Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HURT Repeats at Kingston

Using a team that wasn't put together until just before the race, HURT successfully defended its title at the Kingston Rollerski Races Sunday.

The pre-race team roster was large and loaded, but for a variety of reasons - unexpected work duties, unexpected desire to leave HURT and form a new team - only a little more than half the roster showed up on race day. It was more than enough.

Back from last year's team were Martin Donnelly-Heg, Sean Halligan, Tim Huneck, Carol Fisher, Chris Frielinghaus, and Brian Halligan. New were Austin Huneck, Eddie Luban, and Drew Mahoney. Also new were B. Halligan's freshly doped wheels.

A rule change forced the team to pre-select its 4 scoring members. Last year, we were able to wait and see who had the best day before naming the team. After much consultation, it was decided to use MDH and Fisher in the 5K classic race and the young guns, A. Huneck and B. Halligan, in the 10K skate race.

The plan worked to perfection in the 5K. Fisher had a great race and MDH repeated his win from last year, breaking his own course record in the process. He was pushed all the way by a strong pack and only pulled ahead of Queensbury's Nick Underwood at the end. Nick's ski was especially impressive as he was the only member of the lead pack on undoped wheels. However, it was later revealed that the skis belong to his father, Jim, and were at least 20 years old. Could they have been doped wheels from another era?

A. Huneck showed no respect for his elders by taking advantage of his father's late race bobble and nipping the old man at the line for third. B. Halligan rounded out the top 5.

The skate race was over in the first 100 meters as S. Halligan shot off the line and never looked back, repeating his win from last year and also breaking his own course record. This happened after he gave up his spot on the official team because he thought the young guns were ready to take over. Not quite, but the young guns held their own. A. Huneck finished third and B. Halligan fourth just behind MDH. HURT/Queensbury skier Will Frielinghaus had a strong performance, finishing eighth on wheels that were undoped in this, or any other, era.

The racing was great, but the highlight of this event was the post race feed, massage and raffel. This year winners got to choose from the prize table first and HURT skiers walked away with skis, poles and hydration packs. The only disappointment was the absence of the Kingston video girls, but maybe the contract dispute will be resolved by next year. Everyone should do this event next year!

HURT and Queensbury skiers show off their trophies. HURT won the open race. Queensbury captured the scholastic division.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Deal for Diehl

Despite the HRT news team sadly being unable to offer in-depth coverage of the Kingston Race weekend, and the Kingston High School Girls remaining unwilling to follow up their Emmy/Grammy/Fuzzy award winning directorial effort last year because of contract disputes, the News Room is on hand to offer the following breaking news....

Doug Diehl, previously of Team HURT and Peru Nordic is on the move again. He is preparing to launch a new NYSSRA nordic club to compete with the already established nordic powerhouses. The following statement was sent to HRT...

"In an attempt to make the NYSSRA team competition more interesting I'm applying for a team sanction to form a squad. I think I can get 3 skiers from the central Adirondacks plus put forth a solid Southern Adirondack recruiting effort. Watch out for the dark horse!"

Game on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

HRT Television: Sufferfest

HUNECK TAKES THE TITLE! Hurt takes the team title and finishes 1,2,6,7,8, 10, 14, 15, 18 to take the team title. Full results found here.


Pictures from the day.

The video tells the story.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ArMYRv4MuQ

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buckle Up! Its time to Roll!!!...Sufferfest weekend looms...

...And the women may steal the show.

Sufferfest weekend has long been circled on the calendar as the official start of the 2010-2011 nordic ski race campaign for the HURT faithful. With the boys-in-blue (or black now I guess) are off in Muonio the "green tide" is prepared to descend (or ascend) on the Prospect Highway. The "Team Director-Supreme-Overlord" has hopes his skiers from across the state to join in the campaign. Central Skiers, E. Luban, A. Luban and MDH may even attend after months of solid training blocks in the hills of central NY.

The Director, as with all great dictators/nordic masterminds, has waited until this moment to unveil some of the biggest team news yet. The following statement was issued by the Director himself to all major news outlets.

"In an unprecedented move, HURT nordic has now signed TWO new members to the HURT WOMEN's DIVISION. This is, and has historically been, a relatively untapped area of massive NYSSRA points and this news will no doubt strike fear and doubt into the hearts of the statewide rival clubs. Gabriella Frittelli (from the Saratoga area) and Elyse Sara (lives in Brooklyn, formerly a Nisky star) have signed lucrative one year deals with the club and both have plans to join the team on snow. Gabriella plans to join in the fun on Sunday. Elyse and Gabriella will join the stalwart group of Sherry Dixon, Jill Hamilton Kozoil, Kathy Schwenk (I apologize to KS for not looking at my updated form before the first draft) and of course "The Queen". The women's juggernaut may be tough to tangle with once the snow flies."

(Picture this train of women in HURT suits...you'll be seeing a similar sight all winter long!)

Additionally, It was learned by our investigative team at the HRT news room that a women's team prospect may be waiting in the wings if the conditions are right. Hat Nerz reports that a "yet to be named" prospect (hence-forth referred to as KP) will make her minor league debut as a Team "HOMP" (Hurt's Official Molly Pitcher). Don't let the minor league status fool you. She is one fierce mountain climbing champ and will utilize her skills to lighten the load for some of the HURT speedsters. She will also employ her cinematic skills to aid the lads in post race analysis. We caught up with the incognito KP.

HN: "So KP...you are an official HOMP for this years Sufferfest. How do you feel about this?

KP: "It's a complicated situation Hat, on one hand I probably could win this thing. I am really excited about the new wicked fast Atomic skis I just purchased and feel like I could probably tangle with Doug, Chris and some of the other heavy hitters. I mean, I never have been on rollerskis, but if men can do it, any woman can. Am I right ladies?! Holla!

HN: But your hiking instead....to support the HURT men?

KP: Look, Molly Pitcher is a gendered symbol of nationalism and in some academic circles is found to be an inappropriate symbol of prescribed roles that indicate that the women's place is to be on the sidelines supporting the men as they prepare for battle. Part of this turns my stomach, but the other part of me is like, "Hey, Check me out! I'm a HOMP! Those guys only have to do HALF the hiking that I do, AND they are doing the hiking the easy downhill part. PLUS I am carrying WAY MORE WEIGHT than any of them! Not to mention they are ROLLING! Who's SUFFERIN' Now! (wusses...whispered)

HN: Thanks KP, I am quite sure after this interview you will win the hiking division.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Golf Course + Fishscales + 1" New Snow = Sweet Classical Conditions

HURT Fesitval of Pain a Success

What does 12 miles of running and 75 Km of rollerskiing get you in one weekend?

The HURT Festival of Pain and one damn nice training block. Thanks to everyone who came out for any or all of the events.