Monday, December 14, 2015

With or Without Snow

Even though the disappointing weather pattern and news of the Season Opener cancellation HURT nordic is finding ways to keep skiing and preparing for another great season.

1) HURT Youngins' - Hurt nation is looking to draft young and build for the future.  Chris Y is starting a BKYSL program in the Saratoga area.  So if you know of a little one looking to have fun on snow, check out the details here:

2) Bolstered Roster - HURT had some big acquisitions in the last couple weeks that will help the retooled HURT team make another run at the points banner.  We are real excited to welcome John Salls, Maddie McGill, Sydney Herrick, Callie Flynn, Nino-Dan-Anna Manzella and Bill and Sue Blood to the competition roster.  Some solid youth talent in this bunch plus some highly coveted points in the Senior and Master categories

3) Junior Clinic - While most of NY was eating another round of cookies and contemplating going on a 40 degree bike ride, HURT was out hosting a junior skate clinic at the Ski Jump Complex in Lake Placid.  In partnership with Section 2 coaches and ORDA, HURT held a day clinic that had kids rollerskiing, bounding, skiing on snow and getting some solid technique instruction from some of the best coaches in the area.  With almost 60 kids in attendance it was a great day of ski training and community building.  We were pumped to see such enthusiasm in a winter that has started out so poorly.  Check out out facebook page for the full round of photos.  Here are some of our favorites. 

little warm-up before the action

straight chillin'

ripping the roller loop

technique and transitions

that's right....that is snow

" does this white stuff work? what do we do?

body position is key

...and fast feet

Dave trying to look like things are organized

more body position

agility and games

 While racing doesn't look like it will happen too soon, we are pumped for nordic anyway!  Special Thanks to all the section 2 coaches and ORDA coaches that volunteered their time.  Thanks to ORDA for working with us to get our kids some on snow time and thanks to all the parents that got their kids to  Lake Placid for the day.