Friday, August 16, 2013

What the fall brings

Lots of questions are swirling around HURT nation as August winds down and a busy autumn looms.  Will HURT be able to respond effectively to the loss of talented skiers to Adirondack Vauhti? Can they recover with the graduation of many of their top points earners and talented juniors? Will they cement a dynasty with a half-decade of NYSSRA team titles? Can they finally get it together and win the team championship relay? Can the Director cope with the pressure? (photo evidence shows it may not be going well....
(oh dear...)

The answer so far has been simple...we gotta train. hard. and a lot.  If a resurgence is going to come, it is gonna be because new stars are willing to step up to the fill the void.  For HURT, Matt Forshey seems poised to take the bull by the horns to lead the next crop of top talent.  He has already notched some great junior performances on the range of Jericho  and is building some great form into the early season.  If Matt doesn't provide the answer, it looks like a certain dynamic duo will lead the way.  It is unknown who it will be, but HURT has some double-trouble coming down the line....will it be "The Ducli" twins Sarah and Amy?? The "CHAAAAZAM" brothers Adam and Brian? Or perhaps "Tom and Jerry" duo of Owen Putnam and Aaron Huneck?  The season hasn't really started so any number of HURT juniors could find themselves in the driver seat of the teams success.  Surprises are sure to come up! 

Get to training and join us for the season!

(visual approximation of how Aaron and Owen ski together)

Here is a little bit of what we've been up to: