Wednesday, September 30, 2009

1st Annual HURT Festival of Pain

A Note From HURT Team Director (Aaron):


"With Sufferfest only a little more than a month away, I need to make sure my team is preparing well. So I thought to myself, why don't we just get the suffering out of the way earlier in the weekend, so we are good and ready for Sunday November 8th? Therefore, team HURT will be doing some major training just before the annual Sufferfest. I feel this could reap huge benefits or totally blow up in my face, as long as I don't have to do it, I'm not too concerned."

HURT Festival of Pain

Day 1: Friday November 6,2009
Run till it hurts (or just gets dark). 10-13 miles of distance, followed by recovery beer and pizza. Location still TBD.

Day 2:
Saturday November 7, 2009
50K Overdistance rollerski,through the hills and mountains of Corinth, and Porters Corners outside of Saratoga. Bring your climbing chops!

Day 3: Sunday November 8, 2009
The Annual Sufferfest up Prospect Mountain in Lake George.
"If my team can still stand and actually shows up, I figure they can at least make it to the top with minimal whining."

H.U.R.T training 9/30 in CP

Team Director Aaron Huneck declares..."If Peru Nordic declares Oct. 1st the start of their ski season, we will make today the start of ours! One step ahead of them...that will be our mantra." And so it was...

First official HURT ski was held tonight in Clifton Park in blowing winds, waning light and a threat of rain. Welcome to fall training in NY. Tetlow, Kvam, Yarsevich and Huneck (Tim) gathered for a set of pickups on Hills Rd in Clifton Park. Talk of strategy and training plans dominated the evening as plans have started to come together for a season of domination. All eyes are set on the (soon to be VERY hyped up) brand new relay format at NYSSRA championships in February.

Aaron (Bruyneel) Huneck likes match ups he sees early on. "Teams like Peru, Rochester and others have strong teams but I think we keep getting stronger. Besides isn't the format for the new relay swim, bike, ski?"

When corrected he declined to comment....

Details on Next weeks training will be found on both the new HURT calendar found at and in blog format posted on Mondays. See you next Wednesday.

Huneck plans to take a page out of Bruyneel's playbook...

Saturday, September 26, 2009

H.U.R.T launches new site.

The newly formed Hudson United Racing Team is officially launching the new online home for team skiers. Visit this site for movies, race schedules, skier profiles, training opportunities and a host of nordic ski links. The address is

(Please note the non-traditional suffix at the end of the hosting does that sometimes)

Some important info....

The 2009-2010 HURT squad is an ambitious and dedicated group of nordic athletes with a wide range of skiing and racing backgrounds. The diversity of this group is a true asset in their pursuit to win the NYSSRA series points title. The core founders of the group are skiers who organized themselves after participating in a series of Unaffiliated training sessions hosted by the UUSRS organization staff. Those Wednesday night training session will continue through the fall and winter and continue to move around to venues around Saratoga, Albany and Warren counties.

However, for infomation on the training events do not expect a post from the old UUSRS blog. Please visit the new TEAM SCHEDULE found at HURT Team Director, Aaron Huneck, in an unprecedented financial move, bought out the contracts THE ENTIRE UUSRS staff and hired them to do all the new web work for team H.U.R.T through the 2015 season. When asked about his decision to recruit the seasoned UUSRS staff, and in doing so use most of the team financial war chest, he said "what? you gotta problem? I like the pictures those guys post"

When asked if the teams money would have been better spent on high-flourocarbonated wax he responded with

Anyways...whats done is done...and for information on team training visit the google calendar for details.

Aarons final question by the press asked if the team had been fully finalized for the 2009-2010 season. Aaron said "Not by a long shot. We have a great group but I want to go after NYSEF! I have made some calls, cashed in some favors, spoken to my peeps, and have a very influential person probing the area for more speed. Hopefully we can get more skiers signed before the flakes fly." Aaron would not reveal the name of his nordic source. He just kept referring to him/her as "DEEP SNOW"

Who is Deep Snow? Nobody seems to know.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Welcome to HURT nordic

HEY ALL!  This will be the place to find updates, info, news, comments and stories from fellow team members.  If you are on the team you can be giving access to this blog and contribute as often as you would like.  Send me an email to to get the password so you can add to the news page.  

If you would like to join the team use the same email above and I'll add you to our growing 2009-2010 race team.  

RACE TEAM:  We will be placing the order for the race suit at the end of October.  Tim will be organizing the collection of funds and the final order and will be giving more info about that soon.  email if you want to order a suit.