Friday, November 24, 2017

Happy Waxing Day

Now that you have finished your Thursday Thanksgiving feast, your 9pm "just one more plate of stuffing" snack, and your 2am cry-in-shame-piece-of-pumpkin-pie it is time to welcome in the start of the season. No, not the holiday season....the ski season.

The all-mighty powers-that-be at HURT Nation would like to formally dictate the day after Thanksgiving to be Waxing Day and thanks to some great developments in the New York Racing Scene the last few years your traditional waxing day festivities won't go unrewarded.  Here is your official guide to Waxing Day...

1) Gore is Ready.  They have got 1.5K of groomed corduroy and the Nordic Center is open.  Coach Underwood and Coach Allison are hosting a Saturday/Sunday Thanksgiving camp for junior skiers looking to make that transition from rollerski to snow.  And pass-holders and Masters skiers are welcome to ditch the bike trainer and running shoes in favor of their winter boards.  So come on out!
2) Lake Placid is Ready. Thanks to the magic of the Van Ho garden hose there is now a majestic pile of white ready to be spread on a 1.5K loop at Van Ho.  And you've got a waffle cabin.  What's not to love? Take the drive and enjoy the start of winter.

3) Ready for the Racing Season. Maybe you have decided that tangling up at the Craftsbury Season opener on Nov. 25th isn't you thing...that is okay.  December 8th, 9th and 10th is the start of our local race season and there is some great racing and spectating is to be had at the North Creek Nordic Fest.  Saturday the 9th will feature a Classic 5K/10K and Sunday the 10th will have some citizen sprints.  A fun way to kick off the racing season! Read more about it and find registration links here:

4) YOU CAN BE READY TOO!'s #waxingday.  
First, turn on the Ruka Triple.  Then, dig out your favorite pair of training skis. Find the scraper stuck at the bottom of your bike tool kit. Clean off last year's klister from it.  Scrape off the storage wax.  Iron on a combination of CH and turkey grease.  And snap a photo.  Make it of the ski prep.  Or of your first ski.  Gore, LP or whereever the heck in Canada you are.....doesn't matter. 

Post your best #waxingday photo and tag @hurtnordic from Nov. 24th-26th and Directress JJPK will select her favorite photo and send you a prize-of-something.  Not sure what yet....but the thing about HURT Nordic is that.....we give good prizes.

Happy Waxing Day.