks to Greg Malia for hosting an awesome event with great prizes, donations, sponsors and amazing lunch buffet. I would be willing to bet that the Chili in West Yellowstone was not as good as that found in Kingston.

Enjoy the following episode of HURT television which was shot with the help from a group from the Kingston girls nordic team. Its a truly unique perspective into the world of ski racing.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Team Director Declaration!

Team HURT Overlord/Team Director (Aaron) Declares:

"The Kingston rollerski races are coming up in just two days, so I ordered my team to get all their whining and complaining out of the way on Saturday. Therefore, I am sending them on a 45K over distance rollerski with a few thousand feet of climbing thrown in for good measure. I figure they can get all their slowness, bad technique, pulled and overtired muscles out of the way on Saturday, in order to be really fast on Sunday. Hey it worked the day before Sufferfest! You know what they say, if it ain't broke, break it, or is it fix it?. I always confuse those two."


Monday, November 16, 2009

Rollerski Domination

Any HURT members who want to join in on the rollerski races in Kingston this Sunday should let me know by Tuesday night (thuneck@nycap.rr.com, or reply to this post). The maximum entry fee for a team is $100. We can divide that by however many skiers we have and bring the entry fee down, maybe way down. Right now we have 6 for sure -me, Dave, Chris, Doug, MDH, Andy, and possibly Brian and Sean. Anybody else?

I have to let the promoter know our team via email Wednesday. We can fill out forms and pay down there on race day. Join the fun and add to HURT's domination. And, if you know any women who want to race, sign them up so we can enter the team championship. We need at least one. They don't even have to be a HURT member, just HURT for a day.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Plans for Kingston Domination

Team HURT is getting it together for the Kingston Rollerski races next weekend. We plan on bringing a strong team of open and masters skiers to show those "downstaters" how it's done! See you there!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Wednesday Night (11/11) Training Update

The HURT team has been enjoying the traffic free back loop in SPAC these last few weeks. This portion of the park is closed at 5pm, so it becomes our own personal rollerski course. It's nice to ski in the dark without worrying about being hit my a soccer mom driving her 5,000lb SUV excessively fast while screaming at her kids and talking on the phone.

This past week, we changed it up a bit and did a strength specific double poling workout brought to us by Team HURT's own Justin. It was a great drill and I can still feel it in my lower back, but it's a good burn!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Festival of Pain!

This Sunday saw the close of the HURT Festival of Pain. This ancient Pagan festival is steeped in tradition and since the dawn of man has seen massive amounts of rollerskiing and running to evoke the gods of endurance, high performance and winter weather. This tradition was carried on in force as HURT skiers banded together this past weekend for a solid three day training block.

(our ancient forefathers preparing to rollerski....before they realized cloaks made for a great deal of wind resistance)

Team Director Aaron was more than pleased that the final event, Peru Nordic sponsored SUFFERFEST, brought out the best in his nordic team. Race Winner Doug Diehl, was joined by Chris Yarsevich, Martin Donnelly-Heg, Andy Farry, Dave Kvam, Justin Tetlow, Dave Burt, Tim Huneck and his brother Austin Huneck. Team HURT was the most well represented team at the SUFFERFEST event, followed closely by rival Peru squad. While pleased with the win, Huneck was even more pleased that EVERYONE on his team dropped massive amounts of time of their respective PR's.

Team Director Aaron, ever the perfectionist, was a little annoyed that older brother Huneck chose to ride up the mountain on a bike. After the event Huneck was quoted as saying "I know big bro was used to help dad to a strong performance by lugging up his gear but I would have much preferred if he had loaded up a toboggan and dragged it up on skis. I mean I don't think thats an unreasonable expectation! The guy didn't run on Friday or ski 44K Saturday! He's fresh as a daisy! I'll have to work harder to whip him into shape."

In response to his younger brother's comments Austin quietly pounded his fist a bit and turned his head away grumbling.....our reporter said it sounded like ".....just you wait....grumble grumble...pound grumble face"

Congrats to all the skiers who enjoyed the perfect day up Prospect and enjoy the latest episode of HURT Television.


In other HURT news....Aaron did not waste time relishing the small gains of the past few days. He was immediately off to bolster the squad in anyway possible. In what many see as a bold move he went out and signed the veteran skier Rene Clark to the squad. When asked about the recent signing he said "Look...I know Rene has had some bad luck in past years with the broken shoulder, damaged sight, stiff neck, sore knees, bruised arms, pinched nerves, tweaked muscles, turned ankles, tooth aches and hang nails but thats all in the past. The guy has the heart of a champion and is without a doubt in a class all by himself...Do they even have NYSSRA classes that high? But anyways...if they do, he will dominate and earn us many many team points."

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Festival of Hurt 2/3rds Complete

After beating back the night and the cold temperature, team HURT managed to bang out a good 80 minutes and 10 miles of over distance running.

Here is the team just before setting out.

Team Director Aaron Huneck studied the results of the 10 mile run and proclaimed "You guys should have ran at least double that, are you trying out for the modified girls color guard team or something!"

After the verbal tongue lashing, team HURT had to redouble our efforts. Day two brought sunshine and lots of K's on the rollerskis.

And some serious climbing. We added this dead end hill to the ski, just to save us from Aaron's wrath, determined to work hard enough to please him.

We were so far out in the boonies, the ubiquitous Stewart's Convenient Stores did not even exist, only local Mom's and Pop's.

Tomorrow is the final day of the weekend, with Sufferfest looming!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Festival of HURT Begins Tonight

A message from HURT Team Director:


Ok team, it's time to work and feel the HURT!

See you tonight at 5pm at SPAC. Park in the lot next to the Gideon Putnam Hotel (not the actual Gideon lot). We will running about 10 miles. Bring a light and a reflective vest if you have one.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

major signings for HURT team director

While most of the guys spent Wednesday adding volume and calculated intensity to their weekly training schedule, Aaron was out writing contracts and doling out wads of cash to his two newest HURT members. Despite multiple attempts using common communication methods that failed, Aaron and his prize competitors were not disheartened...especially when the new skiers realized now they had enough 500 dollar bills to finally buy "Park Place". Just before the final trade deadline, he locked up the talent of MATT TORNIAINEN and DAVE BURT.

Aaron was quoted as saying. "We have locked up some big talent here today....Matt has a champions history and from what I have seen, he is well on his way back to fitness of old....Dave is a bit of a wild card, I know the guy shoots a great game of golf and he brings years of ski race experience to our youngsters. I believe their may be some speed left in those ol' legs and besides....I freakin' love that yellow hat!"

Check out the full growing race squad at http://www.hurtnordic.netne.net/RaceTeam.html

Be sure to join Team Hurt for the "Festival of PAIN" this Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Friday: "Run 'till it HURTS"....5pm....Gideon Putnam Parking lot at SPAC
Saturday: "Ski 'till it BURNS"....9am....CY's house...directions forth-coming
Sunday: "SUFFERFEST.....9:30am.....Prospect Mountain Highway...Lake George

Aaron will be there with a bull-whip and a clip board so don't miss a single moment.

Tune in to next week for HURT TV of the weekends festivities.

Saturday 40K Rollerski

We will be starting the 40K rollerski on Saturday at 9am in Saratoga. We will start from my house, I will email out my address. If I don't have your email, drop me a line at.... cyarsev@gmail


Suit Size Kits Have Arrived

Today, the suit size kits arrived. They sent full suits (tops and bottoms) in every size from XS-XL.

I tried on the Small and Medium. I was wearing my normal skiing clothes underneath (long john bottoms, t-shirt, long sleeve, and a tight stretchy vest).

I would say the bottoms fit true to size. I am almost always a small in everything and the small suit bottoms fit well.

The tops run tight. I fit in the small, but the armpits and chest were tight. I think I will be ordering a medium top, to better accommodate extra layers.

Small Suit

Medium Suit

Monday, November 2, 2009

HURT Festival of Pain LOOMS

This Friday (11-6-09) kicks off the HURT Festival of Pain, an over distance weekend extravanganza!

Meet at SPAC (parking lot next to the Gideon Putnam) at 5pm. We will plan on a 10 Mile Run, bring a reflective vest and a light.

If people are interested we can carb up for Saturday with Pizza and beer after the run.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Saratoga Fall Back 5 Trail Run

I ran the Saratoga Fall Back 5 Trail run this morning. Nordic legend, Bobby Underwood taught me a lesson, beating me by over two minutes, ouch! We need to get him on team HURT.