Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Sadly, with the amount of rain being dumped on the area today and the above 50 degree temps it will be impossible for us to hold the Hurtathon on Saturday 2/2.   Total bummer.  Given that the next few weekends have some quality local races already scheduled, the hurtathon has no plans to reschedule.

If this news has you disappointed too...please consider taking your race entry fee and donating it to the Cole's Woods trail project.  With a sturdy ribbon of manmade snow, a quick warm up like this will not have such an impact on our racing season.  Visit this page here and read about the project:

In other news......we still have real high hopes for our March 3rd all-day ski-fest known as the MEGA-RELAY!  We will be ordering T-Shirts for all competitors with a great event logo designed by the team at downhill threads and it looks like this: 

Our relay event has also partnered up with the great owners at DAVIDSON BROTHERS and they will be offering great deals and specials to you and your friends after you are done with your day of skiing.  As Peru would say...."there is no better way to pre-cover for tomorrow".  We also have approached Rockhill Bakery for a great list of baked items we will have as prizes and giveaways at this event. Remember...this event is a designed for both the diehard distance athlete who wants to accumulate lots of K's, and the skier who wants to join up with a team and ski their first 5K!  Bring your friends, family, neighbors, neighbors-friends, strangers....whatever.  Just sign up today with or without a set team.  If you want the T-Shirt you must register by FEBRUARY 17th!!!  Here is the link:

Let's get some snow so this can actually happen.....I'm tired of this garbage weather :/

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

And that was pretty cold.....

The Ducli in new duds.

Despite the dense field of beard-sickles, shivering bodies, frosty breath and frozen thumbs the HRT news team was able to capture some limited coverage of the Lake Placid Loppet 2013 edition.  As always, HURT skiers were treated to a festive atmosphere, great trails at Van Ho and some stiff competition.  A great number of HURT faithful came out to challenge what is widely considered one of the most challenging marathon courses around.  It was the HURT debut for new team additions Owen Putnam, Adam Chrzan and the Ducli-race suits whose wearers until now had hid in the junior race fields inconspicuously wearing lime green and pink leopard colored speed suits.  There will be no hiding now!
new addition Matt Pearsall gets ready to tackle the 25K skate

HRT coverage can be seen here: 

It was a "Divide and Conquer" type weekend for HURT nordic as they make a move to close the points gap on the strengthened Peru squad.  HURT sent a number of athletes to the JNQ races in Holland Patent and Old Forge.  A great job was done by the Huneck boys/father and the good Luban.  (Not the other punky one) Full results from the weekends races can be found here:

The HURTathon is still scheduled for Saturday Feb.2nd and there is still time to register. There is a chance the location will change due to weird weather this week but all registered participants will be notified via ski-reg if this happens.  Please make sure you register today! Great prizes on the line from ROCKHILL BAKERY in Glens Falls.  It is an awesome local spot and they have been very generous to us.  Check them out today. 

Thursday, January 24, 2013

HURT preps for a decisive weekend...

Cold temps and frigid air blankets the northeast just as the NYSSRA club series heats up like never before.  This upcoming weekend plays host to some of the most important races in the state as juniors get ready to test their stuff at the final JNQ of the season and master and marathon junkies look to brave the arctic cold on the brutal Lake Placid Loppet course.

It has been a tough campaign thus far the HURT faithful but things seem to be on the mend as HURT skiers begin to crowd the top of the points list and trail a strengthened Peru legion by a mere 2 points.  The past month has not been without is rough patches for the big green machine.  First there was a bout with a errant chainsaw and then mysterious brain attacks on the "Always a Director" Aaron Huneck.  It was never confirmed what caused the bizzare episodes but after digging through the medical charts analysis seemed to indicate "Dark, very dark, evil S%$T is at play here." and "what is a B.Hartman anyways?" Anyways...Huneck's have always head thick skulls and bounce back like a kangroo chewing bubble gum and our boy is now outfitted with a serious pro setup....

Then of course came the news that RNR dealt a serious emotional blow by severing one of the heads of the previously assumed invincible "Three Headed Monster".  The HRT newsroom caught up with Director Koziol after the announcement of the scandal and issued the following statement... 

"It has been rumored for some time that Adam has been cavorting with the enemy.  We heard tales of lavish trips out west and late night phone conversations with Mr. Hess of RNR.  Mr. Hettenbaugh sweetened the deal with a sweet Madshus package and allowing Adam to play fetch with his dog. Adam love dogs.   But what sealed the deal in the end was of course....the ski ties.  It is said that he got like....3 pairs of nice ski ties.  I mean nice ski ties.  HURT just wasn't able to match that kind of executive treatment."

Evidence builds up the controversy 

All is not lost though as the Director quickly responded by signing rising stars Adam Chrzan and Owen Putnam to long term deals with the promise of a pair of ski ties if they meet their performance goals. 

Get ready for a killer weekend on snow and some big races by HURT contenders.  Special wishes go out to Brian Halligan who is killing it for team USA and HURT nordic over at junior biathlon championships.  

Check back for a full Loppet report and video from HRT Television!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Two Weeks Until 3rd Annual HURTATHON!

The 3rd annual HURTATHON is just two weeks away!

Register now at

This year we will be featuring races for everyone, with 10K and 15K races and also Bill Koch and Citizen "Try It" races for people new to the sport or wanting to try racing for the first time.  

Also new this year, the awards will be worth all the HURTing.  Look forward to delicious pastries and desserts for age group awards! 

3rd Annual HURTATHON
Saturday February 2, 2013
9:30am Crandall Park Glens Falls, NY
10K Women, 15K Men
Freestyle Technique
Youth Bill Koch and Citizen “Try It” Races after the main races.
Delicious bakery and dessert prizes!  Come and win a pie!

Monday, January 7, 2013

4-peat opening weekend

It was clear Director Koziol wanted to make a statement as he sent his legions to work over the first major weekend of the 2013 NYSSRA series championship.  January 5th saw two races on the schedule (NYSEF Harry Eldridge Day 1, Glens Falls Freestyle) and in a risky move the Director  sent most of his crew to ski on home snow in Cole's Woods instead of Lake Placid, with the exception of two of HURT's finest LAYDZ, Emma Underwood and Ashley Forshey. There was no doubt who was claiming home turf as 23 athletes from HURT filled out the laundry list of skiers that were flying the infamous green and red in Cole's Woods.

Sunday saw the big green machine take their traveling nordic show to Lake Placid for the mass start classic races on the ladies 5K.  It was a great day again as Austin Huneck, Seth Mares, DPK, Chris Y, Tim Huneck, Brian Chrzan, David Burt, Emma Underwood and the Ducli all managed strong showings against a competitive field.

The HRT newsroom was on hand for much of the action (pictured least we think it was HRT...I mean who else interviews ski racers? It certainly doesn't look like Nat Herz...)  But given the number of of HURT skiers on course at once the captured news footage looks like nothing more than a pile of christmas elves falling down an elevator shaft.  But we did get a few stills from the day that help tell the story...

Yarsevich leads out the Mens race

Halligan shows off some of his innovative skate technique that propelled him to the win the HS boys race.

Halligan tries to explain to the HRT newsroom just how hard it is to be so awesome.

The HURT train of pain

DPK...would someone please find him a razor? 

O'Brien shows some serious power coming home.