Tuesday, August 26, 2014

September Training Days

HURT Nordic will be holding two OD training days this September.  Mark you calendars for September 7th and 27th.  We will be starting at 9am from Chris' new house, where there is crazy good roller skiing terrain (lots and lots of hills).  Email us if you need directions.

September 7th, 9am will be 2 hrs (~30km) of easy skate skiing.

DATE CHANGE: Now Saturday 9/27
September 27th, 9am will be 2.5 hrs (~35km)  of easy skate skiing.  Following this ski we will do a lunch potluck/BBQ at Chris'.  Please let us know if you are planning to attend and we can organize dishes to share.

A preview of some of the terrain.  Newly paved, little traffic, and this is not even the steep one!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Number 23

One of the great features of fasterskier.com is the athlete blogs. They are inspirational, instructional, and offer a cool window into the professional world of the sport we love.  Jessie Diggins posted a great piece on the importance and value of having a team both on and off the trails. This could not be truer.  As a way to thank the Chrzan, Mares and Hunecks for their generosity and time, along with thanking all the other wonderful people who make up the HURT family, I wanted to add a special number 23....

23) They will help you move.... and despite the change in miles, they will keep you close.

One of the great things about HURT is that we go from Syracuse, NY (and north of Syracuse) to now Manchester, VT, but we still have a way of keeping it close.  That is no little thing.  Small (and big) efforts and close friendships make this possible. Thanks to everyone for all you do to make this team great.

Thanks for helping the Directress PK and her Proxy move into their new home in Manchester! 

FOR THE FALL:  Keep an eye on the team calendar.  Chris and Tim will be leading team training on a new night (Tuesday) and there will be some Saturday/Sunday rollerskis planned and added very soon.  Those will happen through the fall. Chris' new house has access to TONS of beautiful training roads around Greenfield.  We will see you then!

Also....Keep an eye out for info on the annual SUFFERFEST rollerski race up Prospect Mountain. 

Oh....and P.S. Which one you punks stole our measuring spoons! Adam!!!!