Sunday, July 23, 2017

Camping With Purpose

HURT camp this year was all about PURPOSE. Why are we doing this?  Skiing in the summer? runs?...strength sessions?....time trials?...drills?...

Some of our juniors living the nordic lifestyle were given a chance confront themselves and ask these questions.  Why are we here? What goals are we after?  Why are we committed to this? Why do set our sights on a moving target of "personal betterment"?

And less-existentially, we focused on how can this session, and this activity, and how this moment can improve us as a skier.  It is a way to create purpose in the coming dog-days of summer.

(Truthfully, what we really were speaking about were ways to love every mile of the journey) 

It was an amazing week as HURT camp stormed into its 7th rendition.  The largest skier attendance at camp was greeted with the largest guest attendance from our homies up at Mansfield Nordic Club.  and the weather didn't disappoint...HURT=hot. And the depth of junior talent, grit, competitiveness, and drive dwarfed all previous years.  The words of Coach Tomb never rang more true..."it was awesome." Our few pics fall short of describing it all, but here is your internet glimpse of the week that was:
"Ma Man" getting after the "boot slide grind".

Quincy and Nino.  The West Mountain champs. ummm....What does Nino DO with all his uphill TT poles?  

"Wanna know how I got these scars?"  - Jason "Joker" Cork

Q and A with US Ski's J.C.

Coach Kate rips the agility course

oh right.....body position.

and activate those hips!

As couldn't be done without the great support from Stewart's Shops,  Price Chopper, Rudy Project, The Sportspage Ski Shop, and the great nordic coaches in Section 2 who are willing to contribute their time, energy and passion to help make the week great. 

Results from the 2017 West Mountain TT (at bottom):

Freestyle TT results

Brian Beyerbach 7:42
Paul Allison*  7:54
Adam Terko* 8:02
Ian Thompson 8:32
Nino Manzella 8:48
Dan Manzella 8:59
Aaron Huneck 9:07
Seamus Tomb 9:07
Dave PK* 9:19
Frago 9:27
Andrew Warfle 9:42
Bryce Beyerbach 9:46
Alex W. 9:49
Simon 9:55
Justin Caron 9:57
Emily A 10:04
Rylan 10:08
Erik S. 10:13
Eve 10:24
Julianne 10:36
Casey 10:42
Joe 10:43
Emily G. 10:52
Kate 11:07
Amelia 11:08
Soyhun 11:24
Brendan 11:27
Aidan 11:41
Zach 12:02
Analise 12:05
Jack 12:16
Ethan 12:19
Liam 12:23
Gabe 12:23
Paul 13:07
John 13:59
Mikeeli 13:59
Emily P 14:27