Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Records and Rainbows

The Director has heads turning in Clifton Park.  In back to back weeks HURT has seen a record number of junior and master skiers get together in Clifton Park for the Monday night workout.  Normally known as a soccer town, Clifton Park is poised to change the town name (Ski-ville), town logo, town slogan ("Clifton Park - a Great Place to Live, Work and Rollerski on Monday nights") based on the new dedication shown by the HURT skiers.  HURT juniors are amping up for summer camps and HURT masters are gearing up for the IMT, Prospect Climb and an early winter.  

Even the rain couldn't dampen the HURT spirits or keep the masses away.  Not only did Chris Y, Andy W, DPK, Tim H, Austin H, Aaron H, Becky C, Katie C, Brian H, Sara D, Amy D and Chloe B all make it out to ski in the rain but the HURT hikin' division was launched as Ann C, Gina H, and Mary D strapped on their parkas and headed off down the Zim Smith Trail. (It is unknown just how long the trek lasted or if they were waylaid by a trail side coffee shop or martini bar.) But it is speculated that the three brave hikers went "a distance".  

The Clifton Park show is traveling north next week.  We hope to bring these numbers up to the Warren County bikeway and get some of the HURT northerners in on the action.  Come on! Bring out your skis and get your game on!

Big turnout in CP.

Mother Nature responds to HURT enthusiasm by changing her attitude
Visual approximation of the HURT hiking division 

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Super Fun at the SuperFund

This past Monday saw HURT nordic move their team training to a new training facility for the 2012 summer season.  Luther Forest Tech park in Malta, NY.  The move has caught the attention of skeptics and team critics from across the nation.  Luther Forest, an ex-"SUPERFUND" site, had the reputation of producing more three-eyed fish than top caliber nordic skiers for decades. But with new Saudi investment, (don't those Saudi's know a thing or two about top caliber nordic skiing? They at least can afford a team bus, right?), access to top of the line micro-chip technology (it's not's bugging), and brand new running trails,  wide bike paths and rolling hills the new Director has the team  staring down the barrel to greatness......or at the very least, a third eye.

So...those things scoop out ALL the toxic rocket chemicals out right?

Luther Forest Tech Park......trails galore!

Great Bike Paths

Here is the Director breaking away from the peloton.

While the Director has yet to join his club on rollerskis he is providing plenty of motivation as he is flexing his dominance in the world of pee-wee cycling.  Whatever he is doing, it seems to be working because this past training session had a group that nearly rivaled peak 2009 training group numbers when hardmen MDH, J. Tetlow and Andy Farry were regulars on the circuit.  Things are certainly picking up as DPK, Chris Y, Tim H, Austin H, Becky C, Katie C, Andy W all made it out on Monday! Grab your rollerskis and come join us.  Next Monday we will be skiing in Country Knolls at 6:30. That's a new later time now that we have late daylight. Come and get after it!