Friday, May 28, 2010

HURT in the heat.

The HRT news team caught up with HURT skiers on a scorcher of a day Wednesday evening. With temps in 90+ it was hard to imagine cold weather and snow would ever again be an environmental possibility, but stalwarts Chris, Tim and Dave found their skate legs and followed it up with ski drills and circuit training. Much to the amazement of the packs of roaming dogs, (and roaming owners) that the taken over once skiable Kinns Road Park.

Conspicuously absent was the eldest Huneck son who came down with a severe case of the "whinies". Apparently this a severe heat induced illness the makes physical movement nye on impossible. We don't have much more information on his case because our medical journalist called in today and complained it was too hot.

Epidemic? we certainly hope not.

The Team Director was unavailable for comment. He was playing soccer in 90+ degree weather.

Meet next Wednesday on the Malta bike path at 5:00. Bring your shoes for drills and a new exercise to add to the circuit.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Investigative Report. Wednesday Update.

We here at the HRT news room bring you the following news updates from HURT base camp for the following news reports on the news that is making the news headlines ....

1) Wednesday saw stalwart skiers gather in CP for a wet and rainy double pole in Clifton Park. Yarsevich, Kvam and the Huneck men teamed up for some solid base work on the gradual terrain surrounding CP's suburban jungle. This is the second week in a row Austin has joined the aging veterans. His J2 compadres had best be warned.

2) HURT has launched HURT Velo as way to bring cycling into focus as off-season training. Join HURT members for posted rides on the Team Schedule and keep updated as HURT athletes compete in road races, cyclocross events, MTB rides and tri events. If you are newly interested in HURT join us for a bike ride and see perhaps in time be brainwashed into strapping rollerskis to your legs.

3) HRT news room picked up a story printed on tuesday edition of al jazeera...It appears that HURT Director Aaron Huneck has claimed responsibility for an attack on a unnamed Peru Nordic skier. The Al Jazeera report indicates that a bird of prey was used to wound said skier while he was isolated on a training mission. After some intense investigative reporting it turns out said bird of prey was confirmed as the same bird of prey that until recently lived in the tree behind the Huneck residence. Upon further review of old photo documentation taken by HRT journalists it appears there is evidence that said bird of prey is in fact close to the nordic team director.

When asked about the relationship the Director said:
"The actions of the bird were totally free from any directive from me. We chatted about how Peru could be working toward a big comeback after last season, but other than that....I didn't do nothing ever not not ever nothing anything."

We'll see if league sanctions are levied on the team.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Spring 2010: back in action

It has been a tumultuous spring for HURT chief-director-and-overlord-A. Huneck. Amid swirling rumors of being overpaid and threatening to cut back on the team roster to streamline for the future seasons, The Director has had a lot of questions to answer.
-Where is the team bus?
-How come we have no snow gun at Crandall Park?
-Where are the millions from the Tri-HURT-athon?
-Does Aaron even care about supporting the athletes?

Many of these questions were raised in parallel with internal changes with USSA and the reporting staff here at HRT News room doesn't feel it was a coincidence. It didn't help that Aaron was repeatedly spotted with USSA director John Farra after budget woes hit USA skiing. Many HURT faithful questioned whether it was the lack of team financial support that stymied attempts to put HURT team members on the NYSSRA podiums. What if Aaron hadn't invested in Fast Wax Bronze?!?!?! and went for Ski-Go or Holmenkol?

It came to a steaming boil a few weeks ago week when Aaron left sister and the teams only Senior female skier Emma Huneck stranded in Europe. Aaron kept spouting the fact the volcanic ash had made things truly impossible. But many insiders in the HURT camp feel The Director could have done more

T. Huneck: "doesn't the team bus he promised us double as a fan boat?...Is this a sign of things to come? Will he just ignore our needs?"

Austin Huneck: "I don't think he really even wanted her back...its a big sister, little brother thing...ya know."

E. Huneck: "Whateva...psh....its freakin France....this article is lame."

R. Clarke: "Is this why i didn't get my M9 medal at ESG's?!"

When asked to respond all the Director could say was "WHAT!!!...its a volcano people....a volcano!!!"

Despite the early season controversy. Athletes have been getting back into action. Tetlows finding soild running form and Kvam has been building up the bike miles. Goals have been set: TEAM CHAMPS AND TOP REALY TEAM IN 2011! Rochester is the clear talent mark and a reloading and rebuilding Peru is still on the radar. Time to get out and get it on!


MEET WEDNESDAY: SPAC....TRAIL RUN...and strategic planning. 5pm parking lot near the Gideon.