Sunday, December 22, 2013

All that for pie?

Pouring rain, dense fog, spring temps and a slushy ski course greeted HURT skiers desperate for ski action yesterday in Osceola for the annual "Pie Race".  With treacherous winter storm conditions sidelining many HURT racers from last weekends opener in Lake Placid the Director was not about to let Mother Nature keep his team from raking in the points again.

So, under strict orders many brave souls drove west with trunks packed with their water skis and floaty-wings.

Poles were rendered next to useless on the soft deep snow of Osceola that had been saturated by the day of rain, visibility and course conditions made "survival" and "keeping equipment from breaking" the main goals for the day.  With legions of high school skiers skiing the course first, the human sized craters that blanketed the trail made for quite a memorable/forgettable "ski race".

The visuals tell the tale....
Visual approximation of the ski trails

Team photo after the event

Mid-race action. 

We interviewed some of the HURT athletes after the event about their experience....

Matt F:  "The more you fall, the more points you get right? I got a "6"!  BOOYAH!"

Chris Y: "Even my pie is wet."

DPK: "Poling would have been nice."

Owen P: "Thankfully my coach made me do a no-pole workout on Friday....I was good and warmed up...tired....but warmed up."

Ed L: Home course advantage!....these suckas don't ski enough on the TUG! 

Bernadette: I drove 6 hours for this?  at least the pie is here.

Seth: "Now I remember why I moved to the U.P! "

Let's all hope the weather rights itself and we can get some real ski racing in. Results here.  Kudos to the Camden crew who ran this race for all.  We thank you and hope you are dry.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Shock Wei-ves

From the desk of the HRT newroom!....shocking report!

The NYSSRA race season is poised to begin a little more than a week from now and most teams are getting together their plans for the season push for the championship.  Last week the HRT news desk picked up a message from the Peru Nordic rumor mill that Andy "Layer of Waste" Wei had been seduced by the black blood brigade and sold his soul to the Denizens of the North.  

Initially it was thought that this was nothing but a nasty rumor/misinformation/news report designed to intimidate, confuse and bewilder the nordic ski community.  How could Andy Wei leave a tried and true winning program for the champions-of-second-place?  Didn't he just drop some serious coin for the HURT racing kit?
Does the unassuming Mr. Wei really moonlight as a serious headbanger/thrasher?  

The HRT newsroom dove deep into this story...following leads to Boston, Glens Falls, Germany, The pits of hell, and Peru, NY to find the truth and get questions answered....

These pictures tell the tale...

Kiss Rocks Boston...special guest Andy Wei....1994

Dusseldorf Metal-Fest 2009

Peru Nordic Weekly training - Peru, NY

The following email was sent from an undisclosed location somewhere between the earth's mantle and outer core....

Dear HURT,
      I have always been a big heavy metal fan, have given in, and signed with Peru... just fits my style better... their blog entry on training zones based on Metallica songs... was 1) hillarious, and 2) works!  Hard diagonal striding uphill on frozen Marwes to "Battery" is awesome...

We caught up with the Director Koziol after the news of this event....

HRT: Are you surprised at the 11th our roster deal offered to Andy Wei by Peru?

D:  Shocked.  Even for Peru this type of coercion is out of their normal bag of tricks.  They really must be gunning for the title this year and are going no-holds-barred.  We suspect that we will see some HURT clad effigies in Andy Wei gear midway up Russian hill. 

HRT: What is your response going to be?  

D:  I am going to be tossing a lot of support to our young talented junior squad this season.  We are excited about the Connor H. threat from the Syracuse area.  We are going for young stars and this guy has a bright future on snow.  The thing about HURT is that we find ways to bounce back.

HRT: If it doesn't pay off, will you be dethroned or resign in disgrace?

D:  for sure, it will be done Napoleon style. 

Friday, November 29, 2013

Not a typical start

We here at the HRT newsroom have grown accustom to the following late November scene...

a) HURT nordic is fit, healthy and ready for the ski season to begin.
b) droves of HURT skiers descend on Kingston High School on a balmy November Sunday to ski away with the team title and enjoy a fun day of hammering away on rollerskis.
c) Return home to wait a month for snow to come. Athletes develop anxiety and frustration each day until the weather finally brings the desired white stuff.

Whelp...2013 has flipped this script right on its head and it has the HRT Newsroom anxiously awaiting the twists and turns of the season to be...

Here is what it looked like...

a) The planned contingent of HURT nordic skiers was decimated in the 11th hour by sickness as one by one HURT veterans pulled out of their Kingston commitment....leaving a small, stalwart shell of a team hoping to stave off challenging clubs from the area.
b) Frigid temps and high winds met the racers made the normal 'shorts-an-a-t-shirt' attire go right out the window.  Athletes were bundled like January in Finland.
c) Cold temps and wet weather means that many HURT skiers have been able to find local snow BEFORE thanksgiving...a rare treat for all.

What will this mean for the season to come?  With the early season sickness out of the way and lots of snow time on the horizon...does this have the Director smiling and licking his chops for a fifth team title?  Or does messing with the system mean all bets are off and its anyones game?

Stay tuned to find out....there is snow at VanHo and things are looking good for that season opener in a couple weeks.  Hope you are ready!!

Father Huneck was one of only a couple HURT master skiers to avoid the plague.

A. Duclos bests her sister by a hair on this day.

HURT squeaks out a team title thanks to some fast skiing and speedy wheels.  

Owen looks to win the "best hair" competition.  (didn't go to well for him)

The Duclos train skiing strong

HURT juniors carry the day.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Ready for Kingston?


November.....turkeys are scared, pumpkins are ripe, and the annual Kingston Nordic Ski race is on the horizon.

Come join HURT nordic for the annual pilgrim-age...(sweeeeet pun, huh!) down to Kingston high school for the annual tour-de-neighborhood hosted by our southern friends.  Put on your fast race wheels and get ready to race!

See this link for registration information:

Email us at hurtnordic (at) if you are interested in carpooling or caravanning.

(visual approximation of a HURT carpool)

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Suffer Season

Suffering through October and November is a ritual part of the nordic skiers calendar.  Daylight rapidly disappears, roads are often wet and leaf-filled, chill is in the air yet real snowpack seems hopelessly far away.  Meanwhile training volume and intensity gets ramped up and suffering takes on a whole new meaning.

Despite the apparent misery, it is also one of the most exciting times for HURT skiers.  Those in high school are looking forward to the start of their nordic season, new dates are added on the HURT calendar for team training and HURT Laydz sessions,  race dates are being solidified on the NYSSRA calendar , and new team gear and equipment comes rolling in from Mt. Borah and The Sportspage. Not to mention....HURT skiers secretly love all the hard training ;)

October also brings one of our favorite events: SUFFERFEST

It looks a little something like this...

It is the annual attempt by the Barbaric Berserkers of the Nordic Death Brigade to come south and establish nordic dominance.  Each year HURT has to show up in force to beat back the monsters of the north on the highway of hell known as Prospect highway.  Be sure you sharpen your ski tips, put on your fast wheels and prepare for the battle royale!

...only this is actually what they look like.

When: October 27th, 11:00am
Where: Prospect Mountain Highway, Lake George, NY
Details: Race starts at the toll base, ends at the top.  Bring shoes for the hike down and small bag to carry them up. Be there!


The team with the most NYSSRA members by November 1st wins the first "race".  POINTS ARE ON THE LINE!  Make yourself a member today!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

From the Castle

Several HURT nordic skiers made there way up for the annual start-of-ski-season event on the Whiteface highway known as the Climb-to-the-Castle.  The press was out and about snapping pictures and snagging interviews and the following pictures and captions tell the tale...

The ex-Director thinking about how much more bovine hemoglobin he can realistically pump into his doped wheels.

Mr. "I will never do this event again" Huneck looking pleased that he nailed the clothing for the weather this year....shorts: warm and sunny at the suit top: windy and cold at the summit.

Owen "was this really my idea?" Putman skiing strong to the finish

We don't know what is going on here, the colors are too dull to make anything out.

HURT men gettin' it done on tough day! (Missing top HURT finisher and SLU stud
Will Frielinghaus...he is doing repeats of the hill.....Congrats to all)

This is the "Ugh...sorry coach...yes, we did come al the way up to Lake Placid with our rollerskis in the car only to stand up here and watch people ski by.  Now, how many pushups do we have to do?" picture.

ex-Director leading the way for the HURT juniors. 

Senior Stud Frielinghaus Shows his Skiing Stuff for SLU

Thursday, September 19, 2013


Can a four-time reigning champion be an underdog?  The HRT newsroom was shocked when the AP Polls were released this week following the annual NY "Welcome-to-Nordic-Season" event known as the NYSEF Climb to the Castle rollerski sufferfest.

The top five preseason ranked teams...

AP Preseason NYSSRA Nordic Rankings: 
1) Peru Nordic - new additions and a strong endorsement from nordic champion/mountain goat/USSAbadass L. Stephen
2) RNR - reloaded and always a lot of Junior talent
3) HURT - we can't kick the champs out of the top 3...yet
4) ADK Vauhti - New kids on the block. Lots of enthusiasm
5) Cayuga Nordic - lots of age group points from this team of nordic stalwarts

(for full rankings of all the nordic clubs visit

News has been swirling this off-season that this may be the end of HURT nordics championship run...with a high graduation rate, departure of all the members of famed "Three-headed-monster" (and all its derivations), and the schism caused by the formation of upstart Adirondack Vauhti... this has all left HURT nordic looking leaderless and directionless entering fall rollerski season.  This is not helped by the fact that the brothers-Koziol (Jackson and Travis) seem to look increasing alike...The HRT newsroom spent the last two hours taking to "The Director" about the upcoming season*...

HRT: What are your hopes for the upcoming season?

D: I like sledding.

HRT: Can you recover from the loss of so much team talent?

D: You know whose got talent?  America.  I saw that on TV.

HRT: How has training been going?


*(There is a chance we may have interviewed the wrong Koziol...we are looking into it.)

How will HURT Nordic Respond?  What will be the new teams identity? How will the new landscape of NYSSRA Nordic be formed this race season?

We look forward to answering all these questions as the season ramps up.  It all starts this weekend at the Fall bi-annual NYSSRA meeting where race dates and season calendars get laid out.  Come be part of the process and help grow nordic skiing in NY.  Visit this page for full details:  We'd love to have your input and help.

Another friendly reminder...if you, your parents, brother, sister, dog, neighbor, classmate or friendly neighborhood Olympian has not signed up for NYSSRA and HURT...encourage them to do so.

Stay tuned for information on the upcoming race season and fall training events.  

Friday, August 16, 2013

What the fall brings

Lots of questions are swirling around HURT nation as August winds down and a busy autumn looms.  Will HURT be able to respond effectively to the loss of talented skiers to Adirondack Vauhti? Can they recover with the graduation of many of their top points earners and talented juniors? Will they cement a dynasty with a half-decade of NYSSRA team titles? Can they finally get it together and win the team championship relay? Can the Director cope with the pressure? (photo evidence shows it may not be going well....
(oh dear...)

The answer so far has been simple...we gotta train. hard. and a lot.  If a resurgence is going to come, it is gonna be because new stars are willing to step up to the fill the void.  For HURT, Matt Forshey seems poised to take the bull by the horns to lead the next crop of top talent.  He has already notched some great junior performances on the range of Jericho  and is building some great form into the early season.  If Matt doesn't provide the answer, it looks like a certain dynamic duo will lead the way.  It is unknown who it will be, but HURT has some double-trouble coming down the line....will it be "The Ducli" twins Sarah and Amy?? The "CHAAAAZAM" brothers Adam and Brian? Or perhaps "Tom and Jerry" duo of Owen Putnam and Aaron Huneck?  The season hasn't really started so any number of HURT juniors could find themselves in the driver seat of the teams success.  Surprises are sure to come up! 

Get to training and join us for the season!

(visual approximation of how Aaron and Owen ski together)

Here is a little bit of what we've been up to:

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Not Dry Heat

In 2012, HURT nordic hosted a junior ski camp that ended up being during one of the hottest weeks of the calendar year.  So for the last twelve months HURT organizers have been poring over meteorological charts, weather maps, doppler radar and farmers almanacs that would help them pick a nice summer week of good weather, modest temperatures and low humidity.

Needless to say, HURT organizers really stink at being meteorologists.

The 2013 HURT camp was a humid, brutal sweat-fest with temps nearing the triple digits with air so thick you could chew it.  It did not keep skiers from thinking about the upcoming winter and the nordic race season.  The athletes beat the heat and took major steps toward reaching their individual goals of top finishes in JN Qualifers, Junior Nationals, Eastern High School Champs, J2 (U16) championships and club and school races.  It was a week that brought together skiers from RNR, NYSEF, HURT, and unattached skiers from all across the state.

The week was filled with strength sessions, OD skis, technique work, classic intervals, skate sprints, agility on dryland and skis, uphill time trials, mountain hike, and bounding sessions.....all that balanced out with plenty of swimming, splash pads, ping pong, napping, eating and recovering.  We would like to thank again STEWARTS SHOPS who donated ice cream sundaes for our kids and PRICE CHOPPER who donated a nice gift card for food.  We also want to thank THE SPORTS PAGE who continues to support the HURT nordic team and our nordic events.

It was a great week for NY skiing and youth skiing.  Visit our facebook page to view a video recap of the weeks happenings.  Here are a few pics:

summit of Buck Mtn

Our Camp Champions

West Mtn TT

Here are the final results for our camp competitions:

Dryland Speed and Agility:
Tommy Ernst  1:46
Sarah Duclos  1:47
Adam Luban  1:58
Matt Forshey  2:02
Amy Duclos  2:08
Adam Marino  2:10
Brian Chrzan  2:11
John Ferrone  2:12
Adam Chrzan  2:12
Maddi Schriefer  2:17
Owen Putnam  2:24
Megan Kellogg  2:25
Aaron Huneck  2:26
Gabbi Rodbell  2:29
Emily Cromie  2:29
Connor Hyrnuk  2:31
Eric Houk  2:33
Ethan Katz  2:39
Everett Sapp  2:39
Ryan Young  2:57
Maile Sapp  3:01
Ben Francisco  3:08
Eliza Blood  3:13

Uphill Time Trial Run
Ben Anderson - guest  14:44
Adam Luban  15:15
Jason Hettenbaugh - coach  15:19
Matt Forshey  16:44
Connor Hyrnuk  17:07
Aaron Huneck  18:32
Ryan Young  18:33
Tommy Ernst  18:35
Brian Chrzan  18:41
Eric Houk  18:42
Seth Mares - guest  18:57
Jon Ferrone  19:22
Adam Marino  19:41
Megan Kellogg  20:03
Sarah Duclos  21:07
Amy Duclos  21:31
Ethan Katz  22:38
Owen Putnam  22:51
Maddie Schreifer  25:50
Adam Chrzan  27:15
Ben Francisco  28:09
Gabbi Rodbell  29:55
Eliza Blood  32:07
Emily A.  33:38
Maggie Borgos  33:51

Ski Agility Course
Matt Forshey 1:00
Everett Sapp 1:00.13
Adam Luban 1:02
Austin Huneck - guest 1:08
Adam Marino 1:09
Eric Houk 1:10
Connor Hyrnuk 1:10
Ryan Young 1:12
Aaron Huneck 1:13
Maile Sapp 1:14
Sarah Duclos 1:19
Amy Duclos 1:20
Adam Chrzan 1:23
Ben Francisco 1:23
Maddi Schreifer 1:25
Ethan Katz 1:26
Megan Kellogg 1:26
John Ferrone 1:27
Brian Chrzan 1:29
Gabbi Rodbell 1:34
Eliza Blood 1:37
Emily Cromie 1:47

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Congrads Grads!

Big going-ons in HURT country this weekend as the team prepares to send off its first group of graduating juniors from high school.  Several of these young men and women have been with HURT nordic since its humble beginnings (when they were forced into service by their parents) but have consistently raced in HURT green, lead their respective high school teams and become powerhouses in NY nordic community.

Congrats to Austin H, Brain H, Emma U, Ben A, Seth M. and 1/2 of Adam L as they celebrate their achievements and look forward to new adventures.  Everyone at HURT nordic wishes Brian and Austin the best of luck as they take their talents to the Maine Winter Sports Center to take the next step in their ski career, and to Adam Luban (skiing for NCAA powerhouse Middlebury) and Seth Mares (up in the U.P. of Michigan), and to Emma (at UNH)  and Ben (some wicked-smaaaart place) as they pursue their goals and find time for snow.

The HURT news team has been to all the graduation/awards ceremonies/recognition banquets/proms/parties/senior days and compiled a short visual approximation of everyones end of the school year.  The following link should sum up pretty much all the June happenings of our recent graduates:


Cool to see this......
turn into this. 

On to the SUMMER!  

Important news:

1) Sign up for HURT camp! Info is found here:
 Sign up before June 28th so you can get in on the camp T-Shirt order

2) Team training for adults, juniors, W.I.N.O.S, hikers and any local skiers is on Monday nights at 6pm.  Check the HURT team calendar for details on location because we move around the area from week to week.  If you want to ski fast in the winter, put the time in now!  Join us!

3) Please support the Cole's Woods Investment Project!  We are trying to get a snowmaking system in the trails at Cole's Woods.  It would be awesome to have consistent snow on our home course!  

Support the cause here:  If you donate before July 4th, you are entered into a community raffle for some great vacation prizes.


Sunday, May 12, 2013

Odd Oddsmakers Odds - "Springtime-Funtime-Fundraising-Edition"

HURT nordic is lucky to be a club team that draws some of the best regional high school talent from area schools.  Despite their loyalty for the high school nordic teams they represent, the HURT juniors know how to support each other and the ski for the green and red standard of HURT nation.

However...there is a fierce off-season competition brewing in Section 2 that just may pit friend-against-friend, neighbor-against-neighbor, and skier-against-skier.

Nope.....not early season time trails.

It's a fundraising competition to raise money to put a loop of snowmaking in the Glens Falls trail system known as Cole's Woods.  The great folks at the Sportspage and Inside Edge have put together a great ski prize package for the Section 2 high school program that can have the highest fundraising average before August 1st.   It's a big prize with a lot more that off-season bragging rights. (although that is worth a lot too!)

Nobody likes off-season competition more than our resident odd-oddsmaker..... he has spent a few seconds analyzing the team statistics and fundraising potential and come up with predictions that are 100% guaranteed to have a slim chance at being right...

Saratoga Nordic: The Blue Streaks lost some senior power to graduation and a lot of their success rides on whether they want to leave a legacy of success.  HURT up-an-comers Adam Marino and Patrick Broderick anchor the returning squad and collegiate bound Seth Mares and Maine Winter Sports biathlete Brian Halligan create a formidable foursome that bring experience and passion for nordic skiing.

Odds of Winning - 7:1 Look for a fast start to their fundraising campaign... but terrible summer traffic in Saratoga and Halligan's inexperience with a stick shift will prevent them from canvasing lots of ground.

Shen Nordic:  Young, enthusiastic and heavily represented by HURT nordic will help this team and nordic community raise some good money for snow guns.  However, Coach PK is heading up this operation and he has a tendency to get distracted by shiny-bicycle-related objects in the summertime.  We'll see if the Ducli, Huneck brothers, Chrzan brothers and Owen Putnam can rally support for a ski trail system that is 9 northway exits away.

Odds of Winning - 5:1 Lots of enthusiasm. Bikes are fun! Shiny! hehe!

Queensbury Nordic: Could be a tough group to contend with.  It would be a hometown course.  It's a nordic loving community and that might be the right recipe for success.  However, Queensbury could be hampered by the droves of kids that are on the roster that could weigh down the team average.  Coach Bob Underwood has so many kids he doesn't even know how many athletes he's got.  Betting folk need to hope he can get the word out to enough kids that they can keep that team average up.

Odds of Winning - 7:2 Modified skiers count too. doh!

Scotia/Glenville and Guilderland: Moderately large size teams, passionate skiers. Good team Leadership from Matt Forshey and co (Scotia) and several dynamic coaches. This could be the winning ticket.  However....miles make it a tough bet.  Will the Scotia and Guilderland community be galvanized enough to raise money for snowmaking not exactly in their back yard, or their neighbors backyard, or their neighbors, neighbors, neighbors, backyard? Maybe they will raise enough money to put a one stop electric tram from Guilderland and Scotia to Glens Falls?

Odds of Winning - 12:1 "MIND THE GAP!"

Johnstown/Johnsburg/Mayfield/Lake George/Canjo/Glens Falls: Small school + big effort = WINNERS! All these schools have a real shot at unseating the section 2 big schools by taking advantage of that ever important team AVERAGE.  A couple big donations from these nordic skiers could leave the big programs scratching their heads.  Look for some surprising results from these teams. Glens Falls HS has some added incentive!

Odds of Winning - 4:1

SPA CATHOLIC : MAJOR DARK HORSE!  1 skier. How much money can one modified skier raise?

Odds of Winning - 3:1 Fortunately for you, he is distracted by baseball.  

Good Luck to all the High School skiers as they try to change the landscape of Nordic Skiing in new York State.  HISTORY IS ON THE LINE!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013

May Day

Whether you are a gardener, activist demonstrator, or nordic skier May 1st is a big day on your calendar.  It is the Official-Unofficial-Day-To-Start-Off-Season-Nordic-Training-Or-At-Least-Thinking-About-Maybe-Doing-It-Sometime.

In honor of OUDTSOSNTOALTAMDIS, we have checked in with some of the HURT nordic ballers to see how they are kicking things off.

Ed Luban and MDH haven't even put storage wax on their skis yet (in fact they still may be going out to Osceola) but they did not let May Day get away without snapping into their Xcelerator bindings...

The Duclos Sisters (WAAHT!  They grew another one?!) went out to run a half marathon in Rochester this past week. ran and the other two got their heart rate up to 115 just from cheering.  But rumor has it....Ducli-numero-tres may be joining a growing HURT laydz group and will be ready for some summer training.

And then of course....this happened.  We aren't quite sure what exactly this is.... but we suspect it is some kind of plyometrics.  Secret training developed by Emma Underwood, Austin Huneck and Brian Halligan.....

There have been some questions raised about Brian's technique......

Keep in mind that H.U.R.T Camp this year will be held again this July.  We will be having two camp options.

1) If you are 15-18 yrs old (or turning 15 this summer) you can do the overnight camp at Camp Meadowbrook from July 15-20th (Mon-Sat)

2) If you are younger than 14yrs we will have a DAY CAMP
on Friday, Saturday and Sunday (19th-21st). Older beginning skiers are welcome to attend this as well.

More details will be forthcoming about these camp options.  Stay Tuned to HURT media for details. 


Monday, April 1, 2013

Skiers are silly in the Spring

What do you get when you mix March 30th, sunshine, crust skiing, small furry animals and a few rolls of duct tape?  Why the EASTER SCRAMBLE of course!

In what hopefully will become a annual event, HURT nordic unveiled (or would that be "unbonneted") its first ever free, fun family costumed ski event at Saratoga Biathlon Club.  It was the first race in a series of Saturday spring time events at the Saratoga Biathlon club that included a biathlon TT, a "Learn to Biathlon" session and a BBQ picnic.  What a day it was!

The racing was fun and fierce and some huge deductions were made as skiers racers showed up in some great Easter themed outfits.  It was a learning experience for some as it was quickly realized that skiing with a basket is hard, but keeping eggs in your basket was even harder!  Some great engineering was seen on the trail!  When all the math was done and the deductions were tabulated the results showed some surprising upsets!

1) Austin Huneck - 6:11
2) Eric Seyse - 8:21
3) Dave PK - 8:31
4) Aaron Huneck - 8:55
5) Ben Anderson - 8:59
6) Seth Mares - 9:17
7) Matt Tornianen - 9:19
8) Brian Halligan - 9:22
9 Tim Huneck - 9:54
10) Owen Putnam - 11:06
11) Patrick Broderick - 11:17
12 Jan Mares - 11:26
13) Brian Chrzan - 12:15
14) Matt Forshey - 13:01
15) Chris and Ana Y - tandem - 14:22
16) Darryl - 14:27
17) Mikey Halligan 16:19
18) Curt Schreiner 16:49
19) John Schreiner 17:56
20) Eric Schreiner 19:54
21) Deb Nordyke 23:46
22) Katrin 23:55
23) Fraz Haas - 24:24
24) Gabriella and Felicity - 33:20
25) Rachel Yarsevich - 35:57
26) Gina Huneck - 36:07
27) Eric Hamilton - 42:03
28) Jackson Koziol - 44:45
29) Travis Koziol - 46:55

The pictures from the day tell the story so much better than any words on this blog.  This was a ton of fun and you will want to plan to join us next year for this end of season party!
They took away his chainsaw and gave him a gun....with a safety on it. 

Mikey Halligan protecting those eggs!

look at those massive biceps

Tandem winners Chris and Ana!

Great Learn to Biathlon fun!

Fun for Everyone!

Drafting off the cotton tails

He may have caught that rabbit in the woods

By far the best costume of the day by JAN MARES!