Sunday, February 16, 2014


Mid-season turmoil! The Director is ousted!  A coup of epic proportions!

The anemic performance at yesterdays mini-marathon by team HURT has done in the once proud and uber-confident Driector Koziol.  But the following grievances have been cited against the Director...

1) The top 10 points earners in the NYSSRA Championship series features only 1 HURT athlete.  unacceptable.

2) It has been reported that the mighty Brian Halligan was given two pairs skis from the Director prior to his triumphant return to Saratoga Biathlon Club where he was supposed to set his sights on the mini-marathon course record.  The result....not one, but two pairs of inadequate bindings.   

3) Once Halligan crashed out of the race (twice) DPK was unable to maintain the pace set by the powerful Tornianen and he was content to drift back in a race for second and third with Stan-the man- Hatch.  This tactic has been deemed unacceptable by the standards set forth in the original team manifesto.   

4) The total points by HURT in the mini-marathon was not even good enough to bring them into the top 3 of team points totals.  Unacceptable. Only three athletes competed under the HURT standard. 

5) The Director has done a very poor job on controlling his media empire designed to bring coverage of weekend racing.  Unacceptable. 

6) The System of Patriarchy that has dominated HURT nation lo these many seasons has been deemed unacceptable by the masses.  Ladyz rule.  

7) It has been found out the recent 2014 version of the HURT race suit was untested prior to competition this year.  Shani Davis is not happy his new HURT suit is not up to standards.  

So what happens next?  Director is out. Time for HURT to flip the script. With three weeks left in the season there is still a chance for HURT skiers to get in the top ten and solidify dominance in the team points competition.  

Dual-Directoresses have risen up on the momentum of the masses and snatched power from the Director and thrown him out of his ivory tower. Look for a much more hands-on and far more demanding style of leadership. 

All Ye of HURT nation...your new leaders.... Anna Y and Josephine "Joey" Jane PK.  


Your presence is demanded at the Cookie-Clash and NYSSRA Championships.  Be there.  And bring a clean diaper.  

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

February Push

To date, the winter weather and racing season has been a tricky one for the HURT faithful: snow conditions have proved challenging at times, NYSSRA calendar races have been cancelled or postponed, Junior ranks have seen a lot of turnover from seasons past, and the rise have Adirondack Vauhti and Peru's top speed have had a lot of people questioning HURT ability to match speed and be relevant contenders.

The current Director has yet to been seen at NYSSRA races this season and many are wondering if his days are numbered. Not to mention masters ranks have been battling sickness and scheduling conflicts all season long.  Despite the fact that HURT has only 2 top points earners in the NYSSRA top 10,  many team members have stepped up to get out and race and grab points where they can....enough so that in the team competition it looks like they are once again poised to grab top honors.  A lot depends on the February push...

With February come fresh snow (a lot of it) and some of the best races of the season.  ADK Vauhti kicked the month off strong with a skiathlon event at Garnet Hill.  The 2 x 8K race featured fun tactical racing that put a small but race-savvy group against a deep Peru lineup and the fast skiing Vauhti team.

The trio of DPK, MDH and T. Huneck battled it out for strong finishes, with DPK leading the way and grabbing a podium spot...fighting tooth-and-nail with Tornianen and Wellford the whole way.

Up next this month comes the highly anticipated Empire State Games.  This year it features a distance skate race and two sprint events as a classic 7.5K on Sunday.  Lots of points, pride and glory are up for grabs.  The Ducli twins (through coercion, bribery and trickery...mostly) have been able to round up a massive junior field and for the price of lodging, pizza and some muffins are hoping to stack the juniors field with some major points earners.

The HRT newsroom is sending a full team of photographers and videographers to document the weekend.  For some in HURT nation, the weekend is overshadowed by the arrival PK heiress who is expected to grab top honors in the U0 age category (which also brings meaning to "February Push").

Rounding out the month bring the fan-favorites..."The Mini-Marathon" the "Tourathon" the "Shen Classic" and of course the "Cookie Clash".  Any combination of these races will have HURT skiers primed and ready for the championship weekend in March.  Stay tuned for more pictures, results and maybe a movie...

(sorry about the lack of movies this season, thus far...)

Ready to "Dual"

Father Huneck skiing strong