Saturday, December 17, 2011


As the sun rose on the morn of HURT's great snow sacrifice it was learned that their leader, coach, wax guru, and good luck charm had fallen on his sword in order to bring the desperate HURT team a few flakes of December snow. Stanley, summer training extraordinaire, laid his own life down so that HURT faithful could focus on bringing some major speed to their killer Hills Rd. interval session.

We caught up with HURT skiers for some final thoughts about their fallen coach.

Brian H: Stanley: "You are the fatest bunny anyone had ever seen. but i loved you and will never forget the way you basicly owned our house and did what you want. I will never forget the softness of your coat and I will never feel anything so smooth or fast as that pair of Fischer carbonlites you waxed for me at nationals. i'll miss you little guy' :')"
Stanley The Bunny 2008-12/16/11 Rest In Peace

Sean H (saratoga biathlon): "When you were not eating the furniture, peeing on the couch & pooping anywhere you felt like were mildly amusing. I wish you could have coached Saratoga Biathlon, then we might of had a short at beating HURT."

The Director: This is a big blow going into the season. My feet just are not as lucky as his.

A. Luban: black armbands shall be worn in tribute!

DPK: I never met the guy. But I heard he was one hell of a guinea pig...and that's saying something.

Chris Y: So is it snowing yet?

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Sacrifice to the SNOW GODS! Saturday!

45 degrees and raining?!? on December 15th?!? Ground that isn't even frozen?!?

The Director is taking things into his own hands. Another weekend in December will go by without a NYS ski race and things aren't looking good in the extended forecast. Time to change the winds. This Saturday at 9am meet with your skate rollerskis in Burning Bush for a killer set of intervals. 10 x Hills Rd at L4. Let's get the whole team out to show winter that the time has come to end this non-sense. Park at the Burning Bush public park in the Country Knolls neighborhood in Ballston Lake, NY and we will ski down to the start of the interval loop. See you there. If you ordered a team suit, you can come and pick it up then.

See you there.