Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Takin' yall back to skool.

It's that time again!.....sharpen your pencils, get your hello-kitty backpack and find your angry birds lunch pail......HURT is going back to school.

For most, xc running season is getting back into full swing.  But for others, including a large portion of the HURT faithful ..... their eyes on a bigger prize.  Ski season...Filled with white fluffy feet of white stuff.

Hat Nertz joined up with a expert local videographer to spy in on Monday's practice and see just how things are looking as the team enters the fall season....and they filed this report.

August 27, 2012 - Numbers and talent abound at team training here at in Saratoga.  In one of the largest showings ever Chris Y, DPK, Tim H, Andy W, Brian H, Austin H, Aaron H, Brian C, Seth M, Sarah D, Amy D, Becky C, and Matt F met for some DP at the SPAC.  (P. H. E. W.)  They were joined by the largest hiking division turnout who came fresh off their weekend conquering of the Adirondacks.  (Mary D, Gina H, Lisa F, Sue C)  

The goal was double pole, rollerski drills, specific strength....and a dash of classic sprinting to spice things up.  Much of the early part of the session was caught on film with hopes that a little bit of technique analysis will help make big improvements as rollerski sessions become longer and more frequent.  After the workout we caught up with some of the HURT stars to see how things stand. 

HN (to Matt F): So Matt, welcome to HURT.  Your first practice tonight, how'd it go? 

Matt F: I come from Scotia, NY where I am not sure there are any real laws or rules. It is kinda a wild place.... so to see this kind of organization, structure and discipline is really exciting.  I am pumped for the ski season and I plan on crushing it. 

HN (to Becky C): So you are back to college next week.  What's the big thing you take away from your summer of ski training? 

Becky: Summer of what? I thought this was just where people come to have the most fun ever? They just hand me these sticks and I am like, ok! When can I do a flip? and when do I get my awesome shirt? 
upcoming ladies division T-shirt.  Goin' to be one hot item!!

HN (to Brian H): So how was practice tonight Brian?

Brian: "'s more fun than going to California with Nazi's."

HN: hmmmmm......I suppose it is.

Well there you have it.  The team is geared up for the fall.  Keep skiing. Keep getting stronger and join us for as many HURT training sessions as you can!

Watch your technique video and set a goal!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

46, 46, 46

This just came in across the HRT news desk.....

It was a huge week for the HURT peak baggers.  Following a conquering of the Colorado giant peaks, The Queen and Aaron ("once-a-Director-always-a-Director") Huneck finished off their ADK 46 with ease.  Just a few days later, Ed Luban was joined by the celebratory team of Alphonse Mugisha, Adam Luban, DPK, Kate PK and John Paarlberg for his final assent up Esther and Whiteface.  It was a great way to cap off a summer where Ed brought the HURT to more than 20 ADK peaks in a few short months.

Congrats to Ed, Gina and Aaron on their achievement.

Our investigative team looked deeper into the flurry of HURT activity atop the Whiteface summit.  Was this a scouting mission? Is there some larger plan?  With the Climb to the Castle just a few days away this might be a planning mission for some serious team team tactics? 

We'll stay on the story.......

We do know this for sure....
As the hot weather of August comes to a close, HURT team training is just heating up.  Make it out on Monday nights for some quality time on rollerskis and some killer strength circuits.  Keep your eye on the team calendar for some upcoming training weekends around the area.  

Be sure you are ready for the 4-peat!