Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Beware the sleeping giant

This past weekend featured some big races and big results and an even bigger swing of momentum heading into the remaining weeks of the NYSSRA club season.  The big NY to-do was the annual Empire State Games Tournado weekend in lake placid.  This event had something for everyone...2.5k skate, 18k classic, 7.5k skate and even a sprint final on the new nordic terrain park.  It was highlighted by some of the best winter snow (ever?) (no hyperbole?) and great attendance across the board.

In the 2.5k skate HURT struggled to get things going.  Four team members (Tim, DPK, Eric and Jill) found there way to the newly revamped Dewey mountain trails and were met by other clubs in force.  Results didn't come easy and the Tournado weekend started out with a lack-luster showing.

Reinforcements arrived on Saturday and a mass start classic race was just what the doctor ordered. HURT master-trio of Bob, Chris and DPK took hold of the race early and the three battled Peru super stud Jan Wellford into a sprint battle after an hour of hard, smart tactical skiing.  Age, wisdom and beauty won the day as Bob-im really 25-underwood out lunged Yarsevich for the top spot. All HURT skiers made it into the top 20 grabbing numbers 1, 2, 4, 13, 14, 15 and 19. with podium finishes by Bob, Chris and Heidi.

Sunday brought an even greater force to town as the hurt juniors took the field to get one last tune-up before their sectional races on Wednesday. In doing so, hurt amassed some major points.  Once again they managed to put 3 in the top 4 only this time it was Aaron and Owen doing the heavy lifting.  DP-perpetuallyleftoutofthedance-K was once again one spot off the podium left scratching is head about the mighty Wellford.

However the team grabbed a whole bunch of spots and a whole bunch of points to wrap up a great weekend of racing.  Most impressive was the dominance of the hurt lady's led by Amy, Elli, Sarah, Heidi and Bernadette who broke well into the men's field to earn big points.

Despite the big effort the winner on the weekend was Hurt's nemesis from the north, Peru Nordic Masters.  The have tightened up the clubs points race in a big way and look to create a do-or-die situation come NYSSRA champs in March.  It will be close. Very close. Despite Peru boasting some top state talent, this weekend showed that when you poke a sleeping giant you might just risk waking it up.  Only 4 racers Friday turned quickly into a massive juggernaut by Sunday....

Other clubs should be on notice.....HURT won't let the championship banner go without a tussle.

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A special shout-out to all other hurt racers who competed else where around the nation...Will and Austin in Craftsbury, Seth in Wisconsin, all the masters in Canada....and anyone else I missed! Great job everyone!

Young talent is all around in HURT country

Fierce skiers behind those smiles

No...Aaron's head was not photoshoped onto a Hefty garbage bag :)


Patrick skiing strong this season!

Bob "Classic every day please" Underwood

Race Focus

Race grimace "I really have to do this terrain park?" 

Chris finishing off a great weekend