Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Storm Descends on Saratoga Biathlon

Emulating the back to back whopping slush events that have hit Northeast in last few days, racers from around the state are preparing to bring the storm this Friday, Saturday and Sunday in Day, NY. It is the start NYSSRA Championship weekend and the beginning of a series of fast and furious ski races to determine the NY powerhouse competitors in biathlon, cross-country and sprint relays. The weather has already staked its claim as a force to be reckoned with. The feet of heavy wet snow will no doubt make it a defining element of the upcoming races.

Unlike NYSSRA championship races in the past this is probably the most built up, compelling, and dynamic culmination to the Ny racing season. This ain't your Grandma's NYSSRA scene anymore....This is the final statement on a season that has seen:

1) massive defection by skiers from traditional powerhouse clubs to new teams

2) an all out free-agent war between clubs hungry for untapped sources of NYSSRA points

3) a new upstart club chasing down the Club Points title from a powerhouse ski foundation

4) biological warfare between skiers from HURT and Peru aimed at crippling the teams most prolific racers

5) a battle for the dominance of good over evil in the NY skiing universe

6) a highly calculated and expertly executed effort by one open skier to grapple the individual points title from the perennial victors from the Huneck household

7) the rise of a three-headed Open Class monster from Rochester, NY.

8) the support and franchising of a new young hot shot to lead the legion of doom.

9) a ratings war between competing media outlets who wish to monopolize the coverage of the NY nordic ski world.

10) The rise of the youngest, most powerful, nordic dictator IN THE WORLD.

All this will come to a head this weekend in Day, NY. Don't miss it.

HURT announces its three relay squads:
A) Chris Y (classic) Matt T (classic) MDH (skate)
B) Austin Huneck (classic) Tim Huneck (classic) Austin Huneck (skate)
C) Dave Kvam (classic) Justin Tetlow (classic) Dave Kvam (skate)

Monday, February 22, 2010

HURT skis at Empires

Despite focus of HURT on the upcoming Championship weekend in Day, NY, many of the HURT faithful used the perennial Empire State Games as a final tuneup before the end of season throw down. Even though all members of the team have had the same end of season focus there is a great deal of individuality about the training/tapering and racing goals leading into the championship race. For the team director, it was a final opportunity for him to see his guys in action as he plans his relay teams. We caught up with a few of the HURT skiers to ask them about their goals and purpose for racing Empires:

Tetlow: Well I just really want a skate tuneup...champs is skate so I am only in for day 1...besides, Schenectady has neither snow or hills and Placid has both.

MDH: WHAT?!!!...Tetlows only skiing day 1....screw this...I'll take my silver medal in the skate race and going home.

Yarsevich: Wait? Champs is a skate race? Quite frankly I'd rather dominate this classic race and get all the hardware. IM ALL IN!!! Champs can wait. (2nd place Pursuit)

Kvam: Is this how you ski? I can't!

Matt T: Nobody had been paying any attention to me all season...SURPRISE!!! its statement weekend baby! (3rd place Masters Skate, 4th place pursuit)

Diehl: I'm 50+ and still a classic skiing this! (1st place Masters)

Stong Performances were also turned in by A. Huneck, E. Huneck, The Director, The Queen, T. Huneck, Burt, Clarke, Matti Tornianen, A. Luban, E. Luban, Timmerman, and Halligan. All are ready to show they are going to be in top form for next weekend.

Top teams also showed up in Lake Placid this weekend and showed some of their hands. Team Director was there to take notes and plan a strategy for domination. After the races we asked A. Huneck about his impressions of the field.

A: "No surprise that if Dr. Douglas shows up the field is toast. Unless he is forced to ski backwards. Then at least there will be a final sprint. Rochester will come in force and bring a well rested and talented squad. Glenville has some skiers but they are a young team that lacks depth. Seyse is on good form but has been a racing fanatic and 21K may feel very long for him. Santor's been skiing very strong and what's even more of a concern is the full backing he is receiving from the legion of doom. All chips seem to be in Santor's corner and it looks like Peru is planning to play a little "Sweden tactics" with a recovering Rose in the field. However don't count out OUR overwhelming depth in Saturdays field. It will be very interesting. I expect there to be a great deal of buildup and buzz throughout this week... Especially once the relays are set."

Q:"Do you plan to reveal the relay teams to the media?"

A: "maybe...maybe not"..."that being said...(looking away from the camera)...if you are on Team HURT and haven't registered fro the relay and intend to race get on that...thats an order!!!)

Below are top secret technique analysis photos from the Director!

Enjoy the HURT Television coverage of the weekend.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Lost Skis

A Team HURT member accidentally left a pair of skis at the Tri-HURT-Athon on Sunday. They are a pair of Fischer Waxless skis with Excel poles. They were left right next to the parking lot behind a snow bank.

Did anyone pick them up? Let us know if you have them.


Monday, February 15, 2010

Big Effort = Big Success at Tri-HURT-athon

With a huge effort on Saturday by many of the HURT faithful (including Yarsevich, Farry, MDH, T. Huneck, A. Huneck, Burt, Kvam, Clark, Tornianen, R. Yarsevich, Underwood) shoveling snow onto a hard-packed-icy-pine-coned loop in Queensbury, Team HURT pulled off the SINGLE MOST SUCCESSFUL NORDIC SKI EVENT in Warren County, NY in the last three days. While the original plan for the Tri-HURT-athon featured a pursuit format the revised duathalon format featured all of the desired drama.

With just 4 seconds separating the fastest 1.2K classic sprint time from the rest of the chase pack Martin Donnelly-Heg found his slim lead quickly swallowed up by the fast skating Seyse of Glenville. Despite racing 3,454 times this season, Seyse quickly formed a gap that he would hold over the course of the 11.5K loop.

Team HURT, as expected, came out in force and strong performances were put down in all the age classes. Their collective team effort has solidified a runaway in the 2009-10 NYSSRA Team competition. The performance of the day went to Austin Huneck, who despite a poor sprint effort threw down a "Billy Demong-esque" effort in the skate race to claw his way back into a 4th place finish, 2nd on team HURT. When interviewed after the race he said: "I really felt like I has something special today, I don't know if it was inspired by team USA or just that my skis seem to glide best on pine-tar and sugar snow...whatever it was, I plan on bringing more of that into Championships."

Kvam, who again sat on the sidelines and watched his teammates shoulder the workload, was asked to comment on what he saw from his team. "Well, let me tell you...with MDH's sprint, Huneck's unbelievable comeback effort, and the dominating performance in the Bill Koch race by the Team Director, whosever job it is to plan the NYSSRA relay teams is going to have a tough go of it. I mean geesh...If I don't comeback like a champ at Empires...I may be bumped to the 3rd squad.....I tell ya....we are deep!"

The MVP of the day goes to the combined effort of Rachel Yarsevich who's organizational skills and baking/cooking prowess provided the racers with cookies, hermit bars and amazing chili. Not to mention her team effort with K.P. who ensured split second accuracy in race timing. THANK YOU!!!

Full Results here
Stay tuned as the HURT season winds down with Empires and NYSSRA champs.

Friday, February 12, 2010

HURT juniors roll into STATES!

With Sectional meets taking place this past week it was up to the HURT juniors to test there mettle against the fast and powerful represented from their sections. Adam Luban scrapped his way to a 7th place finish in his sectional meet and a few days later Austin Huneck, Will Freilinghaus and Brian Halligan went into battle in the Section II race at Lapland Lake. Will's dominating 1st place finish was followed by 11th and 12th finishes by Brian and Austin respectively. All earned spots on the section squad. HUGE CONGRATS goes out to all the guys (and gal) who raced (Bennett and Emma too...congrats)

Tri-HURT-Athon Work Party

This Saturday at 10am join Team HURT behind the Queensbury Elementary School for a work party. We will be whipping Sunday's race course into shape. Please bring shovels and rakes.

Final Reminder and Site Relaunch

Today is the final day to register for the first annual "Tri-HURT-athon" (which has been motified to more of a duathlon due to conditions) But either will be a great race and its a perfect way to celebrate with your true love (which if you are reading this is most likely skiing). Its also a perfect way to get pumped up for the first nordic events held in Vancouver! So visit Ski Reg and sign up today!

HURT would also like to announce that after a long period of technical difficulties and problems with the hosting company initially used for the team website it is finally totally functional. HOWEVER THE ADDRESS IS CHANGED. To find all updates and information on TEAM HURT please visit FInally the design team is able to upload data and pics much more easily and the website finally features the addition of 4 new skier profiles. Bob Underwood, Bennet Timmerman, Brian Nilsson and Heidi Underwood. Check the web calendar for training events, race pictures and videos as the season winds down.

FINALLY...HURT would like to congratulate the team JUNIORS who competed in sectional competitions. Well done by Adam Luban, Will Frielinghaus, Brian Halligan, Austin Huneck, Emma Huneck and Bennet Timmerman. Check these guys out as some move on to states!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Good Luck to the Juniors

High School Sectional races are this week. Good luck to Austin Huneck, Adam Luban, and Brian Halligan.

Show them the HURT guys!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Lake Placid Loppett

Team HURT had a strong showing at the Lake Placic Loppet, with 9 skiers showing up to race. All 9 were truly needed, as the Peru boys brought an entire army of evil or at least a brigade.

Best results of the day came from the Underwood duo. Bob winning the overall 25K classic by minutes and Heidi winning the 25K skate, again by minutes.

Here is Bob letting some of his competition have a false sense of security at the start. "Ohh my god, I am beating Bob, OMG!" Well this lasted for a few hundred more meters.

David Burt also had a good race, winning a silver in the M6 25K classic.

Tim Huneck, brought his suitcase of courage, and signed up for the 50K skate. This comes off his great 50K Classic at Craftsbury last weekend. Two 50K races back to back, man this guys loves to ski or just enjoys the pain.

Here is Tim questioning his logic at 17K.

Rene Clarke just missed the podium, in a very deep field, with a solid 4th place finish in the M8 25K classic.

The real brawl was in the 25K skate. A massive field and a crazy start caused the first 5K to be hectic, with the entire lead pack coming to screeching halts on some of the uphills.

MDH ski'd smooth and came home with a bronze in M3.

Yarsevich, Farry, and Tetlow also battled the masses in the 25K skate, with Tetlow taking the gold in the 18-24 division.

HURT preparing to hammer.

Team HURT will be out in full force next weekend at the 1st annual Tri-HURT-Athon at the Queensbury Elementary school. If you have not signed up yet, get over to and do it! Free performance wicking t-shirts to the first 50 signed up.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Tri-HURT-Athon Location Moved

Next Sunday's (2/14/10) Tri-HURT-Athon has been moved. The new location is behind the Queensbury Elementary School. See Directions below.


From The North: Exit 19 off I-87 "The Northway." Take left off exit, see below for further directions.

From The South: Exit 19 off I-87 "The Northway." Take Left off exit, see below for further directions.

Travel 200 yards, to traffic light. Queensbury Middle School will be on your right. Take a right at this light, enter the Queensbury School Campus. Follow this winding road, passing over a few speed humps and passing the elementary school on the right. Park in the far right corner behind the elementary school.

Race Details:
The race will feature a 1.5K classic sprint prologue at
10am on the fields surrounding the campus. There is enough snow there to
set a classic track. That sprint will seed racers for a 10K SKATE RACE in
the wooded trails at 12pm. Unfortunately it will no longer be a pursuit
race as we will be unable to set a quality classic track in the woods.

There will be a (1.5k/3.0k) race for the BKYSL skiers. The BKYSL event
will have 0.5k lollipop race, 1.5k J6/J5 and a 3k J4/J3 and this race will
be held on the 1.5K loop set in the field.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tri-HURT-Athon Update

We are a little more than a week away from the 1st Annual Tri-HURT-Athon on February 14th 2010.

Team HURT is anxious to pull off this race, but with zero snow in the long range forecast things look dicey. We are currently pursuing two other possible locations and we may need to change up the format.

Look for an update in a few days.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Call to Arms

With the Loppet looming large this weekend Team Director Aaron is calling all his racers into it skate or classic....25 or 50 Aaron wants Team HURT to assert their dominance on NY field. Instead of dwelling on the news that Kvam has mono and been pulled from the 50K skate race he has decided to use the news as a rallying cry for the HURT faithful. "Kvam's out but we are ... ALL IN" (When asked if he had paid for the rights to parrot the USA ski team registered slogan he denied comment.)

Get out there and kick some a$$ guys!

Monday, February 1, 2010

HURT Takes It To Vermont

After a wild week of weather the 2010 National Masters Championship Craftsbury Marathon was pulled off in frigid conditions. After a little snow mid week and lots of course work the groomers were actually able to set a firm track and the conditions were pretty decent.

At the 9am start temps were around -6 F. Luckily, kick was easy to determine, the coldest damn wax you had!

Ed Luban, Tim Huneck, Chris Yarsevich, and David Burt braved the frigid temps and skied the 50K with good results. Rene Clarke, Adam Luban, and Heidi Underwood completed the 25K. Hats off to all HURT skiers, especially Heidi Underwood and Adam Luban. Heidi placed 4th overall and won the M3 category! Adam won the J2 category!

Great job to all!