Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Maiden Looms

As the summer heats up and early fall race events loom, the Team and the Director have been rapidly preparing for the future both close at hand and months away. The HRT news team has been put to the test keeping tabs on HURT athletes as they employ the previously indicated "divide and conquer" strategy.

The first real test will be the upcoming IRON MAIDEN event hosted by Peru's Nordic juggernaut. Several HURT athletes have already committed to the event (Kvam, A. Huneck, and T. Huneck) but the Director still feels a few more of his boys will tip the scale away from the deep and heavily favored Peru squad. The Director was asked about the prospects for the race and he said, "Last year Farry joined in the melee and hopeful he will return and Tetlow, Yarsevich and some of our western boys should make the trip too. Its a big field this year and with Wynn the heavy favorite and Rose on good form, Peru is looking to have a strong representation on the podium". Since many HURT skiers are yet to fully commit the the race much of the Teams hope lies with Kvam. With a year experience and much better knowledge of the course he hopes to turn in a strong performance and land a spot on the podium. The HRT reporter, Hat Nerz, caught up with Kvam after his final altitude block before the Maiden.

HRT: How's the last few weeks of training been going?

K: Feeling good, Hat, The past two weeks really had a double purpose. I really feel that chasing French livestock around mountain sides at 9,000ft on a bicycle pretty much exactly mimics the type of mid-race situation I'll be faced with next week. Truthfully, I also wanted to see if I could get some of the Tour de France boys to swap colors and join the HURT squad for the upcoming season.

HRT: Recruiting? Really? Explain.

K: Well yeah, you know....green jersey....HURT shirts are green....Thor Hushovd is Norwegian.....Norwegians are good skiers....It made sense to me at the time.

(Hushovd...presumably leaving upset)

HRT: Did it work?

K: Well, unfortunately, I spoke to Thor as he was on his way up the Tourmalet and even brought the HURT championship banner to show we were no joke, but he was just pissed I slowed him down. In fact, I think it may have caused Petacchi to get the points he needed to grab the jersey. He wasn't pleased with me. But fortunately, the banner came in use as it was able to function as motivation/cape/thing-to-wave/rain hat/something-to-sit-on. Anyway...the recruiting was bad but the training was sweet. Assuming I can stay on course this time (no guarantees) I think I can mix it up pretty well.

(Team Banner travels East to keep the flood waters back)

The Director, also there with Kvam at the time, was quick to encourage all Team Members that may read this before Saturday to consider rallying up in Peru. Its a big day to send an early season message.

Besides...Thor won't make it this time.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

As the month of July rears its hot and sweaty head, nordic skiers around the country are starting to plan for cooler months ahead. Every athlete has an idea as to how ski specificity, intensity and volume concerns play out to ensure big success 6 months from now. The Director has spent the last few months pouring over the data from last years season and some changes have been implemented to ensure that his boys are skiing their fastest, late in the season. The end of the year championship inconsistencies will not happen again.

Our HRT news room reporter Hat Nerz has taken an opportunity to sit down with the Director to talk about some big time decisions being made for the Team and some individual choices by HURTS core members...

HRT: So what's the big focus for the summer?

D: Slow volume. Strength. And Slow volume. That and tree forts, bike rides and KILLING IT! AT THE IRON MADIEN TRIATHLON.

HRT: The IMT? The Peru event?

D: That's right. Mid-Summer intimidation is high on the list. We want to be in the heads of these boys all fall. Last year was a debacle with Kvam's sense of direction and small attendance from HURT skiers. Not this year. Its on. Donkey Kong.

HRT: What can you tell us about some of the training decisions your team is making? A few hints?

-I have decided to have Austin focus on altitude training. Instead of sending him west, I am having him do circuit training 33 ft in the air in a hand-made tree fort. Strength is key. Lug up the timber, nail it in, 50 pushups.....repeat.

-Kvam is off to Europe for a volume training block in the Pyrenees with the TDF boys. Climbing Climbing Climbing,

-Operation "Kill the Fatty" has moved into stage two for Tetlow and his marathon training program kicked off this week. You won't even know this man come winter.

-A. Luban has headed off to CSU camp to bang around with some of New England's finest.

-Yarsevich's training is a unique blend of bike riding, running, hiking and baby proofing....Its a highly controversial training plan developed in the former USSR. I can't really talk about it but he'll be able to do amazing things on very little sleep.

-Big developments from the Queen....She's running...A LOT. Masters women beware.

HRT: It seems to be very individualized? The team still training together?

D: As much as ever. Wednesday's have been more productive and more focused than ever. I am feeling very confident.

HRT: I can tell! Anything worrying you right now?

D: Well, to be honest....The relocation of E. Huneck to Plattsburgh this coming fall has me shaking my head. Does she know that Plattsburgh is PERU COUNTRY? They have mind tricks and voodoo and strange $#it up there. I can just see her going off to college, getting a nose ring, tats, pink hair and either doing 1 race for Peru or at least making them T-Shirts.

HRT: Well best of luck to you and the team. We look forward to the next update. And we will see you at the Iron Madien Triathlon.

(Note to HURT athletes.... REGISTER FOR THE IMT!!!