Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Huneck's tackle the Patch Sprint

The end of May brings summer-series racing around the state.  Whether it is on a mountain bike, running, road bike or rollerskiing, HURT athletes are improving fitness and jumping in off-season races to keep their engine tuned.  For the first time ever, HURT sent two star athletes to challenge the trail running legions who annually compete in the Patch Sprint Trail race in the Adirondacks.

Typically this is a race that is dominated by Peru faithful.  Situated in the belly of the beast (backyard of Peru Nordic) the race held a number of questions for the rookie racers.  Would their be trail markers? Would their be a trail? Would I get attacked by hawks? Should I wear my gorilla suit? Do I have to carry a foam finger? How many times do I have change costumes?  

The antics of Patch Sprint trekkers and trainers have been well-documented at Windbriefs and the Hunecks had to be prepared for anything.

All these questions were answered on race day.

A. Huneck challenged the race leaders early and competed the three peak summits in 4th place, father Huneck took advantage of some 46 high peak experience and finished in a solid 6th.  They were tripped up at the gorilla suit, tele-tubby suit exchange at the base of Sugarloaf and with a year experience under their belts they should be back to challenge for the title. You can read an in depth race report here.  

Congrats to both racers!  Now get on ya' skis and get ready for the IMT.

HURT charging at the start.

The race leaders at the second costume exchange at the base of sugarloaf (visual approximation)

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Get Ch'a Train On!

Director Decree....

May 14th.  New Season.  New Goals.  New Director.  Get cha' Train on!

See you on the trails.  Check the team schedule on the website for details.