Monday, September 26, 2011

USSA Challenge Team Schedule

Please plan to join the team for the USSA Challenge next Tuesday and Thursday at 6pm at SPAC.

Meet in the parking lot next to the big field, adjacent to the Gideon Putnam lot. We will be doing Skate Intervals Tuesday and Speeds Thursday. Come to do intervals, cheer, heckle, etc. Just be there!

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Blockbuster in the Making

Things have been quiet the last few weeks in HURT news land and our crack team of correspondents have heard very little from the mouth of the team Director. But as September draws to a close, there a rumblings that things are really getting heated up for the fall. As intensity in training starts to build, HURT is preparing to roll out some big team events.

HRT news Director Sopher Tabot caught up with the Director, who has been stationed out in L.A., via a Skype conference and later filed this report:

HRT: So why are you in L.A. when the HURT team is amping up their fall training in NY and preparing for a three-peat NYSSRA championship? Don't they need your leadership? Besides, aren't you missing third period English?

D: Well Sopher, as a matter of fact, I am here trying to drum up support for our skiers. Haven't you heard about the USSA MEN'S NORDIC TEAM CHALLENGE? If you haven't check it out. The boys of the USSA team are looking to challenge teams to train as hard as they do from Oct.3 - Oct. 10. There is some major gear offered to the team that has the most enthusiastic participation and creates the best video documentation. This challenge has HURT written all over it!

HRT: So why L.A.?

D: Do I have to really spell it out? Big names. Big names. I am looking to sign to big time actors/actresses to ski for HURT so I can feature them in our film. I am trying to make a film that will have a little something for everyone. You know.....Brad Pitt and George Clooney for the ladies, Miley Cyrus for the teeny-bopper crowd (you have to have the teeny-bopper crowd), Halle Berry and Jessica Alba for the men-folk and Zack Galifanakis for some comedic relief. It really should be a HURT dream team. My only hope is that Mr. Galafanakis can ship his ferns across the country.

HRT: WOW!!!!! SO have they signed on to ski for HURT!!!!

D: No

HRT: Oh.

D: Yeah.

HRT: Bummer.

(silent, awkward pause)

HRT: Is there a plan B?

D: Hopefully I can get all of our skiers to get out, ski hard and really get after it. My hope is that they will shoot some awesome ski video and send it to us so that we can compile the clips together to show the real team working hard. With the largest team in NY we should have a real good shot.

HRT: Well, we look forward to seeing the results.

D: Thanks, Sopher....By the way.... do you know where I can get a good Vente-Chi-Mocha-Grande-Latte-Sans-Velle Coffee around Albany? I had one out here and am now like, like, totally addicted, you know like, crazy.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Has The Director Cracked?

With all the off season contract work, signings, and talk of mergers (Radio Shack and Leopard Trek have been talking with him non-stop), all the pressure might be finally getting to the Director.

Below is a rare shot of the Director drinking his worries away as he tries to finalize the roster for the 2011/2012 season. With Rollerskiing season in full swing, he is running out of time.